Friday, August 28, 2020

Latest GLO Unlimited Browsing Cheat on New Yakata Tariff Plan

It's been a while since we last enjoyed free browsing cheats not to talk of unlimited ones.
But after much testimonies and screenshots of data usage from other Glo users, I decided to make this post for all new glo customers who are still on the New Yakata Tariff plan.

The New GLO Unlimited Browsing Cheat which can be tagged August Unlimited Cheat is completely stress-free. All you need to get on the net unlimitedly are;

1. A New GLO Sim
2. Recharge Card of N200
3. Ability to Read and Understand.

When you get the first two requirements, just dial #100# to confirm that you are on New Yakata Tariff plan and not Yakata". After you have confirmed that, just recharge your Glo line with N200 and wait for a message confirming your receipt of the free 80mb bonus.

Immediately you get the bonus, turn on your internet connectivity and start surfing the web unlimitedly without issues. Though, I have not tested this cheat, I have seen numerous testimonies and screenshots attesting to the workability. Just try your luck, if it doesn't work for you, stay tuned for more updates. Thanks.

Thursday, August 20, 2020

Incase You Didn't Know: How to Borrow Airtime or Data on GLO Network Easily

Like every other network, you can borrow data and airtime on the Glo Network when you are in need.

It is not even as hard as other networks as you don't get debited automatically when you recharge, I have once borrowed from Glo and kept using and recharging my line afterwards without being debited. I think I was just lucky then but that is by the way.

How to Be Eligible For the Glo Borrow Me Service;

The Glo Borrow me service is not open to any sim because they need to trust you enough before granting you access to borrow airtime or data. You must have been on the network actively for 2 to 4 months.

How to Borrow Data or Airtime From Glo Network;

- Incase you didn't know before, you can simply borrow data or Airtime from Glo by dialing *321# and then selecting the one you need urgently. You will be shown an option to either borrow data or borrow airtime - check image below
Just select anyone you need at the moment and select the amount you want to borrow and boom, the amount will credited to your account balance. Enjoy!

Before you leave, please share this post your friends and family members as the borrow me service is one of a kind and can save you from hazards when you are short of airtime or data. Thanks! I love you.

Saturday, April 11, 2020

How to Activate GLO 1.2GB for N200 Data Bundle(2020)

The leading telecommunication network in terms of data subscribers GLO has introduced a new mouth gaping data bundle for her customers to enjoy this weekend.

The new data plan from GLO Ng has not been declared officially as they are used to launching data packages without making an official statement regarding the implementation.

That aside though you can now enjoy a whopping 1.2gb for just N200 o0n Glo during weekends especially on sundays.

Without further ado, you can enjoy this new data bundle whether or not you are an active data subscriber or not as it is not based on eligibility or anything of such.

How to Activate GLO 1.2GB Data Plan for Just N200

  1. Simply recharge your GLO sim with N200
  2. Dial *777# > Data Plan>Buy Data plan> Night & Weekend. From there you can select 1.2GB for N200 1Day Sun and then subscribe for the data plan. See screenshot below.
  3. To check your data balance simply dial *127*0#
  4. The data plan is only valid for a day i.e. sunday
 Advantages of the GLO 1.2GB for N200 Data plan 

  •  Its wonderful considering the amount of data you are given for just N200
  • Its similar to the 1GB for N200 Glo data plan that was cancelled months back
  • Its best for heavy data users or people that have huge stuff to download online.
Thats all you need to do know about the Glo 1.2GB for N200 an how to activate the plan.. enjoy

Monday, February 3, 2020

GLO Unlimited Data [MB] Cheat on Jolific8 Tariff Plan | Enjoy and Share

Coming few days after the Glo Unlimited Browsing cheat via Freedom VPN was unveiled is this new loophole discovered in the Glo network that makes a subscriber use more data than he or she is supposed to on a Glo tariff plan.

Some people are unable to enjoy the GLO Freedom VPN cheat because of the cost of purchasing a premium acct that is why as the tests ran on this cheat was finalized I decided to post it here without a price tag..
Without further ado I think it's time to unveil this new Glo cheat, so let's get the ball rolling; first of all you need to note down the requirements for the new Glo data cheat...

1. You need a standard Smart Phone and a Nokia Torchlight phone or anyother small mobile phone.

2. A Glo active sim card with 0.0kobo..

3. Your GLO Sim needs to be on Glo Jolific8 tariff plan, which is the main tariff plan for this GLO data cheat.

That been said, your curious mind is already wondering what the cheat is about and how to activate it, some people don't even read through things carefully but you need to calm down and read this...

Full details;

Few days ago a friend of mine started running a test on a GLO cheat and discovered another cheat in the process; the new cheat he discovered is that once you migrate to GLO jolific8 tariff plan and get the normal 52mb bonus data that you can actually browse upto 500mb using that 52mb bonus Data before it gets exhausted. Now this is similar to the GLO Yakata bonus data cheat too but it's not Unlimited but capped. Also when you recharge with N200 on a Glo line that is on Glo Jolific8 tariff plan you will be given 104mb as data bonus but in actuality you can use up a total of 1GB+ before the 104mb finishes.

I believe you have gotten the idea of how the cheat works on jolific8 tariff plan so let me just break down the full activation for this Glo cheat procedurally ;

Step 1: Migrate to GLO jolific8 tariff plan by dialing *603#, if it doesn't work kindly slot your Glo sim card into a small mobile device or you buy a new sim

Step 2: when you have migrated to Jolific8 plan, you are now eligible to get the 52mb data bonus per recharge of N100 and the 104mb data bonus for recharge of N200 and so on. Just recharge your GLO Sim after some hours with N100 recharge card [you can recharge more, this is just for testing sake].

Step 3: don't buy any bundle, just leave your hundred naira recharge card till you're credited with the 52 MB data bonus... Then you switch on your data connection and start downloading whatever file you want that's within the 400-500mb range...
Your data will be reducing at a slower rate while your download keeps entering until you have used up the 52mb data... You will discover in the long run that you will use upto 480mb plus with the 52mb bonus data with your N100 recharge card intact...

Now to continue rocking this cheat for higher bundles, just recharge with a higher amount and rock your data... .

From experiments recharge of N200 will give you 104 MB which in practical use will be upto 1gb data.

While a recharge of N100 will give you 52mb which in practical use will be upto 500mb..

This post is fully credited to Remy: an admin of Gistrealz 1 group as he is the one that gave the information according to his experiments... 
Kudos to him 💙

Enjoy the GLO Jolific8 cheat and always remember to say nice things about our blog.

If you think it's too small and want something higher just click HERE to subscribe for the GLO Unlimited Browsing Cheat via the freedom VPN and start rocking Unlimitedly with your free cheat...


Saturday, February 1, 2020

How To Activate GLO Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat Via Freedom VPN

Unlimited Cheat is here again for us to enjoy!
Here comes a new GLO Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat that is powered by Freedom VPN.

Unlike the unlimited cheat we enjoyed all through the month of December this new cheat on the GLO network is powered and made possible by a VPN known as Freedom VPN and it runs on 0.00kobo balance.
As you can see the post kicked off in a straightforward way and it's going to remain that way, below are the prerequisites needed to make this cheat a success.

Requirements For The GLO Unlimited Browsing Cheat for February 2020 via Freedom VPN

1. A Glo sim card with 0.00kobo Balance airtime and data balance.

2. Freedom VPN which can be comfortably downloaded from Google Playstore or from HERE

3. N1200 or N1500 depending on the package you want. It's not for sale, just that to enjoy the cheat you need a premium account.

4. A smartphone, Android to be precise [4G Network Recommended] though it still works on 3G well, just depends wholly on your location.

5. Ability to Read and Understand 🙏

Steps to Activate the GLO Unlimited Browsing Cheat:

Like I said its not like the previous Glo cheat that had nothing to do with VPN.
To Activate this cheat you need to ensure your data balance is used upto 0.0mb.

As we all know once your data finishes on GLO your data connectivity sign doesn't come up again, but there's a way to bypass this and get your data signal showing: just dial *108*1# while your data connectivity is turned off and wait for three to 5minutes. After which you on your data connection and once the Htt or 4G shows up you are good to go.

Then you click HERE to Purchase a premium Acct config file @1200 for a month that loads at 1mb per second... .

Or you go for the 1500 Premium config file that loads at an unlimited and unmetered speed, depending on your location and region.

How to Start Rocking The GLO Unlimited Cheat immediately you have paid for the config file and gotten it;

~~ Launch the Freedom VPN and you'll see two big option "Start Connection" and "Configure" just select configure then on the next page tap on Backup/Restore and then on Load config"
tap on it and choose the directory that the config was stored as the config ends with .cfg and once sighted, tap on it and boom! Go back to the homepage and tap on start connection" wait some seconds and start surfing the web Unlimitedly with your phone free 💯.

Warning: After you have paid for the Premium account and received the config file, use it alone! Don't send it to another person because doing that means your account would be blocked and I won't be held responsible for that! If anyone wants to purchase the person should be directed to the admin of Update Arena! Goodluck!

Disclaimer: the cheat is not for sale, the money involved in it's activation is purely for it's activation and not that Update Arena Blog is selling the cheat... 

That's all you need to know about the trending Glo Unlimited Browsing Cheat via Freedom VPN. 

Thursday, January 23, 2020

How to Use Your GLO ON NET Bonuses To Call All Networks | GLO Call Cheat

Good day guys, while I was still running some tests on how to activate the new Glo 40 - 60GB cheat I discovered a new cheat that will be very be beneficial to people on the GLO network that make long calls or that use their phones majorly for call making.

From what you read above I believe you know where I'm driving at, I'll still give you the benefit of doubt and tell you, I've discovered a new GLO call cheat that allows subscribers with Glo to Glo Bonuses to use the bonuses to call their loved ones and friends on all Networks.

It's usually a tiring thing when, Glo rewards you with ON NET bonuses of which you might be the only one using Glo in your family... I've been in that shoe and in most cases we end up leaving the so called bonuses to expire and waste away but after reading this post it won't waste away again because you'd be able to use the on net bonuses to call everyone... [ MTN, Airtel, 9mobile subscribers ].

Requirements For This Glo Call Cheat;

1. You need a mobile phone or Smart Phone. 

2. A Glo sim card with On Net call bonuses i.e. Glo to Glo bonuses. 

3. Ability to read and understand. 

How to Activate and Enjoy the New Glo Call Cheat;

First of all you have to be sure that you have Glo to Glo bonuses... You can check the whether you have it if you're ok Yakata plan by dialing *310*1# while if you're on jumbo you dial #122#. Just verify the code to check your Bonuses. 

2. When you have verified that, just dial 042 before the number you want to call and remove the 0 in front of the number. For example 04270802200223 and call. 

When you use the above procedure your calls will be charged from your Glo to Glo bonuses instead of your main balance.
Note: this is 100% real and tested by me, so enjoy but please don't share it everywhere so that GLO won't block it. Enjoy!!

Thursday, January 9, 2020

How to Activate 7GB For 1500 Naira on GLO

GLO is still proving that tht are they are here for serious business by adding new data bundles for their loyal customers.
As a GLO customer you can now activate a whopping 7gb data for just N1500 and rock and roll. This new data plan was added after the loophole that made many Glo Subscribers browse Unlimitedly was corrected.
Since you came to the full details on how to activate the 7gb for N1500 on GLO, let's fully divert to that before you get tired of reading the long text.

How to Activate 7GB for 1500 Naira on GLO

First of all you need to recharge with 1500 Naira and then dial *777# and reply with 1 > 1 > 5 > 1. The plan is available under GLO Special Data Plans
The 7GB data plan is designed for huge internet users and downloaders as it's validity period is relatively short. [7days] . Enjoy!

Thursday, January 2, 2020

GLO Data Sharing: Easiest Way to Share and Unshare Data Plans

Some months ago I shared a post on how to share data on MTN and I believe it has helped those in need of data to easily ask for data from their friends and family. Today I am going to share how to share, unshare and check the numbers sharing data subscription with you on the GLO Network, just sit tight and grab the information because its for your own good.

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How To Share Your Data Subscription on GLO

Since we have been blessed with unlimited free browsing cheat on GLO this season, we are sometimes asked by our friends or family members to share the love with them to; so to share data or link your GLO data subscription with a friend or family member you just have to dial a simple USSD Code.
  • Dial *127*01*Phonenumber# and automatically your data subscription will be shared to the persons line which means that as long as you are online with your data the person too will be enjoying the same love. 
Immediately you dial the above code with the person's Glo number included, you have automatically shared your data subscription with him or her.

How to Unshare Your Data Subscription on GLO

Sometimes we share data and forget to unshare the person we shared the data to. This is most common on the GLO network because they dont prompt you or disconnect the person when you have eventually exhausted your data bundle. In the case where the person doesn't inform you or you don't remember just dial the below code to unshare the number.
  •  Dial *127*02*phonenumber# to unshare the person and automatically the person loses further right or ability to use your data subscription.
  • Alternatively you can use the SMS procedure, just go to your messages and enter 127 as the recepient, then you send "Remove Phonenumber" and send. Example; Remove 08050000000 to 127 and then wait for the next sms from 127 confirming the data unsharing.  
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 How To View The Numbers Sharing/Linked to Your Data Bundle on GLO

If you believe your data is reducing more than expected, it could mean that somebody is using your data without you knowing. sometimes since no pin is required or no confirmation, somebody might just pick up your phone and link your data subscription to his or her line and you end up working while Baboon will be chopping" to view the numbers sharing data subscription with you just;
  • Dial *127*00# and all the GLO numbers you are sharing your data with will be displayed on your screen, just scrutinize and remove the illegal one or the one you didn't add yourself.

Thursday, December 19, 2019

How to Activate The GLO Unlimited Browsing Cheat | Step By Step Procedure
Free Browsing is here again and this time better than what we have ever experienced throughout this year because this is an Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat. This time its for Glo users as they can now enjoy unlimited Free Browsing cheat on the GLO network by just following the simple instructions on this page. Goodluck!

 What does this mean for GLO Users?

This means that you can now enjoy unlimited free browsing cheat on your GLO line by following simple instructions on this page

Full Guide on How to Activate The GLO Unlimited Browsing Cheat

  •  You need to have an active GLO sim card.
  • An Android Phone
  • Good GLO network Coverage
The GLO Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat comes in two variants of which one is valid for a day and the other is valid for two days, which means that when the cheat is activated for your sim card you can browse, download and stream movies for the number of days you are allocated.

Eligibility Criteria:

You can only activate the Glo Unlimited cheat for 2019 if you can fulfill the below criterion;

1. If you want to enjoy the GLO Unlimited Browsing Cheat for two days without interruption or problems you have to Add 50 valid participants to our Telegram GROUP and then screenshot the proof and send to the Admin of the Group with your Glo Phone number to start your journey to unlimited browsing. Click HERE to join our Telegram GROUP


2. You can just subscribe and save yourself the stress by chatting Ericksson up on either WhatsApp or Telegram to get activated for the cheat. Click HERE to Contact Ericksson for the cheat... (only interested participants)

@Gistrealz we post free browsing cheats for free but due to the constant sabotage by some members and beneficiaries of these cheats we are forced to hide the procedures to be followed for the activation of the cheat. But unlike some other website owners and people that charge N1000 for the activation of the cheat we activate the cheat for our visitors at a very cheap price.

Just bear with us because we are following it this way to enable us enjoy the cheat for long.

Friday, December 13, 2019

Glo New Data Offer: Activate 1GB for N100 Valid For 5days

Glo being one of the best networks when it comes to data allocation on their various data plans have decided to introduce a mouth watering data plan that looks similar to their 1GB for N200 that once reigned. Glo has added a new data plan in their list of Night dt aplans that gives a subscriber a whopping 1GB data to browse for a subscription that costs just N100. This is by far one of the best data plans ever introduced by Glo Nigeria.


A Mobile or Android Device

👉 A Glo Sim with minimum balance of N100

👉 The USSD Code to subscribe for this Night plan.

How to Activate 1GB for N100 On your Glo Sim

👉 Dial *777# press 1>1>7 

👉 Once you dial the code you'll get subscribed to this amazing data bundle and your N100 will be deducted in exchange for 1GB data which you can use to browse from 12am-5am every night for 5days.
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This data bundle is wonderful and simply has no disadvantage when it comes to both validity period and data allocation as it covers both area.

Glo 1GB for N100 covers all the flaws of other networks when it comes to Night plan and would obviously take over when it comes to Night plan.
The data bundle is valid for 5days, which means you can enjoy the night plan for 5night from 12am-5am so you don't have to bother if you fail to finish it in one night as you can start your browsing from 12am of the next night.

It's best for those that are over occupied during the day and only chanced at night as they can just subscribe to the plan and everynight they aren't busy they surf the web and do whatever they like.

If you have a huge file to download you can just Subscribe to this Glo 1GB for N100 and use it to download whatever you want or need.


Being called a night plan one should be able to decipher that this particular data plan works only at midnights which means if you subscribe and can't stay up late you won't be able to use it.

Considering Glo's slowness in some areas one can be tempted not to accept or subscribe to this plan before you stay up late and at the end find it close to impossible surfing the web or using the data.
That's all you need to know about the New Glo 1GB for N100 Data plan. Enjoy!

Friday, November 29, 2019

See How to Send Free Call Me Back SMS on Your GLO SIM

Glo is one of the major networks in Nigeria with an estimate of 42million subscribers with the highest number of data subscribers in the country.

This is as a result of their wonderful data offers and giveaways, that aside though let's go straight to the purpose of making this post which is to show you how to send free call me back sms on Glo. 

I'm sure very few of us know that Glo has the call me back sms offer on their network, the moment I saw it I was surprised as well which means you're not alone in your situation.

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How To Send Free Call Me Back SMS on Glo👇

I am aware that very many if not all of us know the importance of call me SMS as it can save you a huge stress in a situation you lack airtime and have an urgent call to make. It's serves a form of communication and alerts the receiver that you want him or her to call you back... Below is how the SMS will look in the phone of the target or receiver

👉 To send the call me back sms on Glo you just have to dial a simple code;

👉 Dial *125*recipients number # and send, for example the receivers phone number is 08070000000 you just have to dial *125*08070000000# and send. That's all the receiver will receive a message telling him or her to call you back.