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Smart WAYS to Get The Attention of Your Crush

Getting the attention of your crush can be quite difficult especially if you're the type that believes winning someone's heart is just reliant on looks. If you don't have this ideology, then keep reading this article for the full information on how to get the attention of your crush.

Like I have already stated, we are going to have a look at some smart ways to get the attention of your crush. If you have been looking for ways to get the attention of that beautiful girl in your class, then regard this article a blessing.

1. Smell Irresistible: this is one sure way to make your crush notice you. There is no need to look like a god of fashion or whatever, just smell very nice with your close to irresistible perfume and see him or her bowing at your call. This is one easy and smart way of getting the attention of your crush.

2. Excel At Something: if you are still in school, try and excel at any subject or be generally intelligent and see how quickly your crush will notice you. It is not always about good looks, just be neat enough, smart and intelligent and of course excel at an endeavour and see how quickly your crush will notice you.

3. Befriend Your Crush: this is another effective way of making your crush notice you. This is actually the most effective and sweetest. If you are able to befriend your crush, and maintain the relationship, it might not take too long before he or she starts falling head over heels in love with you.

4. Be Humorous: this is another way of getting the attention of your crush. This works most with girls and if you are a smart guy and want your crush to notice you, try unleashing the funny aspect of your self and see her notice you and even befriend you herself. Girls like funny guys. 

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