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Thursday, March 26, 2020

How To Verify Your Adsense Address With Bank Statement | Very Easily And Fast

You Might find it hard to believe what you are about to read but its hundred percent true. I registered for Google Adsense on August 2019 and got disapproved same month, of course like every other blogger I had to reapply and after the second application i was approved. I started making some cents from my website on a daily basis as a matter of fact, i was performing so well to the extent that my Adsense account got matched content the same month, little did I know i was about to begin a long journey of verifications. First of all Immediately I got upto $11 I was asked to verify my identity on Adsense which i did with no skin pain because i had my National ID on standby.
Things went on so well until it got to Google Adsense Address verification, this time around I was expected to receive a letter of which a PIN was located inside for my adsense account to be ready to receive payments. This is where the issue that i consider Adsense threatening started... I was given three attempts and i surprisingly exhausted all of them without getting the supposed PIN from Adsense because of poor postal service in my region of residence. I asked some popular bloggers and Adsense dealers and they gave me a shocking reply that i had lost my Adsense earnings.. everything worsened the three days ago when Adsense disabled ad serving on my site with the next threat being termination of my account.

Now, decided to check out the verify address section of my adsense account and surprisingly I saw an option to fill a form incase I didn't get the Adsense PIN after three consecutive attempts. I tapped on the form and saw that I was eligible to upload National ID, Voters Card, Bank Statement, Nepa Bill etc. but in my own case i made use of my Bank Statement because that was the only document I had with my home address on it.

Now in this post I am going to go straight to the point, you can verify your Google Adsense address with Bank statement comfortably without issues if you scan and upload the bank statement to Adsense using the Form provided by Adsense. 

Now lets see what you need to verify your Google Adsense Address (PIN)
  1. You need either a Bank Statement or Voters Card
  2. You need to copy your Publisher ID well without mistakes, to see your Publisher ID just tap on Account Information on your dashboard and copy it... It looks like this Pub-67533231177 
How to Verify Your Google Adsense Address With Bank Statement?
Now After requesting for the PIN three times, you wont be given an option to request again because you have exhausted the allowed number of times per account.

Don't Panic at all, just log into your Adsense dashboard as you always do and tap on Account Information, there you will see Verify Address" as an option, tap on it and if it has gotten to 30days or more since you requested for the last PIN you will see  a paragraph beneath the page where you generate your last AdSense pin which reads – If you don’t receive your PIN after 4 weeks of this date, please complete this formIf you can see this paragraph then there is hope for you.

If the link is not working even when it has passed one month after the request of your third pin just click on this link instead it will still take you to the form. 

Tap on the link and you will be shown a form to fill, below is a screenshot of how the form will look like

Once the form loads then consider the address verification done and dusted, just fill in the details you are asked to fill in ranging from your name and also carefully paste your publisher ID in the provided box and proceed to submitting the form. But be careful if you fail at the first attempt your Google Adsense account and earnings are gone. 
Make sure that the address you entered in your Adsense account tallies 100% with the address on your Bank statement because any discrepancy makes the whole process null and void. Be careful.

In my case i submitted the form and after some minutes I got another response confirming the successful verification of my Adsense address. See the email I got immediately I submitted the form
Now thats how to verify your Google Adsense PIN Verification with your Bank Statement. You don't even have to stress yourself looking or changing your address to another address other than your original address for your verification to be successful. When it comes to Google Adsense address verification you need patience, dont go trying wrong Pins because that means your adsense account will be terminated without any delay once you guess codes and use up the three attempts left for your account, no jupiter can save your account plus the little earnings you might have in it... Be careful and always be patient, Goodluck!

Monday, January 6, 2020

Reasons Why Blogging For Money is The Worst Mistake You Ever Made

Blogging is a career on its own and as such if you as an intending blogger is to do well you need to throw away the ideology that Blogging is a quick money making scheme. Some people perceive blogging and bloggers as millionaires or that they are making money so much but I want to tell you the clear truth now, you can only be good at blogging if you pursue it like a passion.

If I am asked one of the hardest work ever I will say Blogging because if you jump into Blogging with the aim of making quick online money I guarantee you that it wont take you 6months before jumping out.

Due to the growing trend of Internet Advertising like Google Adsense etc. the number of Blogs on the Internet have skyrocketed or increased by almost 200% with more than half of them only after making the money without knowing that Blogging requires maximum persistence + passion + value = Money.

In the Blogosphere only the tough keeps going amidst difficulties and frustrations. There is no magic when it comes to being successful in blogging because you have to practice consistently coupled with doing SEO and posting regularly to keep your blog refreshed with "new blood". When you blog for the money alone you eventually miss out on the experience and fun that blogging entails.
Below I highlighted some of the reasons why you shouldn't blog for money;

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Reasons Why You Shouldn't Blog For Money 
  • Frustration: If you blog for money you will eventually get frustrated as you can blog for seven to 12 months without even making a dime. With resilience and passion you can earn after a year or years as the case maybe, so frustration is eminent if you blog for money alone. 
  •  Persistence: If you are not really matured as to sticking to one thing for as long as possible you might end up lacking or being confused as to what you are going to publish on your blog or niche to focus on.
  • Education: As a blogger you are expected to learn alot of new things ranging from SEO, ho to write engaging articles etc. all these require passion and persistence. So if you are not really there to impact or add value you will surely miss out on this.
  • Passion: This is what i always tell people that pay me to launch Blog for them, I always ask them to choose a Niche they have passion for. When you have passion for a niche or what you post, it means rich contents for your blog and since you have passion for what you write you will always willing to learn new things and share to users. But if you don't have passion for a particular topic and maybe you jumped into it because its a profitable Niche" as mediocres always say, you will find out that in the long run you will not only be wasting your time and little resources but your normal lifestyle because if you are to be a good blogger you have to sometimes get addicted to your phone or PC. 
 Now having read this, I believe you are now aware of the dangers of dabbling into Blogging because of Money or the cash you are going to get from it. Happy Blogging!

Sunday, December 15, 2019

10 Do's And Dont's in Blogging | Every Intending Blogger Must Read

As with other professions there are certain rules and regulations otherwise called do's and dont's in the blogosphere. Since blogging is a game of content creation and creativity most bloggers end up violating these rules; therefore putting themselves in a tough situation.
Like I've already stated blogging is a game of content creation so many bloggers commit attrocities that get them into a mess with Google and other search engines and as a whole their blogging career. In this post I've listed and explained what is regarded as good practices in blogging and what is regarded as bad practices.

The Big Do's and Dont's in Blogging
1. Avoid Copying another blogs content; this is a public warning that has been sounded as an alarm over and over again by Google and other premium blogging tips blogs but yet most bloggers either out of laziness or ignorance still fall victim of this particular warning; so if you aspiring to be a blogger or already a blogger make sure you stay away from copy paste because it's very dangerous and can damage your blogs future both In ranking on search engines and monetisation.
2. Write Long, Quality Contents: this is a common problem most bloggers face; some bloggers find it difficult to compose what we call quality content i.e. an article that has 600-2000 words. But it's a necessity if you want visitors to enjoy your blog and if you want your blog to be SEO friendly. If you doubt this however, type in a keyword on Google and check the websites that rank first position or second position you'll see that the articles are usually lengthy... Yes that is what Google regards as quality content.
3. Publish Content Regularly: Research has shown that blogs that do well on search engine or that Google prefers are blogs that are frequently updated with fresh intriguing content. The best thing is also that visitors also love blogs that are frequently updated, so to make a good brand, publish regularly on your blog and when I mean regularly, I'm not saying go to Google and pick up another blogs content and upload to yours just to keep updating regularly instead make out time for your blog and write a lengthy, quality and neat post devoid of spelling errors, grammatical blunders etc. While doing this however, don't forget that quality surpasses quantity.
4. Don't focus on your blog design: yes, I must confess that this is where I fall short seriously, I care much about my blog design and that I have observed has made me waste alot of time on irrelevant things.. I think since I started blogging I've changed my theme close to 60times; I'm not exaggerating it's the truth and it's terrible I must say... That is why I'm advising any body who wants to blog to forget blog design and focus on writing good, quality and lengthy content that will be of use to visitors.
5. Don't Blog for passion alone, Blog for 💰 Money: yes in most blogs they keep saying you've to blog for passion, but I disagree with that though not fully because the reason why I joined blogging was because I loved the feeling of been called a website owner and been able to get viewers and been the boss😅 but as I kept progressing I decided to venture into blogging for money and I'm happy and moving well towards that direction. So I'll advice any intending blogger reading this post not to blog because of the sake of blogging alone but don't have money at the back of your mind when starting a blog because blogging is not a rich quick scheme, money comes gradually but I believe what motivates people to be better is the reward behind the act... So while blogging also think of money because money believe it or not is the fuel that keeps every activity going in this world we are in.
6. Don't focus on search engine traffic alone: most bloggers will tell you to do keyword research, do search engine that, d search engine this but deep down they know that's not all blogging is about. I'm not saying it's not good to do SEO but do it secondarily, if you have money boost your social media presence because moreover some top blogs only focus on social traffic and they are making it big more than those focusing on search engine traffic ... Check for example Yabaleftonline ; the blog focuses on social traffic and it's a top blog in Nigeria when it comes to entertainment, so while blogging make sure you strengthen your social traffic whilst optimising your blog for search engines.. so that you won't lose out.
7. Choose a Good Niche: many bloggers make mistakes of niche selection when creating blogs and in the long run that makes them feel blogging is an impossible game... So if you are an intending blogger make sure you select niches that are fit for your country, don't select a niche that people don't search regularly or people aren't interested in... That's the life of a blog, if you select a bad niche you might never be able to stand until you quit ... In Nigeria for example the trending niche is entertainment, if you want to blog it is advisable that you go for what visitors want to read or are interested in, don't go for a niche people aren't interested in because it's not people from another country tht will visit your blog it's most likely your country people.
8. Don't scam your Visitors: this is another area bloggers fail woefully; most bloggers scam their visitors thinking they'll hit and run not knowing the aftermath of such act... Even if your blog was accepted by opera news and you keep posting fake things to draw visitors in the long run you'll post something that is genuine and no body will care to visit.. your blog reputation will be destroyed and you end up quiting, so to avoid these make sure what you post on your blog has been tested and confirmed to be working or true if a news blog. Blog with passion, take your visitors as yourself and check how you'll feel if it were you.
9. Don't backlink with a low quality website or Blog: backlinks should be quality and not quantity I've discovered that, so if you want to build backlinks do that with a high profile website by guest posting or creating profile backlinks of forums like Nairaland. Don't go to every website and drop comments with the aim of getting backlinks... Some are spammy and will do little or nothing to your site.
10. Blog for money but not because of money; yes! This is confusing but it's true, don't blog because of the money you'll get instead blog for the money you are looking forward to getting. There is a difference and it's clear...

Stick to the above and be a successful blogger, though I'm not yet successful but I'm on the road to being very successful in blogging and I think you should too.

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Thursday, December 5, 2019

Requirements For Google Adsense Approval: Practices You Must Know

Some people are enjoying Google Adsense while some are still running here and there looking or Google Adsense alternatives, which in the long run cant serve or pay as much as Google Adsense. As the saying goes; If its not Google Adsense it cant be as good as Adsense. Some Bloggers are unable to get adsense not because they don't have quality content or because they scrape contents like other Bloggers would say, but its because they are simply uninformed as to the requirements of Google Adsense or simply what Google Adsense Requires from Publishers before they are even considered for Approval.

In this post, I am going to state the requirements for Google Adsense Approval, just keep reading this article keenly to get the information you want;

Minimum Requirements for Google Adsense Approval

Due to my experience so far with Google Adsense I have listed down some major requirements for Google Adsense approval;
  • Valid Email Address
  • You Should have a Website/Blog or an Application
  • Your Website or Blog must be Active
  • Your Website/Blog Must be atleast 6months old
  • Website must have a valid URL
  • Your website must have quality content.
  • The language on your blog must be a supported language for Adsense
  • Page speed
  • Required Pages

Valid Email Address: This is the first requirement you need if you must be a google AdSense publisher as you have to apply with an email address, a valid one at that. All feedbacks from Google will go straight to your email inbox and also payment information will still be forwarded to the mail. Your email address on Google Adsense is your Identity and as such the absence would automatically mean no Adsense account for you.

You should have a Website or Application: This is a compulsory requirement as Adsense is just an advertising network that displays ads on websites and Applications. So before you start thinking of having google adsense you must have a website/blog or an Application which you plan to monetise with the adsense. If you dont have a website or Application you have no business with ad networks let alone Google Adsense.

Your Website/Blog Must Be Active: Before approval into Google Adsense network your webiste must be an active website with updated and fresh content. With the absence of this, getting approval into adsense program would be a difficult task as Google Adsense Review specialists checks the last time your website was updated before approving your application. This is done because of Google Adsense policy of displaying ads on websites that add value to users and a website with outdated or irregularly update content cant added the required value to users or visitors.

Your Website Must be Atleast 6 Months Old: this is not always true especially for a country like ours, you can get Adsense approval with a day old domain name or url as google placed this particular restriction for bloggers in countries such as India etc. So this is a requirement for Adsense but not in the case of Nigerian Bloggers.

Your Website Must Have a Valid URL: The website you intend to display adsense ads on must have a valid URL, either your self hosted domain name or a hosted account from google which is any other url apart from the aforementioned wont be accepted into the Google Adsense community. The url of your website must also be accessible as just being a URL doesn't qualify it to be approved by Google. The url must also be accessible by users for you to get Adsense approval as its a must have requirement in Adsense.

Your Website must have Quality Content: Quality content has been defined severally by diffrent bloggers, but the general definition of quality content on website is a content that is lengthy, meaningful and informative. So to get Adsense approval you must have a website that hosts quality content not just any rubbish content. This is one of the highest criteria to be met before Google Adsense Review specialist recommend your website for approval.

The Language on Your Website or App must be Adsense Supported: All languages on your website must be English or any other supported languages on google Adsense to avoid being disapproved.

Page Speed: Your website cant be approved if its loading speed is like that of a snail because before you are approved your site needs to be optimized and its load speed should be very ok. Not just for google adsense specialists but for your potential users. This is a requirement you must meet to have google adsense ads on your webiste.

Necessary Pages: There are certain pages that you as publisher needs to add to your website to enable  you get adsense approval. these pages is a must add if you care for adsense approval; These pages are:

Disclaimer page, Privacy Policy, Contact page, About us page. These are the main pages your website must have to be approved on Google adsense as they make your website look more professional and authoritative.

That all for the minimum requirements for Google Adsense Approval, Enjoy and don't forget to drop a comment.

Friday, September 27, 2019

How to Switch On Bloggers New Update | Wonderful Features Awaits
Blogger owned by Google is a content management system that was launched in 1999 by pyra labs but was purchased by Google in 2003 and ever since Google has been managing the Blogger/Blogspot platform. 

The only bad thing about Blogger is that google hasn't really focused on improving the service nor ending it because of reasons known to them. It was in 2017 or so that google introduced free SSL certificates to blogs hosted on blogger but running with custom domain, this is the only update that has been considered as huge to Blogger platform.
But recently Google updated the blogger platform by improving two major areas;

1. The Comment Section
2. The stats section 

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The Stats Section; Google updated the stats section making it more detailed using diagrammatic illustrations; so you can now see the full traffic report of posts individually with pictorial illustrations and the views they've gotten for the past 7days. This is the best thing so far.

Below is an image of the old stats section
Below is an image of the new stats section
The difference is clear, Google has remembered the Blogger platform in a big way.

The Admin Comment Moderation area: this is another major feature that was improved by Google. The button to mark comment as spam has been improved, the UI as a whole was greatly touched by Google. Bloggers using the Blogger/Blogspot platform can now say confidently that google isn't ending the Blogger platform anytime soon because of the recent updates. Though google hasn't announced officially that there was an update, but it can bee seen easily by using the url when you login to your account using the url above you'll see Try the New Blogger Button Below the help button... See image below

Without clicking or accessing your Blogger dashboard through the above link you'll be unable to try out the new blogger update. Though from my observation in recent times using chrome to access redirects me to and automatically the new updated and refined Blogger.
This new Blogger update though not so remarkable is worth it as it has shown and reassured some bloggers that Blogspot/Blogger platform isn't going anything soon. And also created a huge opportunity for Bloggers to compete with the self proclaimed best CMS WordPress.

Blogger update didn't include SEO or more increase in features. But Blogger SEO is good enough as long as you can write well and do necessary things like internal linking, Backlink Gain, Keywords research and submitting website to search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex etc. 

The only bad thing or what I dislike about the new Blogger update is the removal of search keywords in the new new stats section. 

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Poor AdSense Earnings? See How I Increased My AdSense CPC Rate

Most Bloggers think getting google AdSense is the end of the struggle, not aware that the struggle jut began. It is only when they get in that they discover google AdSense isn't what they've always believed it to be i.e. in terms of earnings because if your blog is not up to a certain standard you will end up getting close to nothing CPC (cost per click) I believe a google AdSense user won't ask me what I mean by CPC because that's the model google AdSense works with to reward publishers. Now the problem is after getting AdSense approval you are faced with a more difficult task which is low CPC or close to nothing CPC. This particular struggle was what I was facing and sometimes I get lots of click and yet nothing to show for it in terms of revenue. Imagine getting a CPC of 0.02 or 0.01 how many clicks are you expected to get to be able to get even up to $1 per day, it's terrible, and bloggers facing this issue are really in a messy soup.

In this post, I am going to give my suggestions as to why you are getting poor CPC and how to solve the problem therefore increasing your CPC to useful level.

How to Increase Google AdSense CPC rate

~~ Like I stated earlier this post is just my suggestion, and as such you can still look for more suggestions online but I'm going to tell you what I improved on my blog to enable me get average CPC. First of I am going to show you the reasons why some bloggers get poor CPC;

1. Poor Content; you know google AdSense is content driven, all they care about is how good is your content even from the approval level to the earning level. Content is king, so if you have poor content you'll most likely be served poor quality ads as well resulting to poor earnings.

2. Niche; some niches pay higher amount of CPC, especially niches that haven't been saturated so much. So niche is also a determining factor to CPC algorithm.

3. Targeting low paying keywords; this is also a factor, when you Target low CPC keywords you'll no doubt get poor CPC rate.

4. AdSense account Age; this is a serious factor, when your AdSense account is new, google not hasn't fully determined what your content is about, you might get very poor CPC and after a while it will improve to a good extent, if you have good articles, well arranged blog, just be patient your CPC will improve overtime as you keep posting quality articles and targeting rich keywords.

Now, let's move over to how to increase Google AdSense CPC;

When I got AdSense approval newly I was getting a CPC of about 0.04 to 0.07 maximum, I didn't complain so much it was after some days that my CPC went further down the drain, I started getting a more useless CPC sometimes 0.01 sometimes 0.02 it was like the worst period of my blogging career because all my life I've always believed AdSense to be a goldmine. But upon getiing approval I was now kind of seeing something strange and different. Though no account action was embarked upon, I just started doing some brush ups of my website, I did four basic things on my blog ;

~~ Organised my Template

~~ Restored all previously Drafted posts

~~ Increased Keyword Density on my articles

~~ Reduced the number of ads on my blog limiting it to very high priority areas..

These are the four basic things I worked on and believe improved my CPC from the crawling 0.02$ to 0.10 - 0.15 infact it's increasing by the day. Now if you want to improve your google AdSense CPC you just have to first and foremost organize your blog template followed by increasing keyword density in your articles... This is from my experience what I used to get high CPC. Though if your blog is set up well you can just give it time like 2-3 weeks if your CPC doesn't improve then you need to work on your articles and you blog content. I wish you the best, good luck!
This was my CPC before;