Saturday, November 9, 2019

How To Stop Users From Adding You To WhatsApp Groups Without Your Consent

WhatsApp has rolled out a new feature known as Group Privacy Settings  that restricts people from adding you into countless groups without seeking your approval. with this new feature from WhatsApp you don't have to scared of been added into groups you don't know.

Also Recall That Telegram has this feature too as a matter of fact since. I know you are in need of this information badly so instead of wasting time let me just divert to showing you the steps to followed to either restrict people from adding you to unknown groups or making it available to only your contacts.

How To Stop Users From Adding You To Unknown WhatsApp Groups Without Your Consent

1. Launch Your WhatsApp

2. Go to Settings > Account > Privacy > Groups and choose or prevent users from adding you to groups without your consent.

3. The good news is that this feature is available for Android and iOS Devices.

4. To enjoy this new feature, you just have to update your WhatsApp from Google Playstore or Apkpure.

That's all and you are free from been added to annoying WhatsApp groups without your consent 

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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Cowrywise Referral Program: Earn Up to N250 Per Referral

Here comes a new referral earning program similar to Chipper Cash  known as Cowrywise" you can earn as much as N250 per person you bring in to register with your referral link and activate his or her account [i.e. verify his or her email].

Though there are Terms and Conditions surrounding the receipt of the 250Naira bonus which isn't enormous though...

How to Register on Cowrywise Website

> First of all you need to sign up on the website by clicking HERE and filling the necessary information.

> Make sure you enter a valid phone number while registering because there is phone verification on this website.

> When you are done registering you'll be sent a link to verify your account... Just access the email address you entered while registering and verify your account
Congrats you are done with the registration on Cowrywise.

How to Get Free N250 on Cowrywise

> To receive the free N250 per referral on Cowrywise, you just have to tap on referral on your account dashboard and you'll be shown a button to copy your referral link, simply long press and copy your referral link and then begin sharing on different channels and per referral you'll receive a whopping N250.

> Though, the person you referred must invest any amount starting from N100 to enable you receive the N250.

I know the main reason why you are here is because of the referral program but there is a brighter side and potential way of earning huge from the program; with the amazing 10-15% interest rate on investments, it's just like a bank and at the same time an investment..

Investing or saving using Cowrywise isn't such a bad idea.

Cowrywise referral program works but your referral must create a saving plan before you receive the N250 referral bonus.

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Top 5 Android Application Stores That are Similar to Playstore

Just like other google products, Google Playstore has dominated the Android appstore world and also in a way hindered most other appstores from seeing the light or been popular. This is so because most devices are Android and Google installs all their services in every Android phone and makes available only but Playstore as the only app store in all Android devices. This particular act has given Google Playstore an age over all other Android Application Stores.

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Though Google playstore is seen as the best among them some China" Android devices don't come with Playstore and therefore users of such device(s) become stranded because they can't download the wonderful applications Playstore has... I'm going to show you if you are in this shoe, other Alternatives to Google Playstore that you can really fall back to when you need Android Applications;

Top 5 Google Playstore Alternatives


Apkpure is the second best Android app store after google playstore and for some people it is the best because it has almost all the applications google playstore has and it's 100% virus free which means apps downloaded from Apkpure are safe and sound. If you can recall most Applications i post here for you to download I usually direct you to Apkpure because it's my favourite appstore and I believe it's a serious alternative to Google Playstore. You can also download Apkpure Android application from their website and easily downloads and update your Android apps from there.  You can also download applications from their official website by clicking HERE


As long as Android Application store is concerned, Aptoide can't be excluded because it's an Android app store very similar to Apkpure, the only thing that made it make the second in my list is that it's doesn't have all the applications Apkpure or playstore has. But it's a wonderful app store very fast and efficient and you can also download their Android application for easy update of you Applications and downloading of games and other wonderful apps.
Click HERE to access Aptoide


Apkmirror is another Android application stores that competes seriously with Google Playstore and if your device doesn't have google playstore you can comfortably fall back to apkmirror and still get an experience close to what you would have while using playstore. Apkmirror has lots of applications and another wonderful thing is that from reports and experience, they don't have malware applications so it's 100% safe downloading from Apkmirror.


Another wonderful Android application store is 9apps. The app store has thousands of Android Applications available for download and it gets updated on a daily basis. Another wonderful feature of this app store is the notification you get when your apps needs to be updated and also it's wonderful applications, though in terms of App safety I can't guarantee that because I've once downloaded an application from 9apps that portrayed malware signs. Aside from the fear of malware 9apps is a great Android Application store and an alternative to Google Playstore. Click HERE to access 9apps


When it comes to Android applications store you can count on apkmonk because of the availability of numerous applications and the recognition overall as one of the best Android application stores, any one looking for Google playstore alternative shouldn't look far away because apkmonk has got him or her covered.
Click HERE to access apkmonk

These are the major Android appstores that can serve as an alternative to Google Playstore, just check out the one that matches your taste the most and use, I personally recommend Apkpure and Aptoide to be on the safe side. These two appstores have all it takes to compete with Playstore but currently the Android market doesn't assist them

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

5 Most Profitable Online Businesses For University Undergraduates

A time comes in every student's life where he or she wants to make some extra money outside of the traditional allowances he or she receives from parents. I feel that way too because I'm a university Undergraduate and it's the drive to make an extra money that led me to creating this blog, that was when I had exhausted all the list I saw on the internet and decided that the one I could do best was blogging. So in this post I am going to satisfy the want of every student by listing down possible online businesses a student can do to make some money;

 1. Blogging for me has been wonderful, it's not such a profitable venture but it creates an opportunity for me to express my ideas and also to help people using what I know. And the good thing about blogging is that it's a very legit venture and as such no one is going to come out tomorrow and say you are doing something illegal or against the law or so. For a student or Undergraduate with a smartphone or laptop looking for an online business I'll suggest creating a blog because blogging is an online venture that is 100% genuine and easy too as long as you can write, you can blog. And you can start with a free blog which you can create, then you start publishing what you love, place AdSense adverts on it and start making some real cash.

2. Create a WhatsApp TV; yes, this is where most youths are diverting to, because it's profitable not immediately you start but as you keep getting viewers and subscribers you'll end up fetching some useful coins from your WhatsApp TV and the funny thing is that creating and starting up a WhatsApp TV is really easy and free of charge. It is a wonderful online business anybody can venture into in 2019. Now a newbie would ask himself how people earn using their WhatsApp TV? The answer is the more viewers you have the better for you because people can run promotion on your TV and pay you, you can also advertise your product to your viewers and also get sales. So creating a WhatsApp TV in 2019 is not such a bad option.

3. Create a YouTube Channel; this is already a stale news because most people know about this, its just like blogging you create and start publishing your videos for people to watch them after sometime you monetise with Google AdSense and then per view you get some coins to your account. Creating a YouTube channel and blogging is very similar but the only difference is that YouTube channel you publish videos while on a blog you write articles.

4. Participate in Giftalworld or any online read news and get paid scheme to get some coins to your account. A friend of mine doing giftal world cashes out 65,000 almost every week from just reading news and commenting on news, so a student looking for an online venture should also look towards that direction because it pays big time but it's risky because you stake your own cash first. But in this world, everything is a risk.

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Disclaimer: we are not in anyway endorsing giftal world, we are just showing the intending Entrepreneur possible areas of venture in the online world for some money.

5. Showcase your talent: are you good at dancing? Good at singing? Or a very funny person? You can start up a YouTube channel and start publishing what you are good at or even start posting it on your social media wall so that you can get more followers and also create a wider opportunity for yourself. This is not a quick rich scheme in anyway though but it's worth trying if you are looking for long term money.

That's all I have for you though, read through the above for the one that matches your taste. In the above list, I think I've exhausted all genuine online businesses an undergraduate can venture into and make some money.  Enjoy!

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Monday, September 9, 2019

How To Earn Instant N250 With Chipper Cash App | Start Earning Today

A week ago someone asked me on one of my groups that I should be sharing legit money making things so that people will still be earning and my response to that was "I will post, if there's a legit one" I didn't take that word for play because I always stand firm on my word.

I have gathered enough fact about a new money making Application that is called   "Chipper Cash" an Application similar to Palmpay Application that creates a form of online wallet that you can use to send money to people easily and conveniently without having to queue up at the bank, and it's also wonderful in the sense that you'll be rewarded for using the application. Chipper Cash is one of a kind because it doesn't only do the above, it is also given away free 250Naira to participants that refer others that is each person you refer to download the application, register and verifies his or her acct on the app you get free N250 that you can use to buy airtime, and also as good as forwarding to your bank account by just using the cash out button free of charge.

The good thing about Chipper Cash is that your referral mustn't do a transaction on the app before you get rewarded with the 250Naira, it's as easy as ABC.

How to Download Chipper Cash

>> Chipper Cash is not like JumiaOne, in the sense that the reward you receive from the app is 100% and your referral also earns unlike JumiaOne, once you register, and verify your account with a referral link you get instant 250Naira of which your referrer gets 250Naira as well. To download Chipper Cash click HERE (Make sure you use the link to get the N250)

>> After downloading the app, register with your details

>> Fill in your details accurately because most of the details you enter will need to be verified including your email address

>> Finalise your registration, and you'll be given the N250 as welcome bonus to start up, the good thing is that the N250 can be withdrawn to your bank account.

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Another way you can earn on the application is by referring new members to download the app using your link to get free N250 so the more you refer the more you increase your earnings and therefore more money to your bank account.

How to Cash out your Funds

The good thing about Chipper Cash is that, when it comes to withdrawal there is no restraint, you just tap on the profile showing on your dashboard and click on Cash out, select your bank, enter your bank acct number, and proceed to cash out your accumulated cash for free. Enjoy.

Just click profile and scroll down to where you'll see Get verified, tap on it and ;

For you to verify your account and receive the free N250, just grab your government issued ID card and snap the front (national ID, voters card etc) and send to them for verification and wait for maximum of two days, after that you'll be verified and the N250 credited to your account 

Also every person you refer must verify his or her acct for you to earn, enjoy!

Note To earn on Chipper Cash, just download the Application From HERE, don't download directly from Apkpure or playstore otherwise you'll be given only N1. But clicking on the link in the post you'll qualify to get the free N250 after registering and verifying your acct.

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Tired of Been Added to Telegram Groups? Do This Now to End It

Telegram  is a social network that works like WhatsApp but has more features than WhatsApp in terms of group members limit which WhatsApp can only contain 257 members and also in terms of advancement and comfortability of the user (s)... This also comes with disadvantages in the sense that once you add a Username to your telegram account you can be easily added to groups you don't want to be in forcefully as long as the person that added you knows your username. This particular issue is the reason most people decide not to be active on telegram because you can just be added to a scam group and if you are not careful you get scammed, this is the reason for which I am writing on this, and if you are patient enough to read this to the end you'll be free from the problem...

How to Avoid Been Added to Telegram Groups without your permission

First of all you need to login to your telegram account and tap on settings option, there you will see privacy and security on the settings page click on the privacy and security, and you'll be shown Groups, click on the groups option of the privacy page and restrict people that add you to groups to only contacts 
Changing it from everybody to only your contacts saves you the trouble of always seeing Useless Groups on your acct simply because the person that added you knows your username, so I guess it solves the problem for you finally! 

Enjoy your telegram account...

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

{Hot} How to Get Free N1000 - N20000 on Jumia One using N50
Jumia One Application is back again with their mouth watering once in a while offer that is for their loyal users. This is the best time to download the jumiaone app as they are given away 20% cashback for any transaction on the app including a whooping sum of N500 for transactions upto 500Naira but that's by the way.

The mouthwatering offer is that Jumia One is given away N1000 for each referred person to the app and the good thing is that the person you referred must do a transaction as little as N50 for you to get the N1000 bonus that means for 5users you get N5000.

How to Get N1000 on Jumia One App with Just 50Naira

This is a detailed guide on how to get free N1000 for each referred user that does a transaction on the app.

1. First of all you need to download the Jumia One App from HERE if you want to get the free N1000.

2. Then you register on the Application don't login using facebook, just fill in your details and register.

3. As the referrer too you must do a transaction on the app as little as N50 for you to get the bonus of N1000 from people that you invited.

4. Your referrals must also do a transaction as little as N50 to enable you get the free N1000 and for them to qualify for the Free N1000 if they too refer people. 

This is a wonderful offer that you can't afford to miss if you want to earn from Jumia one App, for those asking me to post online money making schemes... Just download JumiaOne App from the link above.

Note: The Jumia One N1000 referral program is limited and can come to an end at anytime so I suggest you try it now as you are lucky to be hearing about it now... Enjoy!

Friday, August 30, 2019

How to Add Sticky/Floating Related Post Tool On Blog For Better Engagement Of Your Visitors
Hello Guys! I am back with my normal blogging tips to help new bloggers achieve success in the tough blogging world. Today i am going to show bloggers how to create the floating related post feature to keep visitors longer on you website and to increase your website views. 

This recommended for you feature is provided by

I know some must be confused and perhaps wondering what i mean by Recommended for you feature? I will break it down now; the recommended for you feature works like the related post feature on most websites but the one i am talking about doesnt just show up close to the footer of a website after the end of a blog post, this particular recommended feature shows up as an anchor ad that sticks on the visitors device be it mobile or desktop. On desktop however it shows up as slider and as such it doesn't perform so well for the website owner because it can be ignored by the visitor browsing your website with a PC. It works best on Mobile because it shows up very boldly and most times from my experience visitors tend to hit it and therefore keep reading my articles and my bounce rate keeps reducing. it works so well and excellently, below is the screenshot of how many hits i have gotten on it since i placed it on my webiste

Now if you are wondering how the Recommeded for you feature/tool looks like on a website then you need to see the below image

Though I am not going to waste much of your time, i just thought it wise to tell you what it is about before proceeding to how you as a blogger can set it up on your Blog (Blogger or Wordpress), because it is a must have tool as it boosts your views, increases the time visitors spend on your blog and decreases your blog's bounce rate drastically. Another good thing about it is that it is provided by addthis for free; that means you can set it up for your blog or website for free 100%.

Note: This works best if you have nice and catchy blog posts so endeavor to create good content, so that you can enjoy the full potential of this tool as it will glue your visitors to your blog.

How to Set up the Floating Recommended for You Tool on a Blog
1. first of all, logon to and tap on dashboard if you are using PC,

2. When it loads you will be shown a sign in page asking for your email and password, but simply tap on any of the sign in options using social media (facebook preferably) to avoid going through unnecessary long processes.

3. When you select any preferred login option you will be redirected to your dashboard, showing analytics, tools and my site option.

4. simply tap on Get The Code which displays on your dashboard too and copy your acct unique code with which the service will read your content and show recommended post to your audience

5. After tapping on the Get the code button you will be shown a code to place in the body section of your website, simply do that and then proceed to adding and activating tools.
6. The next button to click is the Tools Button, tap on it and select the tool you want to activate for your website, for the recommended for you tool you have to select the related post tool and proceed to editing to your taste

7. Edit and activate the tool(s) you want and note that once you have copied the initial code to your website, every other tool you activate will be sent to your website live! you dont have to place the code again. Every new tool you add will start working on your website automatically as long as the initial code was pasted accurately.

After the editing and set up, check your website to see if its successfully displaying. if it starts displaying then you set it up accurately but if it doesnt just give it like 10minutes and recheck... that's all enjoy!!! Drop comments if you are still confused.

Monday, August 26, 2019

{Hot} Get Free Airtime Easily From Sliide Airtime Application

Today as I was doing my usual research on the internet, something good struck my mind and i remembered the name of an application that rewarded me with maximum airtime and data then by just doing simple tasks like answering surveys, downloading wonderful games, playing games, reading news on my phone's lock screen and much more. Then, I decided to share this Application with my fans so that they too can enjoy what I enjoyed and currently enjoying... 

The application is called Sliide Airtime and just as the name sounds it's an application that rewards users with airtime for just reading news on their phone's lock screen. It started as far back as 2016 (though not accurate about the year) and still rocking till now. Sliide airtime rewards users with free airtime for doing simple tasks like downloading apps, answering surveys, though this is not like geopoll that you have to wait for the surveys to come, this one the surveys are always available and you can select the one you want depending on the price tag i.e. the amount of airtime on the survey

There are tons of other ways to earn on the app, like referring users to the app which you'll get instant N25 which you'll get when the person uses your code in turn the person that you referred upon using your code receives N25 plus the normal N10 airtime given to New comers so everybody wins on Sliide!

How to Set Up Sliide Airtime Application

~~ First of all you need to download Sliide Airtime Application by clicking HERE

~~ After downloading the application, launch the Application and click on sign up; your details accurately especially your email because it will be verified but unlike Toriapp you will be able to login and do your activities pending email and phone number verification...

~~ That's all, when you login you'll be asked to input your referral code to enable you get the free N25 airtime simply input this code CHCM2P and get the free N25 airtime for being referred plus your free N10 bonus making it N35.

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~~ Now if you have friends and family that you think maybe interested in the application, refer them and get free N25 airtime added to your acct.

~~ Concerning the phone verification, you need to use MTN (preferably) then make sure it's sim 1 on your phone then you verify.

~~ Email verification is very easy you just have to request and wait some seconds to get the activation mail and boom you are verified.

~~ Recently, they added NG News into the app so you can still read Lindaikeji blog updates on your lock screen and earn... It's as easy as ABC.

~~ Answer surveys and earn too

Sliide airtime is a wonderful application and should be tried out... While trying it make sure you use the code as referral code to earn the N25 


Sunday, August 25, 2019

9mobile Night Browsing Subscription Codes | Enjoy Super fast Internet Speed

For the average Nigerian, Night Browsing is a serious money saver in the sense that he or she can just stay up at night and do whatever he wishes to do with data at Night at a very cheap rate. 

This particular fact is what is still preventing Telecoms in Nigeria from eradicating this Night Bundle... So to keep the tap rushing I've decided to share the code that the intending Night Browser can use to enjoy Night subs on the 9mobile Network, because most 9mobile subscribers don't know of this...

Undoubtedly 9mobile is one of the fastest network in Nigeria in terms of internet connectivity and that is the reason most people still use it not minding the high price tag on their data bundles. 
But those that can't afford the high tariff either jump into another network and buy low cost data bundles; in this post however, I'm gonna show low end data users the code for 9mobile Night Browsing bundle which is a bit cheaper than day bundles...

List of Night Data Bundles on the 9mobile Network

  • 250MB for N50 - Dial *229*10*10# to activate. Usable from 12:00 AM to 4:59 AM

  • 1GB for N200 - Dial *229*3*11#to activate. Usable from 12:00 AM to 4:59 AM.

  • 2GB for N1000 - Dial *229*3*12#to activate.  Valid for 30 days(Usable from 12:00AM to 4:59AM daily).

  • 5GB for N2000 - Dial *229*3*13#to activate. Valid for 30 days(Usable from 7:00PM to 7:00AM daily).
As you can see these plans are cheaper than the normal day data bundles, though they are poor compared to other networks a lover of 9mobile will still benefit from this. Use the codes above to subscribe to any 9mobile Night Bundle of your choice.

Sunday, August 18, 2019

{Insufficient Storage Space on Android Solved} Read this
One of the severe problems smartphone users face is Storage and this is mainly restricted to people using older generation Android smartphones because of late, Android Producing companies have solved this problem by increasing the storage space of their phones. But in this post I want to show Android users how to solve the insufficient memory issue.

This particular problem for some Android users is like something that can't be solved but in fact it's untrue... Solving the storage issue is quite easy;

~~  First of all, you have to find useless apps I.e. apps you are not making use of and uninstall them.

~~ I'll have to refer to my previous post, where I informed you of the need and how to uninstall pre-installed applications from your Android smartphone~~ These Applications are occupying a large portion of your phone Storage Space.

~~ You need to delete files that you aren't using again, most of us are fond of keeping files that we ain't using again in our phones. 

~~ Purchase an SD Card; yeah this is a big time solution to storage issues because if you have one on your phone you can easily transport your files (videos, music, documents, pictures) to the SD card whilst freeing your phone storage.

The above is what every person trying to help you solve phone memory issue will tell you but in fact {again๐Ÿ˜†} it's not fully true; i don't mean it's false entirely. It's true to an extent. Keep reading this for the information you are looking for....~

Disadvantages of Insufficient Phone Memory or storage space 
~~ this is one of the hardest notification you'll get from your phone because it is highly irritating, Imagine that you want to collect a nice movie from a friend and you end up not being able to because of "Insufficient Storage" it's terrible, Gosh!

~~ It also makes one feel terrible when it comes to application installs; you might hear of an application that rewards with airtime and you rush to playstore to download and get the pop up option to uninstall other applications before you'll be able to download the app and then you fall into a tight corner, where you might now check which is more important... The app you want to download or the one you want to delete to get space ๐Ÿ˜ ... It's a terrible feeling I must say because I've experienced it.

~~ Always deleting things from your phone, I mean if you are a music freak like me you might end up always deleting things just to get accomodation space for new files{Terrible}... You'll end up always deleting things from your phone and it's not a nice one for either movie freak or music freak.

~~ The Final Solution ~~

Have you ever been in the situation where your storage space just gets clogged up for nothing, you may have checked it the previous day and saw 1.1g but you checked today and saw a shocking 350mb storage and you end up suffering while your space is been stucked up in your phone cache. Yes! It happens and the images below will show you what I'm talking about
From the above screenshot I believe you can see that 512mb is cached data, which means the internal storage - 512mb {useless}.
I know you are getting tired of reading this long text, let me go straight to the point~~ in cases where you don't know what is consuming or occupying your storage space just click on Your settings and scroll to where you'll see "Storage settings" 
Depending on the version of Android you are making use of, the one been used for the illustration is Android 7.0 Nougat operating system.

~~ Click on Storage, a new menu will load up for you as in the image below
Click on Internal storage or Phone storage depending on your phone, and then you'll be shown a new menu see image below too✓✓
That's it you'll see the space the cache is occupying, simply tap on Cached data or Cache depending on your phone.

You will see a pop up asking you whether you want to continue with
~~ Tap Ok then wait some seconds for it to clear the cache.

~~ after that your storage space will be freed...

~~ from time to time, make sure you check the cache and clear up because it is nother storage space consumer apart from pre-installed applications.


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