About Us

History of Gistrealz

Gistrealz as a blog was founded on January 10th 2019 by a tech lover and computer scientist Eric Chidi who because of his love and passion for tech and novels created the blog Gistrealz so that the need of likeminds will be met.

We aim to provide Nigerians that value reading with enough entertaining books to read and enjoy and also for those that enjoy tech stuff to also get what they want easily and conveniently.
So feel free to surf all corners of the website.

Our Vision
We hope to in the coming years become the world's Number one website when it comes to Free browsing tips, Reviews, HOW TOs, Tech, Interesting Novels, Inspirational Articles and more mind-blowing offers that awaits you.
So we urge you to invite more of your friends to this website, your loved ones etc to come and partake in our supply of constant service

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