Sunday, December 8, 2019

Gistrealz Giveaways: Get Free Airtime Up to N500 Easily[Batch 1]

Gistrealz is a year old! Hurray!! This happens to be when the festive period is seriously approaching and I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate this new age than to do a little giveaway for our active visitors.

This is the first ever giveaway on Gistrealz and it's gonna come in two batches;

1. N100 Airtime reward will be given to 5 Visitors.

2. N200 Airtime reward will be given to 5 lucky visitors of Gistrealz.

The giveaway comes with a little task that will be easy for those actively following our posts and stuff.

Conditions for Wining the Airtime Reward

One person can win the whole airtime as long as he or she is active on our site, the giveaway will run this way;

Every visitor that wishes to win in the first batch of the giveaway has to be very active in terms of reading articles posted on the blog.

All you have to do is to watch out for our subsequent posts for "first to drop number in comment box gets a free airtime" and if you're lucky to see this and drop your number first you receive the airtime.

If you receive the airtime also do well to post on our WhatsApp group...

Eligibility Criteria;

To be eligible to participate in the giveaway you need to be a member of our Telegram group and also our WhatsApp group...

You can join our Telegram Group by clicking HERE

You can also join our WhatsApp Group by clicking HERE

If you fail to join the WhatsApp and Telegram group and you mistakenly qualify to receive the airtime reward, it will be given to the next qualified participant.

Note; Only the first comment on Gistrealz will receive the airtime.
Secondly, you're required only to drop number in comment box if you see a text on a blog posts asking you to do so...
If you're not in our Telegram group you won't be gifted the airtime no matter what you do or say. 
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