Tuesday, May 5, 2020

How To Activate 9mobile 2GB Data For N500

9mobile has just added some nice data plans for her subscribers. Today I am going to be discussing the newly added whopping data plan from the network that rewards users with a mind blowing 2GB for just N500 plus free social media data and browsing.

This new 9mobile 2GB data plan for N500 is not a cheat and as such does not require any VPN or tweaking to get started, though you can use Ultrasurf VPN to enjoy and power the social data that comes with this plan.

It is also worthy to mention that this new data plan from 9mobile is only valid for 2 days and the free social data that comes with it is valid for 3days.

How to Activate 9Mobile 2GB for N500 

1. Just Recharge your sim with N500.

2. Then you dial *200*3*1*1*5*4#

3. then choose either auto renewal or one off subscription in the menu that appears next.

4. Your N500 will be deducted and the data credited. 

To check the data balance, simply dial *228# . 

That's all you need to get 2GB data with just N500 airtime on 9Mobile

Friday, March 27, 2020

9Mobile 3.5gb for N200 Browsing Cheat via HTTP Injector VPN

Good day guys, for a while now it appeared as if the era of cheats has ended but that's false because some people have been rocking the Glo Unlimited Browsing cheat via Freedom VPN while others of which I'm inclusive have been rocking the 9mobile 2.5GB cheat via Ultrasurf VPN.

If you are not using any of the above then you are lucky to be here because after reading this article you will get the chance to enjoy a whopping 3.5gb on 9mobile with just 200Naira using this latest 9mobile free browsing settings on http injector. 

Before you get the full gist on how to rock the free internet Settings first of all examine the requirements needed for this cheat on 9mobile that could be tagged our free internet for the month of April because March is almost over..

Requirements for the 9mobile 3.5GB Free Internet Settings;

1. An Android Phone v4.4 or more

2. An active 9mobile sim card with minimum of N200 airtime.

3. HTTP Injector VPN that can be downloaded from playstore or from HERE

4. The 3.5GB - 4GB configuration file that you can download straight from HERE

5. Ability to read and understand; read carefully. 

That's all when it comes to requirements, now insert your 9mobile sim card into your phone and dial *253*20# then wait for the response that you have gotten 1GB(based on eligibility) 

When you get the 1GB data, install and launch the Http injector VPN you downloaded from the link above...

When you are successfully in the Http injector app homepage, tap on the three dots and then select "Import config" you will be asked to select the directory where you stored the file.

Immediately you locate the file, tap on it and it will be automatically imported to the Http injector VPN.

Switch on your data connection and connect to start browsing with the 1gb.

Watch a video Tutorial on how to import the config file below

The cheat now is that, you will use a total of 3.5gb to 4gb with the 1gb data you were given when you bought the data with just N200.

It's a wonderful cheat true but it has some disadvantages that comes to play in the effective use of the cheat;

1. It requires a VPN; I know some people get tired immediately they hear that a cheat requires VPN.

2. Purchase of the data plan is based on eligibility, which means the only way to enjoy the cheat is if you're eligible for the 1gb for N200 data plan.

3. It's only valid for 3hours and as such you are expected to use up the 3.5 - 4gb within 3 hours which is almost impossible but somewhat possible of you are a heavy downloader. 

It's a cheat and has some downsides... Just manage it and keep rocking... 

Thats it for the 9mobile 3.5gb free browsing cheat for April 2020

Credited to Techoragon forum

Friday, January 24, 2020

9mobile 2.5GB Free Browsing Cheat Via Tweakware VPN | 2020

Hello Guys, there are lots of goodies that is still being prepared for you guys, I'm sorry for sharing the Glo Call Cheat late that was because my battery went down after posting it on the blog and that made me unable to share it to the different groups as soon as possible but it's alright because I've got compensatory bonuses for you guys.

At Gistrealz we strive to solve the internet needs of our beloved visitors by always working resiliently to discover new free browsing cheats and also wonderful data offers for our beloved subscribers as e dey hot before other blogs do and I'm sure most of us can testify to our effectiveness and reliability.

That been said, I bring to you guys a 9mobile free browsing cheat that has been rocking and blazing for some months now using Http Injector VPN but of recent started having issues probably because of the number of people using it.. as always we've worked out an alternative to enjoying the 9mobile social bundle cheat without having to deal with config files or downloading unnecessary apps just to power one cheat.

Full Details;

The 9mobile Social bundle cheat is a Browsing cheat that enables you to use upto 2.5gb data with the 9mobile social bundle that was meant for just social activities. The good thing about it is that you get to enjoy extra 2.5GB data using a Virtual Private Network [VPN].

How to Get Started With the 9mobile Social Bundle Cheat for 2020;

Prior to this time the social bundle cheat was only possible using Http Injector VPN but now you can use Tweakware VPN to connect and enjoy this cheat, very easily without having to download config files.

To start rocking this 9mobile tweak you need to subscribe to the 9mobile chat Pak bundle that costs just 350Naira...
You just have to first of all recharge  your 9mobile  with N350 then Subscribe to the 9mobile social pak, dial *200*3*3*2#
 Select 3 to subscribe to the monthly plan at 350Naira.
The plan will give you 500mb for social media browsing you can check your data balance with *228# plus a hidden 2.5GB which will be used to power all your Applications using Tweakware VPN. 
When you've done the subscription part just click HERE to download Tweakware VPN.

Like I said before, this won't take long, just launch your Tweakware VPN after installation and select Etisalat Chat Pak 1 to browse and enjoy your First 2GB data. After which you select Etisalat Social Pak for the remaining 500MB data. 

That's all you need to know before you start rocking your 9mobile 2.5GB Browsing cheat for 2020. 

This new VPN has numerous advantages, you no longer have to download config files, it's very fast and also the Tweakware VPN doesn't consume much space and doesn't disconnect frequently like Http injector VPN. 


Tuesday, January 7, 2020

9Mobile Free Browsing Cheat Capped at 2GB | January 2020

One of my friends asked me if there was any free browsing cheat on 9mobile and that made me source for the updated config file of 9mobile cheat.  so if you have been using the 9mobile social pak cheat you are on luck as you can continue rocking the cheat using the config file i have attached to this post, just keep reading this post to get the information and how to get online with this 9mobile browsing cheat.

The new 9mobile browsing cheat is powered by Http Injector VPN and it is very fast and enjoyable if you play along with the rules and guidelines of use. Now this is a detailed procedure;

To enjoy this new free browsing cheat of 9mobile capped at 2GB you need to subscribe to 9mobile social Pak data plan of N350 i.e. the monthly plan by dialing the code which will be given to you below, after which you're given 500mb to enjoy just for social media. Now the miracle is that you'll be given 500mb for social media and also given 2GB of data to browse all websites and rock but the hidden data can't be checked nor used without the use of the Http injector VPN and 9mobile 2GB file which I've attached to this post.


~~ An Android smartphone

~~ Updated Http injector VPN which can be downloaded from HERE

~~ Thirdly subscribe to 9mobile Social Media only plan by dialing *200*3*3*2*3#. Cost 350 Naira and valid for 1 month. To opt out of auto-renewal, kindly dial *343*5*0#

Once you have all the requirements above you now have to download the 9mobile 2GB config file which will be used to power the http injector cheat and enjoy the 2GB free browsing respectively. To download the file you need to click HERE ( Updated on January)

After downloading the application and the config file which will be updated weekly, so make sure you check back here every week for the update
 Note: it is believed that before you venture into downloading http injector and the config that you have subscribed to the 9mobile social plan. Because that is what you'll use to browse for 1month on your phone (2GB) worth of data.

How to set it up?👇

After downloading http injector, simply launch/open the app and click on the paper icon by the side of the app(or the three dots by the Right side and select import config, next you select the directory where the config file you downloaded from the link above was stored(downloads, memory card etc.) The config file when located, tap on it and wait done seconds it will show you successfully imported! That's not all you now have to tick the two options on http injectors homepage... See screenshot below

That's all, now tick start and wait a few minutes, boom! Once it connects you are eligible and on to enjoy the free 2GB worth of data to surf all websites and browse all applications.

I have friends that are currently rocking this 9mobile 2GB free browsing cheat since it was discovered so don't dull yourself, make sure you Gulp this free 2GB if you have a 9mobile or Etisalat sim card because it's worth the stress big time.

Note: this should be tried immediately as 9mobile may block it very soon ... Dont join it late, be a part of this enjoyment...

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

9Mobile Introduces MoreFlex Plus, Get Xtra Data and Airtime

9mobile Moreflex is one of the best tariff plans on 9mobile because of the affordable and huge data plans and airtime it comes with.

And as you know Flex means to enjoy or have fun, 9mobile Moreflex package is designed for those that enjoy making calls than browsing on the internet but with the improvement made on it by 9mobile its now favourable to both huge data users and calling machines" if you know, you know.
Without wasting much time let me go straight to the new addition and improvement done on the 9mobile moreflex package;

9mobile introduced what is known as 9mobile Moreflex plus that gives Xtra data and airtime, below is a list of packages added on the 9mobile moreflex package;

MoreFlex Plus 500
  • 500MB Plus N1000 Airtime
  • Airtime can be used for international and local calls, SMS and PayG
  • 7days validity
  • This plan costs N500
  • Dial *320*1*1#

MoreFlex Plus 1000 
  • 1.5GB plus N2000
  • Airtime can be used for international and local calls, SMS and PayG
  • 14days validity
  • The plan costs N1000
  • Dial *320*2*1#

MoreFlex Plus 2000
  • 3GB plus N4000
  • Airtime can be used for international and local calls, SMS and PayG
  • 30days validity
  • Costs N2000
  • Dial *320*3*1#

More Information on More Flex Plus Package
  • To opt in to MoreFlex plus simply dial *320#
  • To check your airtime balance dial *232#
  • To opt out of this Moreflex Plus package simply dial *344*0# of which you will still remain on Moreflex default tariff plan.
  • On/off net calls @ 45k/second, SMS @ ₦8 & pay as you go data @ 0.002k per kilobyte.
  • Enjoy!!