Tuesday, September 10, 2019

5 Most Profitable Online Businesses For University Undergraduates

A time comes in every student's life where he or she wants to make some extra money outside of the traditional allowances he or she receives from parents. I feel that way too because I'm a university Undergraduate and it's the drive to make an extra money that led me to creating this blog, that was when I had exhausted all the list I saw on the internet and decided that the one I could do best was blogging. So in this post I am going to satisfy the want of every student by listing down possible online businesses a student can do to make some money;

 1. Blogging for me has been wonderful, it's not such a profitable venture but it creates an opportunity for me to express my ideas and also to help people using what I know. And the good thing about blogging is that it's a very legit venture and as such no one is going to come out tomorrow and say you are doing something illegal or against the law or so. For a student or Undergraduate with a smartphone or laptop looking for an online business I'll suggest creating a blog because blogging is an online venture that is 100% genuine and easy too as long as you can write, you can blog. And you can start with a free blog which you can create @blogger.com, then you start publishing what you love, place AdSense adverts on it and start making some real cash.

2. Create a WhatsApp TV; yes, this is where most youths are diverting to, because it's profitable not immediately you start but as you keep getting viewers and subscribers you'll end up fetching some useful coins from your WhatsApp TV and the funny thing is that creating and starting up a WhatsApp TV is really easy and free of charge. It is a wonderful online business anybody can venture into in 2019. Now a newbie would ask himself how people earn using their WhatsApp TV? The answer is the more viewers you have the better for you because people can run promotion on your TV and pay you, you can also advertise your product to your viewers and also get sales. So creating a WhatsApp TV in 2019 is not such a bad option.

3. Create a YouTube Channel; this is already a stale news because most people know about this, its just like blogging you create and start publishing your videos for people to watch them after sometime you monetise with Google AdSense and then per view you get some coins to your account. Creating a YouTube channel and blogging is very similar but the only difference is that YouTube channel you publish videos while on a blog you write articles.

4. Participate in Giftalworld or any online read news and get paid scheme to get some coins to your account. A friend of mine doing giftal world cashes out 65,000 almost every week from just reading news and commenting on news, so a student looking for an online venture should also look towards that direction because it pays big time but it's risky because you stake your own cash first. But in this world, everything is a risk.

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Disclaimer: we are not in anyway endorsing giftal world, we are just showing the intending Entrepreneur possible areas of venture in the online world for some money.

5. Showcase your talent: are you good at dancing? Good at singing? Or a very funny person? You can start up a YouTube channel and start publishing what you are good at or even start posting it on your social media wall so that you can get more followers and also create a wider opportunity for yourself. This is not a quick rich scheme in anyway though but it's worth trying if you are looking for long term money.

That's all I have for you though, read through the above for the one that matches your taste. In the above list, I think I've exhausted all genuine online businesses an undergraduate can venture into and make some money.  Enjoy!

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