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4 Unknown Facts About Arat Hoseini, the 6 Year Old Boy with Six Packs

The internet has been buzzing after pictures of a young Iranian kid known as Arat surfaced online on social media and people have been reacting differently to the picture. The only issue is that most people have seen the pictures of this young boy but don't know much about him.

This article is aimed at unveiling some information about the life of this boy and what his aspirations are, but before I commence, let's have a brief look at his biography.

Arat Hoseini is an Instagram star who has attracted over 3million followers to his Instagram handle with the username arat.gym". He is a gymnast with a special talent in flipping and also football at a very young age.

Arat was born on the 30th of October in Iran to father Syed Hoseini. His father is also his trainer and according to him Arat started training at the age of 2. That's a wonderful achievement considering the fact that children are usually unaware of themselves at this age.

Below are the 4 Unknown Facts About Arat Hoseini

1. He is From Iran: Arat was born in the northern Iranian city named Babol on October 10, 2013. At the age of 2 he started training in football, gymnastics and building his muscles.

2. He has a Massive Followers on Instagram: due to most of his training clips and pictures are uploaded to his Instagram account, the number of followers have drastically increased. Currently he has Upto 4million followers on Instagram.

3. He is an Ardent Fan of Barcelona: Among other activities, what's also interesting to note is that Arat loves football. When he was asked his football idols, he mentioned Messi, Ronaldo and Salah. He also made it clear that he hopes and wishes to play for Barcelona someday.

4. Arat's trainer is his Father: Arat is still a kid of about 6 years, no gym will allow him entry because of how small and tender he is. Most of his trainings are conducted at home by his father Syed Hoseini.

Now that's the 4 unknown Facts about Arat Hoseini you probably didn't know about.

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