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Thursday, August 27, 2020

Latest MTN Free Browsing Cheat via Opera Daily 50MB Data

Some days ago, Opera reintroduced the free browsing on their applications with MTN and Airtel Sim, that's the first good news but they blocked our previous bypass cheat but a new cheat was discovered by Techoragon Group and I've decided to share it to my lovely viewers.

The MTN Opera 50mb browsing cheat is powered by Samsung Max VPN and it helps users to browse on all websites and social media apps with the 50mb daily data that was originally designed for Apps owned by Opera such as Opay, Opera News, Opera Mini Browser, Olist etc.
Below is a run down of the requirements for this cheat;

Requirements for The MTN Opera 50MB cheat;

1. MTN 4G or 3G sim

2. Samsung Max VPN which you can download from HERE
3. Ability to read and understand.

How to Activate the MTN Opera 50MB Cheat via Samsung Max VPN:

Now, maximum carefulness is needed, because any mistake in the initials renders the whole process useless.

> First of all you have to switch on your MTN data connectivity.

> Secondly, launch the Opera Mini Browser and wait for the flash notification that tells you "you can browse to the tune of 50mb on Opera" now this is a conpulsory notification, because if you don't see the notification the cheat won't work for you.

> Thirdly, browse a little with the Opera mini or Opera Browser and minimise the app.

> Fourthly, Open the Samsung Max VPN which I believe you downloaded from the above link and turn on Privacy Protection" then also minimise it and launch your Telegram app or WhatsApp and start chatting freely with the 50MB designed for the Opera Applications free.

Note: The data plan is only 50mb and as such you don't expect it to last forever. 

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Thursday, August 6, 2020

How to Activate 9mobile 1GB for N200 and 3GB for N1000 Data Bundles

9Mobile is one network that has not been so customer friendly in terms of churning out cheap data offers and free browsing loopholes but after some research I stumbled upon a new data plan on 9mobile that looks to reward people that only have time to surf and enjoy during weekends.
This 9mobile Weekend data plan has been around for sometime but I just decided to share it now to encourage visitors of Gistrealz blog making use of 9mobile and to further reassure them that they are still with us. Without further ado, lets dive into the main point of writing this article.

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How to Activate 9mobile 1GB for N200 and 3GB for N1000 Weekend Data Plan:

Simply put on your device and dial the codes below based on how much you are going for;
  1. To subscribe for the 9mobile 1GB for N200 Weekend Data bundle simply dial ∗929∗10# and N200 will be deducted from your account balance.
  2. To subscribe for the 9Mobile 3GB for just N1000 Weekend data bundle, simply dial  ∗229∗3∗12# N1000 will be deducted and you will be credited with the 3GB data usable during weekends i.e Saturday and Sundays. 
  3.  The 1GB for N200 is valid for 3 days while the 3GB for N1000 is valid for a whopping 30days!
 Keep rocking your weekends with the 9mobile weekend data bundles and dont forget to comment and share this article to your friends. Thanks!

Monday, July 27, 2020

MTN Latest 0.0k Free Browsing Cheat via Tweakware VPN (July 2020)

Hello Guys! Today, I bring good tidings as usual, but it's more interesting now as you are going to enjoy MTN Free Browsing Cheat via Tweakware VPN. 

The new free Browsing Cheat I bring today is powered using a VPN known as Tweakware and with it, you will be able to browse for free i.e with 0.0kobo balance. Below are the requirements for the Latest MTN Free Browsing Cheat via Tweakware VPN.

Requirements for The Latest MTN 0.0kobo Browsing cheat for July 2020;

  • Tweakware VPN which can be downloaded from HERE.
  • Standard MTN Sim with 0.0kobo airtime and data 
  • An Android smart Phone
  • Ability to Read and Understand.

How to Activate the MTN Latest 0.0kobo Free Browsing Cheats Via Tweakware VPN;

1. Make sure your data connection is turned on with your phone charged well.

2. Launch the Tweakware VPN, you will be shown two boxes, simply tap the second one and select either "New MTN Ng 0.0kb Free 1 or 2" as shown in the image below.
3. When you have selected the one you want, just tap the the start button and wait for 30-50 seconds and it will immediately get connected. 

Immediately it gets connected, minimise and open any web browser or your social media applications and start surfing for free with your sim. 

Disadvantages of the MTN Latest Tweakware Free Browsing Cheat for July 2020;

It is not stable i.e. it constantly disconnects of which you are required to reconnect. 

It is capped at 40-100mb. 

It requires a VPN! 

Notwithstanding the disadvantages, it's still worth it considering the fact that it's a free browsing cheat. Just connect and enjoy yourself. Thanks.

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Airtel Free Browsing Cheat via 24Clan VPN Lite | Enjoy

Some weeks ago I posted an article on how to activate Airtel 500MB for N100 social bundle and I was greeted with numerous private messages from non members of Gistrealz TV.

In other not to make them feel excluded(they are still part of us) I decided to drop the full cheat here on the blog.

This New Airtel Free Browsing Cheat is not entirely free as it just enables you surf the internet and do all internet activities with the Airtel Social Bundle.

How to Activate the Airtel 500mb for N100:

For the benefit of people not yet aware of the plan you can activate the Airtel social bundle by dialing *141*104#. If you are eligible for the data bundle N100 will be deducted from your account balance and you will be credited with 500mb only for doing social activities like chatting on WhatsApp and Facebook. You can also accumulate it if you want.

How to Use the Airtel 500mb social Bundle to Power all Applications and websites:

1. Download 24Clan VPN Lite from HERE

2. Secondly, you just have to launch the 24clan VPN lite after you must have ascertained that you are eligible for the plan and probably subscribed as well.

Launch the 24clan VPN lite and tap on server>> select United States 1>> then you tap on the second tab below the server section(a new page will pop up)

Select Airtel social bundle as shown in the image above.

When you are done with that, just switch back to the homepage and tap on the big button at the center of the 24clan VPN Lite to get connected.

Note: Joining Gistrealz TV is still something you must do if you really want to enjoy your stay here. Click HERE to join

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Flaim Promotion: How to Get Free 5GB Data on Flaim Social Messaging Application

Hello Guys! I am back again with good tidings as usual, today I will be telling you about a social Application like Facebook and WhatsApp that rewards users with free 5GB Data for just chatting. 

The application is called Flaim and it is a social messaging Application that I believe many of you are familiar with. I've posted about Flaim in the past and how to get Upto 10GB from it by accumulating the welcome data. They have come up with a new offer for their users. 

How to Get the Free 5GB Data from Flaim Social Messaging Application;

1. You need to first of all download Flaim Application from HERE

2. When you are done downloading the application, sign up by inputting your phone number and then enter the OTP they will send to you and boom you're done with the registration.

Registering on the application is like a preamble, you need to be active on the messaging Application from Wednesdays - Sundays to stand a chance to win the free 5GB data. Now, when you are done registering you can invite your close friends to register and when they have registered, make sure you chat with them massively everyday. 

Chatting with them massively increases your chances to get selected for the free data. It's difficult but it's worth it considering the fact that 5GB is not a small data plan. 

Stay safe and make sure you enter your email address in the box below and you won't have to stress yourself again as new updates will be sent to your mail freely. Thanks.

Thursday, June 4, 2020

MTN Unlimited Browsing Cheat Using TunnelTweak VPN for June 2020

Hello Guys, I must confess that it has been a while since I dropped a cheat on this blog, but don't be angry anymore as I have a new package for MTN users.

Here comes a new MTN Unlimited free browsing cheat that is aimed at making users of the network browse, download and chat unlimitedly on the network. It doesn't even take time and does not require any special setting or procedure, you just have to read this article carefully and follow the laid down instructions.
Before I start talking about the MTN Unlimited cheat, lets have a look at the requirements for the cheat.

Requirements For the MTN Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat for June 2020

  1. An android smartphone
  2. New MTN 4G Sim
  3. TunnelTweak VPN which can be downloaded from HERE
  4. Ability to Read and Understand
Immediately you have the aforementioned requirements, you have to insert the newly purchased MTN sim into your smartphone and recharge with atleast N100 to get it activated.

After which you now launch the TunnelTweak VPN that you downloaded using the above link and tap on the refresh server button as indicated in the illustrative image below.

when you are done refreshing you now tap on the "Custom" option visible on the VPN homepage and select MTN Data Sim Cheat.

Now, Switch on your data connection and tap on the START button and wait for some seconds for the VPN to get connected and start surfing unlimitedly.

Like I stated earlier, its very easy and does not require any cumbersome procedure. Connect and start surfing.

NOTE: Make Sure you try out the cheats posted on Gistrealz Website as early as possible. Its not legit and can get blocked at anytime. Goodluck.