Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Reasons Why Gistrealz TV was Created and Why You Must Be Part of It

Since selling of cheats made some people unable to enjoy the Glo Unlimited cheat that once rocked last year and the fear of such thing happening in future, we decided to create a new channel for our premium and loyal visitors to enjoy the free browsing cheats discovered by Gistrealz free without having to pay a dime in the name of buying cheat. It is very clear to us that assuming users had enough money they won't be out looking for cheats and loopholes in ISPs that's why the arrangement was finalised to create a WhatsApp TV for our beloved Website so that those following the WhatsApp TV will be able to enjoy cheat free i.e. the steps to the activation of the cheats would be posted live on this blog with  an encryption that can only be accessed by those with a unique access code that will still be communicated on the TV prior to the publication of such article.

This is very serious and I'm urging those on our numerous groups to endeavour to join the new channel because it will be accompanied with some level of entertainment and humour plus maximum tech updates, of which most would be free browsing cheats. Just check out the advantages you stand to gain following Gistrealz TV on WhatsApp;

Advantages of Joining and Following Gistrealz WhatsApp TV;

1. Free browsing cheats will be free browsing cheats for those on our TV: which means you won't ever have to pay for any cheat discovered by the Gistrealz Team. 

2. You'll be updated with latest Tech happenings and simple hacks that an ordinary smartphone user doesn't know or have access to. 

3. New money making schemes, liek Metowork and the rest will be posted on the TV without encryption exclusively for those following the WhatsApp TV. 

4. New cheat procedures that are still being tested would be posted on the blog with an encryption for which only those on our premium membership plan will be able to aces and be part of the testers. 

Is it compulsory to Join the Gistrealz TV?

Yes it is compulsory if you want to continue following and enjoying the cheats, latest network offers on data and calls, latest data rewarding applications and new money making schemes..

If you decide to stay away from the TV then you are definitely going to miss alot of our updates, not because the link won't be shared on the groups but they'll come with an encryption... Once you access such link you'll be welcomed with a pop up notification asking you to enter your premium membership access code of which failure to enter it means no access to the article. And if it's a cheat, you have to pay for it because becoming a premium member of Gistrealz will soon end, after that you'll have to pay to become part of our wonderful TV. 

Note: the encryption will be top notch and be rest assured that this new policy will stand to the fullest.

I want to Join Gistrealz TV!

If you want to join simply click HERE and include the name you'd want your number to be saved as, and also make sure you save the Business number of Gistrealz as "Gistrealz or Gistrealz TV" and watch out for our status updates on WhatsApp. Enjoy!
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