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Monday, January 6, 2020

Airtime Swap: Transfer Airtime to Any Network Using this Simple Method

Do you know you can now Transfer airtime from your network to another nework for a service charge of just N50? Yes it's possible and the steps are very easy.

How to Transfer Airtime From Any Network to Another Network
This means you can transfer your airtime to your loved ones irrespective of their Mobile network be it Airtel - MTN, MTN - Glo, Glo - Airtel etc. very easily and conveniently by dialing a simple short code.

First of all you need to dial *931# and select 6 [change pin] your default pin is 0000 you just have to change it to any one you want.

Once you've done that successfully the next thing you should select is Airtime Swap" which is No. 3 on the list and you'll be shown a new menu to enter the beneficiary number which is the recipients number.

The minimum Airtime you can swap/transfer to another number is N100. So upon entering the beneficiary's number and requesting you'll be shown a new menu to select the amount you wish to transfer from your main balance. 

When you are done selecting the amount will be deducted including the N50 service charge which will be collected for the service you want to do. Without the service charge the airtime transfer can't work out.

That's all you need to commence transfers from your network to a number on another network. This ability to transfer to other networks comes with myriad of benefits because you are no longer restricted to airtime transfers with people using your network. The only downside of this is the N50 service charge but considering that it's the only way of doing such transactions it's not such a disadvantage.

 Enjoy and also share to your friends because you never know who is in need of this information.

Sunday, December 29, 2019

How to Accumulate Up-to 22GB On Any Network Using Flaim Social Messaging Application

Hello Guys I'm here again with amazing deals as always. This time its on how to Accumulate as much as 22GB data using the Flaim social messaging application. 

This won't take long as it's going to be very brief and concise, all you have to do to get upto 22GB of data on any network [MTN, GLO, Airtel and 9mobile].

Below are the requirements and the steps on how to activate and accumulate this outrageous data.


1. A smartphone

2. Flaim Social Messaging Application [ downloadable from Google Playstore or apkpure.com]

3. Little data and quickness or sharpness as the case maybe😅🙈.

How to Accumulate Up-to 22GB Data From Flaim Social Messaging Application

1. First of all the Flaim App rewards new users with Free 100Naira data plan if the user registers with an MTN number. If you're using Airtel you get 50Naira worth of data. But the good news is that you can accumulate this as much as you want or have strength to.

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2. Now once you've downloaded the Flaim App, just sign up using yiur Phone number after which you'll be asked to enter your verification code.

3. Now this is the where you start the accumulation, once you have the code.. enter it and immediately switch off your data connection once it starts processing.

After some seconds you'll receive free Data, and due to the fact that you switched off your data connection it will show you an error message... Re enter the code and once it starts processing switch off your data connection... Do this repeatedly and anytime you do it you'll get free data... Keep doing this to accumulate Up-to 22GB or more, it's fully dependent on how fast and quick you are to switch off your data connection.

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Now that's all the information you need as concerning how you can activate data subscription on Flaim including how to accumulate the free data to as much data as you want/can. Enjoy!!

Friday, December 20, 2019

How to Activate Free N50 Data Subscription Using Flaim Messaging Application

Do you remember Flaim App? The social messaging application that rewarded new users with Free 500Naira subscription on any etwork upon registration and downloading of their Android application. They are here again as always with a little data offer that aims at encouraging those that download their application.

Flaim is currently giving away free N50 subscription to users that downloads and registers on their network within this period, so if you feel like getting this free N50 sub on your network just keep reading this post to grab the little information.

How to Activate the N50 Subscription From Flaim App

1. First of all download the Flaim APK from HERE

2. Secondly, sign up with your phone number and then wait for some seconds for your otp once it arrives, enter it in the box provided for it and immediately your phone enunber gets verified you will be credited with the N50 subscription straight to the number you registered with. At this point you can either choose to finalise your registration or quit.

That's all, you need to get your free N50 subscription. Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

How To Subscribe to MTN 2GB for N200 - Youtube Streaming Plan

The leading Telecom operator in Nigeria MTN has launched another Streaming plan to the list of already existing Youtube streaming plan. This new plan gives the subscriber a whopping 2GB for just N200 subscription. With this new streaming plan you can stay updated and enjoy Google products like google.com, Google Playstore, Youtube and Google mail. Keep reading to learn more about the requirements and how to subscribe to this new MTN Youtube streaming plan.

  • An MTN Sim card with a minimum of N200
  • An Android device
  • A fully charged battery
First to Drop Number in the comment box on the site, gets free recharge card
Data they say is life and this turns out to be unarguably true as latst smartphones cant do without data. Users of sophisticated devices need data to stream mobile TV apps, download games from App stores and also do online social activities. That's why on this page we strive as much as possible to provide you with loopholes on various networks. Without further ado, lets go straight to the information you want to get in this article which is how to subscribe to the MTN 200 for 2GB streaming bundle.

How To Subscribe to The MTN N200 for 2GB Streaming Plan

 Dial *131*8*1# and the below option will display on your device screen

Select 4 to subscribe to the 2GB Data bundle for just N200 valid for 7 days.

The data bundle is only usable in the night from 11pm - 6am in the morning and in those nights its valid for 7days. Enjoy!!!

Monday, December 9, 2019

JumiaOne: Fund Your Nairabet Account Directly Using The Betting Payment Facility

JumiaOne application have also added another mind blowing offer to the numerous services they offer. You know JumiaOne recently introduced the Loaning feature which enabled JumiaOne users to collect loans and payback without collateral nor compulsory pay back date.  Today JumiaOne also introduced Betting payment facility in their application's features.  Now betlovers can now fund their nairabet accounts for betting directly from the JumiaOne Application

Without further ado,  let me just go straight to the procedures to be followed to fund your Nairabet account to enable you place bets and win money; 👇👇

To fund your account, follow these easy steps:o

Download the Jumia One App on your Android or ios device.

👉 Locate the Betting Icon under the Food, Travel and Entertainment segment.

👉 Click on it and it automatically selects the Nairabet Icon.

👉 Input your Nairabet Username.

👉 Input the amount you want to fund your account with.

👉 Click on proceed to pay.

👉 Confirm your details and click on Continue to Pay.

👉 Click on Pay Now to complete payment.

Once this is done, your Nairabet wallet would be funded instantly and you'll be ready to bet as you go.  Enjoy! 

Sunday, November 24, 2019

How to Cancel All Sent Friend Requests on Facebook

Facebook is a social media that has lots of users and sometimes we end up sending friend request to some people that don't accept nor cancel our request. In the long run you start feeling like you want to cancel all the requests you've sent to people maybe because now you feel proud of yourself but you end up not been able to do so because you can't remember who and who you sent friend request to and you end up being worried or unfulfilled. Worry no more as I'm going to show you how to cancel all sent friend requests on Facebook. It also has an advantage because you get to see those that Avent accepted your friend request and the next action to take.

How to Cancel All Sent Friend Requests on Facebook👇

👉 You have to login to your Facebook account using Chrome or Brave Browser preferably

👉 Then you click on this link https://facebook.com/friends/requests/?fcref=none&outgoing=1

👉 You'll be shown the requests from people that you've not accepted, just tap on the V shape and select Sent Friend Requests
👉You now have to cancel each one till you're done cancelling all friend request on your FB account.

👉 The request would disappear from the person's notification but won't alert the person of the cancellation.

That's all concerning Cancelling your friend requests on Facebook... Hope it was informative?