Thursday, February 6, 2020

Latest Working Ntel Unlimited Browsing Cheat via Your Freedom VPN

Here comes a new Unlimited Browsing cheat on Ntel very similar to the GLO Unlimited Browsing cheat we have been enjoying for some weeks now. The both cheats are similar in the sense that they both require two things for activation;

Your Freedom VPN and a premium account, just keep reading the post to uncover the procedure for the cheat.

How To Activate the Latest Unlimited Ntel Cheat via Your Freedom VPN?

First of all you have to download the Freedom VPN from HERE

Secondly, after downloading the VPN you launch it and you'll see two big buttons in the bottom which shows " Start Connection" and Configure" just tap on the configure and select "Backup/Restore" on the next page then finally tap on Load Config and upload the config file downloaded from HERE.

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When you're done with the loading of config file You Now have to buy a premium account to enjoy exclusive browsing cheat on the network and there are two ways of doing this; one is by either contacting us on WhatsApp by clicking HERE at a cheap rate or going ng straight to and purchase the premium account live for yourself with your PayPal account.

When you're done with either purchasing through us at a cheap rate or purchasing from the Your Freedom website, just naviage to Configure on your app menu as stated previously and this time tap on Account Information, clear the one you see there's d enter the username and password you registered with on the freedom website or the one you were given after purchasing from us.

Now go back and tap on start connection, wait some seconds for the connection to be established and start surfing the web 100% free. And as you know Ntel isn't such a popular or active network, this cheat may last till next year or even more without them blocking it. So make sure you enjoy it now.

Things to Note; 

The Ntel Unlimited Browsing cheat via Your Freedom VPN loads very fast. It's not like the GLO cheat that is a little bit slow.

Ntel is only for 4G phones so you get to enjoy Unlimited Browsing on a 4G loading speed 🥰.

The premium account is valid for a month, so it's going to be a month of Unlimited Browsing.
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