Friday, April 3, 2020

Olist is Giving Away Free N50,000 in their Cash Promotion | Grab yours Now

Are you good at convincing people to register for something? Or do you have a fan base that can be used to refer people to a program? If you have any of the two then this promotion set up by Olist Application is for you.

First of all you need to know what Olist is all about and what it is before we start talking about the ongoing promotion on Olist. 

What is Olist?

Olist is a general marketplace that people or organizations that wish to promote their products online go to.

The good thing about it is that it is owned by Opera and your product gets to be exposed to a very huge audience of which any interested buyer can just inform the Olist team and they get back to you directly. 

Now that you have read a brief introduction or rather description about Olist, what might be going through your mind is; how to get started on Olist promotion, how does the Olist cash giveaway work, yeah, it's understandable you came for a piece of information and you must leave here with it. 

How does the Olist Cash Giveaway or Promotion work;

It's very simple! Just download the Olist Application from HERE

After downloading the app, follow the below instructions to set up and partake in the promotion and be guided that it's a referral promotion and if you can't refer I am afraid it's not for you. 


You can earn as much as N10,000 on Olist participating on this Application that is if you play your card well. 

πŸ“ŒAll you have to do is Download the Olist app which is less than 9mb after downloading and registration you will earn 20₦ Welcome Bonus.

πŸ“ŒCheck the Olist car dealers for just 10 seconds and you will earn another 20₦😎

πŸ“ŒCheck Oplace for another 10 seconds and earn another 20₦

πŸ“Each friend you Refer you will Earn 20₦ Naira. 

Enter my invite code here(not optional)
πŸ‘‡ πŸ‘‡ πŸ‘‡ 


πŸ‘† πŸ‘† πŸ‘† 

And earn 30₦ Naira!! 

Minimum Withdrawal:

You can withdraw your earnings from Olist Application when it's upto 150Naira.


 DON'T FORGET TO USE 1184371 as your Invite Code ✌ and get free 20Naira as well..

Saturday, February 8, 2020

{Hot} How to Get Free N1000 - N20000 on Jumia One using N50
Jumia One Application is back again with their mouth watering once in a while offer that is for their loyal users. This is the best time to download the jumiaone app as they are given away 20% cashback for any transaction on the app including a whooping sum of N500 for transactions upto 500Naira but that's by the way.

The mouthwatering offer is that Jumia One is given away N1000 for each referred person to the app and the good thing is that the person you referred must do a transaction as little as N50 for you to get the N1000 bonus that means for 5users you get N5000.

How to Get N1000 on Jumia One App with Just 50Naira

This is a detailed guide on how to get free N1000 for each referred user that does a transaction on the app.

1. First of all you need to download the Jumia One App from HERE if you want to get the free N1000.

2. Then you register on the Application don't login using facebook, just fill in your details and register.

3. As the referrer too you must do a transaction on the app as little as N50 for you to get the bonus of N1000 from people that you invited.
4. Your referrals must also do a transaction as little as N50 to enable you get the free N1000 and for them to qualify for the Free N1000 if they too refer people. 

This is a wonderful offer that you can't afford to miss if you want to earn from Jumia one App, for those asking me to post online money making schemes... Just download JumiaOne App from the link above.

Note: The Jumia One N1000 referral program is limited and can come to an end at anytime so I suggest you try it now as you are lucky to be hearing about it now... Enjoy!

How To Check Sim Registration Status on Airtel, MTN, 9mobile and Glo

Recently NCC directed mobile networks in Nigeria to disconnect 9.2 million customers that their registration details were either incomplete or not up-to-date. This development has really created tension amongst users of the four major networks in Nigeria, MTN, Airtel, Glo, 9mobile.
To save us the headache, you can now check your sim registration status easily on with simple ussd codes that will be provided at the end of this post. 

The importance of checking your sim registration status is that it will save you the stress of re-registering your line or been disconnected suddenly without prior notice. 

How to Check Sim Registration Status on MTN, Airtel, Glo and 9mobile

>> For MTN, dial *789*1# to check your sim registration status .

>> For Glo network simply SMS Reg to 746 to check your sim registration status.

>> For Airtel Network simply dial *746# to check your sim registration status.

>> For 9mobile Network simply call 200 to confirm your registration status or dial 746 to confirm your sim registration status.

Doing this will show you whether you are wanting in the registration or if you need to ignore and relax. This is a good information so do well to share it with your friends using any of the buttons below. Thanks

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Thursday, February 6, 2020

How To Make Free Calls While The Receiver Pays on MTN, Airtel, 9mobile and Glo Network
Ever wanted to call a friend or family member and you are slapped with the response that you have insufficient funds or airtime to call the person and perhaps it's an urgent call? I understand that it's a frustrating feeling and no one would like to be in such shoe or situation. It is the need to solve this problem that instigated the preparation of this article, so just relax and keep reading.

Ever heard of the Receiver pays for call service? Otherwise  called Pay4me service

If you have and don't know how to activate it, rejoice because today is your lucky day as I have compiled the method that will enable you activate this service on the major ISPs in Nigeria (MTN, 9mobile, Glo and Airtel).

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The receiver pays for call is a service that is meant to help those that want to make urgent phone calls but due to lack of airtime are unable to meet up to this want or need. So what the receiver pays for call service provides an opportunity for the stranded caller to plea to the receiver to pay for the call. The good thing about this service is that it doesn't cost or disturb the Caller instead the receiver pays for the call using the standard call rate of his or her tariff plan. 

How to Activate MTN Receiver Pays for Call Service
>> First of all you have to  add the short code *121* before the person's phone number and it must be an MTN number,  Example *121*081349477**#
That's all you need to get connected and the receiver will pay for the call. The only disadvantage of this receiver pays for call service is that the reciever gets an alert before the call gets connected of which he will be alerted to either accept or decline.

How to Activate Airtel Receiver Pays for call service

>> Just add 777 before the subscribers number e.g. 7770812**** and you are on with the person footing the bill. It's as easy as ABC.
To learn more about Airtel receiver pays for call service click HERE and read my previous post on that.
How to Activate Glo Receiver Pays for call service
>> To activate Glo receiver pays for call service you just have to add 7733 to the person's number, mind you the number must be a glo number e.g. 77330807*****

How to Activate 9mobile Receiver Pays for call service

>> To use the Pay4me service on 9mobile you just have to follow simple instructions which is; you have to add 268 to the person's number e.g. 2680809****** and the receiver will be given an update on the terms of the call i.e. alerting him that he's going to pay for the call of which he or she would have the choice to either decline or accept.

That's it for the receiver pays for call service. The importance of this service is bigger than imagination because it's a life saver, it can help you especially if you are calling a friend or family member who knows you don't call for nothing, it will help alert them that you want to speak to them and they'll possibly call you back if not pay for the call. 

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

How to Cancel All Sent Friend Requests on Facebook

Facebook is a social media that has lots of users and sometimes we end up sending friend request to some people that don't accept nor cancel our request. In the long run you start feeling like you want to cancel all the requests you've sent to people maybe because now you feel proud of yourself but you end up not been able to do so because you can't remember who and who you sent friend request to and you end up being worried or unfulfilled. Worry no more as I'm going to show you how to cancel all sent friend requests on Facebook. It also has an advantage because you get to see those that Avent accepted your friend request and the next action to take.

How to Cancel All Sent Friend Requests on FacebookπŸ‘‡

πŸ‘‰ You have to login to your Facebook account using Chrome or Brave Browser preferably

πŸ‘‰ Then you click on this link

πŸ‘‰ You'll be shown the requests from people that you've not accepted, just tap on the V shape and select Sent Friend Requests
πŸ‘‰You now have to cancel each one till you're done cancelling all friend request on your FB account.

πŸ‘‰ The request would disappear from the person's notification but won't alert the person of the cancellation.

That's all concerning Cancelling your friend requests on Facebook... Hope it was informative?

Friday, January 31, 2020

How to Enable Dark Mode on WhatsApp In Less Than Five Minutes

The Facebook owned company WhatsApp has decided to up their game in the feature increasing battle by implementing the option to enable dark mode on the latest version of WhatsApp.
Users of the social messaging App has long waited for this particular feature to arrive in their beloved WhatsApp and its really wonderful to know that the feature is finally at their doorstep.
Without wasting much of your time, lets go straight to how to go about activating dark mode on WhatsApp.

How to Activate Dark Mode on WhatsApp?

> Firstly you have to navigate to google playstore on your device and update to the latest version of WhatsApp if you have an outdated one.

> Secondly, Launch the WhatsApp

> Click the three dotted icons near the search box and select settings

> Navigate to Chats, then theme

> Select Dark Theme if thats what you wish for.

> Thats All! Enjoy your WhatsApp-ing on dark mode.

If for any reason you dont see the option simply click HERE to download the WhatsApp Beta Version and testrun the new feature...

If you have any question feel free to drop in the comment box.

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

How To Add/Invite Someone to a WhatsApp Group

When you're new to the internet world you will find yourself asking and inquiring about alot of things that might sound stupid to a long time user of the internet and social media. One of the questions people ask when they join WhatsApp newly and care to have a WhatsApp group chat is "how do I invite some body to my WhatsApp group?" 

When I joined WhatsApp newly, I asked this question severally and was given very funny responses, that's why I've decided to make a post on it... So that newbies in the internet world won't have to keep questioning or disturbing others for very simple questions. 

I will just go straight to the point so I urge your full concentration and diligence while reading this post, if you run with too much speed you might miss a step.

How to Invite Someone to Your WhatsApp Group?

There are many ways of inviting someone to a WhatsApp group whether it's yours or not i.e. whether you're an administrator or not..

1. Ask the admin to forward the Group Invite Link to You: did you join a WhatsApp group and think the group could be very beneficial to your friend or relative? Just ask the administrator of the group for the group link and once he or she sends it to you, forward it to the person you want to be part of the group and that's all. Immediately the person clicks on the link he or she will join the group.

2. Add the Person If you're an admin: though this particular feature on WhatsApp has been abused by group owners so WhatsApp has provided a feature to those vulnerable to enable them avoid such unwanted group addition. Though you can still try it out if you're sure your friend or person you want to add won't be mad at you for doing so.

Simply tap on the group info and select add participant
After that, you will be shown your contact list, just select the person you want to add and proceed to adding the person to the said group. 

Now if you have been looking for an answer to the question "how to add/invite someone to a WhatsApp group?" Then I guess you have a perfect answer and direction to invite the person .


Monday, January 6, 2020

Airtime Swap: Transfer Airtime to Any Network Using this Simple Method

Do you know you can now Transfer airtime from your network to another nework for a service charge of just N50? Yes it's possible and the steps are very easy.

How to Transfer Airtime From Any Network to Another Network
This means you can transfer your airtime to your loved ones irrespective of their Mobile network be it Airtel - MTN, MTN - Glo, Glo - Airtel etc. very easily and conveniently by dialing a simple short code.

First of all you need to dial *931# and select 6 [change pin] your default pin is 0000 you just have to change it to any one you want.

Once you've done that successfully the next thing you should select is Airtime Swap" which is No. 3 on the list and you'll be shown a new menu to enter the beneficiary number which is the recipients number.

The minimum Airtime you can swap/transfer to another number is N100. So upon entering the beneficiary's number and requesting you'll be shown a new menu to select the amount you wish to transfer from your main balance. 

When you are done selecting the amount will be deducted including the N50 service charge which will be collected for the service you want to do. Without the service charge the airtime transfer can't work out.

That's all you need to commence transfers from your network to a number on another network. This ability to transfer to other networks comes with myriad of benefits because you are no longer restricted to airtime transfers with people using your network. The only downside of this is the N50 service charge but considering that it's the only way of doing such transactions it's not such a disadvantage.

 Enjoy and also share to your friends because you never know who is in need of this information.

Sunday, December 29, 2019

How to Accumulate Up-to 22GB On Any Network Using Flaim Social Messaging Application

Hello Guys I'm here again with amazing deals as always. This time its on how to Accumulate as much as 22GB data using the Flaim social messaging application. 

This won't take long as it's going to be very brief and concise, all you have to do to get upto 22GB of data on any network [MTN, GLO, Airtel and 9mobile].

Below are the requirements and the steps on how to activate and accumulate this outrageous data.


1. A smartphone

2. Flaim Social Messaging Application [ downloadable from Google Playstore or]

3. Little data and quickness or sharpness as the case maybeπŸ˜…πŸ™ˆ.

How to Accumulate Up-to 22GB Data From Flaim Social Messaging Application

1. First of all the Flaim App rewards new users with Free 100Naira data plan if the user registers with an MTN number. If you're using Airtel you get 50Naira worth of data. But the good news is that you can accumulate this as much as you want or have strength to.

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2. Now once you've downloaded the Flaim App, just sign up using yiur Phone number after which you'll be asked to enter your verification code.

3. Now this is the where you start the accumulation, once you have the code.. enter it and immediately switch off your data connection once it starts processing.

After some seconds you'll receive free Data, and due to the fact that you switched off your data connection it will show you an error message... Re enter the code and once it starts processing switch off your data connection... Do this repeatedly and anytime you do it you'll get free data... Keep doing this to accumulate Up-to 22GB or more, it's fully dependent on how fast and quick you are to switch off your data connection.

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Now that's all the information you need as concerning how you can activate data subscription on Flaim including how to accumulate the free data to as much data as you want/can. Enjoy!!

Friday, December 20, 2019

How to Activate Free N50 Data Subscription Using Flaim Messaging Application

Do you remember Flaim App? The social messaging application that rewarded new users with Free 500Naira subscription on any etwork upon registration and downloading of their Android application. They are here again as always with a little data offer that aims at encouraging those that download their application.

Flaim is currently giving away free N50 subscription to users that downloads and registers on their network within this period, so if you feel like getting this free N50 sub on your network just keep reading this post to grab the little information.

How to Activate the N50 Subscription From Flaim App

1. First of all download the Flaim APK from HERE

2. Secondly, sign up with your phone number and then wait for some seconds for your otp once it arrives, enter it in the box provided for it and immediately your phone enunber gets verified you will be credited with the N50 subscription straight to the number you registered with. At this point you can either choose to finalise your registration or quit.

That's all, you need to get your free N50 subscription. Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

How To Subscribe to MTN 2GB for N200 - Youtube Streaming Plan

The leading Telecom operator in Nigeria MTN has launched another Streaming plan to the list of already existing Youtube streaming plan. This new plan gives the subscriber a whopping 2GB for just N200 subscription. With this new streaming plan you can stay updated and enjoy Google products like, Google Playstore, Youtube and Google mail. Keep reading to learn more about the requirements and how to subscribe to this new MTN Youtube streaming plan.

  • An MTN Sim card with a minimum of N200
  • An Android device
  • A fully charged battery
First to Drop Number in the comment box on the site, gets free recharge card
Data they say is life and this turns out to be unarguably true as latst smartphones cant do without data. Users of sophisticated devices need data to stream mobile TV apps, download games from App stores and also do online social activities. That's why on this page we strive as much as possible to provide you with loopholes on various networks. Without further ado, lets go straight to the information you want to get in this article which is how to subscribe to the MTN 200 for 2GB streaming bundle.

How To Subscribe to The MTN N200 for 2GB Streaming Plan

 Dial *131*8*1# and the below option will display on your device screen

Select 4 to subscribe to the 2GB Data bundle for just N200 valid for 7 days.

The data bundle is only usable in the night from 11pm - 6am in the morning and in those nights its valid for 7days. Enjoy!!!

Monday, December 9, 2019

JumiaOne: Fund Your Nairabet Account Directly Using The Betting Payment Facility

JumiaOne application have also added another mind blowing offer to the numerous services they offer. You know JumiaOne recently introduced the Loaning feature which enabled JumiaOne users to collect loans and payback without collateral nor compulsory pay back date.  Today JumiaOne also introduced Betting payment facility in their application's features.  Now betlovers can now fund their nairabet accounts for betting directly from the JumiaOne Application

Without further ado,  let me just go straight to the procedures to be followed to fund your Nairabet account to enable you place bets and win money; πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

To fund your account, follow these easy steps:o

Download the Jumia One App on your Android or ios device.

πŸ‘‰ Locate the Betting Icon under the Food, Travel and Entertainment segment.

πŸ‘‰ Click on it and it automatically selects the Nairabet Icon.

πŸ‘‰ Input your Nairabet Username.

πŸ‘‰ Input the amount you want to fund your account with.

πŸ‘‰ Click on proceed to pay.

πŸ‘‰ Confirm your details and click on Continue to Pay.

πŸ‘‰ Click on Pay Now to complete payment.

Once this is done, your Nairabet wallet would be funded instantly and you'll be ready to bet as you go.  Enjoy! 

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

How To Request Data From A Friend Using MTN Dash Me Data Service
MTN has introduced the Dash Me Data Service" whereby a customer can request data from another customer. This service was introduced alongside the Data gifting service sometime last month.
Without wasting much of your time let me go straight to the point because I know that's what you came for;

How to Use the Dash Me Data Service on MTN

Like i said earlier this service works like the MTN call me service but it's more noticeable than the call me service because it appears as a flash notification on the receivers phone prompting him or her to accept or reject. I have once gotten such a notification from someone I didn't know and as a gentleman I simply rejectedπŸ˜†πŸ˜† πŸ˜†.

Now to the steps;

If you want to request data from a friend, simply dial *131*7*3# and enter the friend's MTN number you want to request data from [check image below]

> To view your pending request, dial *131*7*4#.

That's all! It doesn't involve long process or procedure.

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Thursday, October 10, 2019

My MTN Offer: Activate MTN 1.5gb for N300 and 2gb for N500 | Newest Data Offer

Last week went so well for Airtel subscribers and I guess this week is the turn of MTN subscribers and the good thing about all these wonderful data packages is that if you are not eligible for one you'll be eligible for another, without wasting much time I will now go straight to why you came to read this post...

I've withdrawn lots of money from the Branch App, I'm sure you want to join me because everyone wants free and easy money click HERE to start making money

What's the Good News?πŸ‘‡ 

The good news is that MTN has also added a new list to her "mind-blowing data bundles and this time you can activate 1.5gb for just N300 and 2gb for just N500 on your MTN sim if you happen to be eligible for this great data bundle.

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What's the Bad News?πŸ‘‡

The unfortunate thing is that just like other MTN packages this particular data offer is available on some MTN sim cards and not available on some.

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How to Activate the MTN 1.5gb for N300 and 2gb for N500 

> Just pick up that Device of yours whetherandroid or mobile and dial *567# and wait for it to load for some seconds, after loading you'll see a list of packages just check whether you'll be shown the 1.5gb for N300 and 2gb for N500 package as shown below;
That's all if you are eligible just subscribe and enjoy your browsing and streaming at a very cheap price.

If you've been following Gistrealz for long and yet you still purchase the normal data plan then you should be angry at yourself because I don't think I've done any subscription for some weeks now... I'm just enjoying the dividends of Gistrealz [πŸ˜†πŸ˜† Even as the owner]

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

How To Activate MTN 75mb For N20, 375mb For N100 and 750mb For N200 Data Bundles
Recently MTN has been surprising us with new, refined and cheap data plans. I guess they've followed the path Airtel followed, the wonderful news today is that MTN has also introduced a mind-blowing data plan that aims to favour small and medium data users, now I want to do a little analysis for you; imagine getting 75mb for just N20 on MTN! It sounds impossible right? Yes it's really surprising that MTN introduced this data plan just some days after they unveiled the 1gb for N100 data bundle, though the special data plan from MTN is based on eligibility, for those eligible it's worth the trial. This new data plan is also based on eligibility but most sims I've tried it on are eligible so I thought it wise to also inform you about it... 

You will gain alot if you keep reading this article, just take your time and read because I'm going to be unveiling how to get 75mb for N20 and getting 375-750mb with just N100-N200

How to Activate 75mb for N20 on Your MTN Sim

> First of all you have to make sure you have a minimum of N20 in your MTN acct balance.

> Secondly, dial *131*10# and you'll be prompted to either select auto renewal or once off, select the option you want and if you are eligible the N20 will be deducted from your acct and you'll be credited with 75mb which you can check by dialing *131*4# or sending 2 to 131.

That's the simple way to subscribe to the data plan but don't run away yet because I am still going to show you the myriad of benefits you stand to enjoy if you turn out to be eligible for this MTN Wonderful data plan.
But before I start diverting to the benefits let me first of all tell you how to check eligibility status.

How to Check if you are eligible for the MTN 75MB for N20

> To check your sim eligibility you can just repeat the subscription process but without the required amount of airtime to seeing you'll get the ineligible alert. But if you get the insufficient balance response you know you are fully eligible.

> There is also an easy way of determining your sim eligibility; like I said it's a special data plan and as such if you are eligible for the data plan you have high chances of receiving this message from MTN Data4me confirming your eligiblity[check image below]
From the image above I'm sure you have seen all you need to know about the MTN 75mb for N20 data plan and how to activate it on your sim. 

Now I'll move over to the wonderful benefits and dividends you stand to enjoy using this data plan...

>The data plan is just like other data bundles and as such you can accumulate it ... Now let's do the calculation here; assuming you purchase airtime of N100 and you decide you will use it all for the 75mb for N20 plan  = 75mb × 5 = 375mb. Meaning you are going to receive 375mb for just N100  I guess that's not so bad a data bundle πŸ₯°.

Assuming you recharge with N200 and decide it will all go down to this wonderful data bundle, you will receive 75mb × 10  = 750mb for just N200... This is surely a wonderful data plan for small data users. 

MTN has proven beyond doubt and arguments that they are still the very best with these newly added data bundles, so I'll advice everybody to try this plan out... 

For peace sake, don't Scrape/Copy this post. Instead of copying just share using the buttons belowπŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

Sunday, September 22, 2019

How To Get Free N300 on Palmpay Application | Tested And Proven

Before now, I posted an article on palmpay and how to make money and airtime with the palmpay application. Then the app was still in prelaunch stage and allowed users to spin the wheel and get Withdrawable points including referring friends and family.

The referral bonus then was 100points and since the launch of Palmpay I have not really published another article till now that there is an opportunity to earn more on Palmpay because they have improved the referral bonus; you now get a whopping N300 for each referral that completes a transaction which your referral will also get free 150Naira in points. Don't forget that 1point=1 Naira. Then I used to think palmpoints meant nothing until the application was launched and I started transacting with my points (it was wonderful). Palmpay has refined their referral bonus and made it more interesting and rewarding to their hardworking users to enjoy.

How to Start Using Palmpay

  1.  First of all logon to and download the palmpay application from HERE
  2.  After downloading, tap on the sign up button, you'll be shown two columns; one for your phone number and second for your invite code, make sure you enter G954ER as invitation code.
  3. Then proceed to register, when you are done, add money to your account and do a transaction like buying of airtime and receive 150palmpoints which you can use for airtime purchase, while transferring money etc.

Benefits of Downloading Palmpay

1. Palmpay is the next big thing as it's gonna take over from PayPal in the nearest future
 2. With Palmpay you don't have to worry about money transfer, airtime purchase etc. Because all that can be done with extra benefit for doing them because palmpay rewards for every transaction done on the platform.

3. Palmpay is very genuine and transparent, they even have a Facebook group where you can go and lay your complaints if you are facing issues or difficulties.

4. Palmpay undoubtedly is genuine, no fraudulent activity with ones bank details.

How to Earn More On Palmpay Application

  1.  First of by referring other users to Palmpay, referring is the highest way a user can earn more points on Palmpay and to do this you just have to share your invitation code to others and per referral you get free 300points.
  2. Even after registration, you get free 150palmpoints for your first transaction, including free palmpoints for every transaction.

Make sure you use the invite code to register to enable you.get free 150points after registering and doing a transaction. 

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Monday, September 16, 2019

How To Earn 15,000 Naira Every Week From Branch Application

Just as promised that I'll bring to you guys legit free Money making schemes, after much research and testimonies I've gathered enough information from a loan application known as Branch App that has the capability of paying you comfortable 1,500 every hour depending on your activities and your level of maturity. This new Application is called Branch, I know some of us have heard of the application or even seen the advert on websites using Google AdSense. Yes! It's very real and it pays massively; just keep reading this post to learn how to make comfortable 15,000 every week or more depending on how hard you work from Branch

How to Earn Comfortable 15,000Naira from Branch Loan Application

Before I commence telling you how to earn cool cash from the Branch application, let me first of all give you full assurance that this particular app is 100% genuine as such inputting your account details on the app won't result to you been scammed as it has been tested by most people and it has Wide popularity so feel free to use the app. If you know you don't usually do online transactions please don't bother partaking in this particular program {like I said, it's only for mature minds).
You know Gistrealz screens programs before publishing on her website;
Below is a run down of how the Branch App rewards customers and it's also worthy to note that this application is 100% free as such you can register for free and apply for an instant loan.

You can earn as much as N15000 or more from this Branch Application.

First of all you must download the app using this link:

Then you register with your phone number and your bank details.(stated before)

Make sure your details are accurate and corresponding with your bank acct details.

Then you request a loan of N1000 (minimum)  the money will be sent immediately to your bank acct and then pay back immediately, you will have to pay with  extra 20% interest ie N1200.

Then go to promotions and use the promotional code:  benjam041c0
to earn free N500, make sure you use the promotional code above.

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Now all you have to do is refer people by sending your referral link to friends once anyone signs up with your link immediately they pay back their first loan you will earn N1500 immediately which you can cash out as free loan to your account (you won't pay back)
That means in essence that you can earn 1,500Naira per person you refer that loans on the application and pays back immediately. It's worth it right?? Yes, it is.

NOTE: You can loan up to N20,000 with this app payment of collected loan must be done between 30 days with an interest of 20%, so apart from the referral reward, if you are in urgent need for money you can simply download the Branch App using the link above and register, apply for your loan and use it to settle whatever issue you are facing after which you pay back with 20% interest. Using the promotional code above too will frch you a free N500...

Disclaimer: Update Arena is not in anyway affiliated to Branch, but usage of the app is fully at users risk. Notwithstanding, Branch Application is the real deal if you want to earn free N1,500 every minute {once again depending on your hardwork}. However, if you register without using the above details from link to Promotional code you stand a huge chance of losing whatever benefit you should have gotten. Details entered on the Branch application is safe, so you have nothing to fear.

Happy earning!

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Thursday, August 22, 2019

How to Get Free 100mb and 12minutes Talk Time on MTN
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Hello Guys there is a new offer from our most loved network MTN Nigeria known as Voice Bundle this offer is wonderful as it rewards MTN customers with 100mb and 12minutes of free call... What!! Are you kidding me, which other plan on MTN or any other network gives such awoof to subscribers and the best of all is that the eligibility is quite easy and most Sims are eligible for this offer, all you have to do is sms C100 to 567 and wait some minutes for the response you will get, if you get an insufficient balance message it means you are eligible but if you get a different message you are not 

1. A mobile or smart phone

2. An MTN sim, that is loaded with N100 airtime(this is not free but it's worth it)

3. If you have the above requirements you are good to go, now tap on the message section on your phone and send C100 to 567 after wards you will get a success message that you've gotten the 100mb and 12minutes talktime to all networks. Enjoy.

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

{Ultimate Guide} How to Protect your Facebook Account from Hackers
Good evening guys, recently I've been receiving messages from friends and getting new friend requests from my old friends and when I ask them they say "my account was hacked" it was for this reason that I decided to publish an article on that..

Someone might be wondering how do they hack people's Facebook account and for what?

Can't the person just open his or her own Facebook account?
These are the questions lay or inexperienced people ask.

Now as a guru and a blogger that has been in the technological world for some years, I'll answer the first question thus; Facebook accounts of unsuspecting individuals get cracked/hacked when they mistakenly login with their Facebook acct details on a phishing or scam Facebook website. The owners of the phishing website now gets a hold on their acct email/phone number and their passwords which guarantees free entrance into the account.

Another way cyber criminals crack people's Facebook accounts is by using the feature provided by Facebook known as Forgot password" feature that when clicked and the right number of the acct entered receives  reset code and with that reset code they can easily change your password and take over your account.. so what do they do since the right owner of the account gets the code? The cracker will now call the owner of the acct claiming there is a code they forwarded to your phone and if the owner of the acct is not wise enough he or she will tell them the code and that will be the end of the acct. I know of a friend that lost his account because of that.

To the second question, Can't the person (cracker ) open his own acct on Facebook, instead of hacking people's account?

The answer to this is crackers don't crack people's account because of genuine reasons. They use the account they stole or hacked to do all sorts of crimes on the internet like Scamming, false identity to scam people etc. And the reason why they don't like opening new account is the age of the Facebook account... They love using old Facebook accounts like the one 2-3years old so that they can easily fake their identity and deceive people, with the intent to scam them.. and most people don't trust newly created Facebook accounts... That's why scammers prefer aged accounts.

Now to the main purpose of the article which is how to easily prevent hacking or cracking of your Facebook account...

1. Login to your Facebook account, click on settings

2. On the settings page, locate the personal information" as shown in the picture below

3. Look for the option to add your email account, add ayour email account be it Gmail, Outlook, yahoomail etc. 

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4. After adding that, a confirmation mail will be sent to the email you entered, login to the email account and  click the verification link sent to the mail from Facebook.

5. After verification, you are good to go. Then go back to your settings and privacy page locate the personal information and check whether your email status has changed to *verified* if it has then you are good to go ... Enjoy. 


With the email address there, even if you make a silly mistake of login your acct details on a scam site? And the Cyber criminal takes over your acct the first thing he or she would do is to change your password and remove your phone number so you don't use the reset password feature.
If you have added your email address as instructed, don't panic, all you have to do is to login to your email account, there you will find a mail from Facebook informing you of the changes in your acct, and you will be asked to click a new button if it wasn't you, simply click on that and answer all the necessary question correctly proving you are the right owner of the account and that's all your account will be restored to you and the person logged out forever. 
I once encountered this and it was my email that saved me, because hackers can't remove your email address... Facebook doesn't allow that, so with the addition of email address, you are safe from crackers


Sunday, July 21, 2019

How to Get Free Airtime and Money from Palmpay Application (100% Real)

There is a new application by name Palmpay" the application was newly added into Google playstore and it hasn't officially launched, it's still in test mode but the administrators of the application have provided new users of this app (i.e. people that download it now) with wonderful packages. Before I jump into that angle, we need to be cleared on what the Palmpay is about.

What PalmPay is About?
Palmpay according to what is on their website and on their application, it's a digital wallet where you can easily send money, receive money, send airtime, pay bills etc. And also get rewarded with cashbacks while doing so.
The administrators are working on a powerful system where you can transact easily and safely but since they are not yet through with the app development, they generously granted new users access to the application. 
What kind of Access?
If you download the application you'll be provided two buttons, 1) Invite friends 2) Spin a wheel and the two buttons are goodies packed, you can spin a wheel and if lucky win huge palmpoints which can be used for alot of things ranging from airtime, Bill payments etc. On the application. So it is advisable you download the application now so that you can spin a wheel daily and win palmpoints which you be granted access to withdraw when they fully launch. 

How do I accumulate Palmpoints?
It's a very simple task, just after registering, login and click on the spin a wheel button, spin the wheel and get rewarded on a daily basis as you spin and your palmpoints will be shown to you in the homepage of your dashboard. 

So earning is based solely on Spinning a wheel?
No, the wonderful package in this application too is that you can win and accumulate Palmpoints by referring new users to download the application using the invite friends button on your dashboard and for each invite that converts I.e. registers with your phone number you earn 100palm points while the referral still earns free 100points that means you both gain. 

Minimum withdrawal of palmpoints? 
You can withdraw your palmpoints once it's up to 100palmpoints and the good thing is you can earn the 100points immediately you register with your referrer phone number so you gain immediately.

How to start?

Like I said earlier on, this application is still been developed by the admins and it will be unveiled soonest, but they set up a miniature version of the app so that new customers can earn alot while getting ready for their launch... And Every point gotten during this period will be available for withdrawal when they finally launch fully. 

~~ To get started click on this link HERE
~~ You'll be redirected to playstore, download the Palmpay application and then you register while registering you might be asked to input the number of the person that invited you use 08134947740 as the number that invited you, also be aware that not using this number strikes you off from getting the free 100points for new registrants. So make sure you copy above number and paste as the invites number.

~~ when you complete your registration like I said you'll see two buttons one for spin the wheel,click on that and spin to get your point for the day. 

~~ if you want to keep earning more however, you just have to keep referring your friends this period so that you'll enjoy their services when they launch fully. Enjoy!

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