Monday, December 2, 2019

Causes and Solution to Phone Unable to Send Text Messages Error


Sometimes issues or wrong configuration on our phones can result to inability to send messages on the various networks in the country and as we all know sms makes up an integral part of our communication system because it is more affordable and durable that calls. As important appointments can be set up by just sending text messages to others. There are several reasons why you may be unable to send text messages using your phone;

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Phone Unable To Send Text Message Causes 

⟹ Message Centre number incomplete

⟹ As a result of wrong operation by the user

⟹ Bad Network


The most common cause of text message not going is incorrect or incomplete message centre number and the solution is as follows'

1. Go through message settings and locate centre number, check the message centre number for errors with reference to the centre numbers below

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⟹ MTN NG Message Centre Number +234803000000

⟹ Airtel NG Message Centre Number +2348020000009

⟹ GLO NG Message Centre Number +2348050001501

⟹ 9mobile NG Message Centre Number +2348090001518

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