Thursday, December 12, 2019

New MTN Data Offer: Activate 2.5GB for just N500

The festive period is here again and most networks have stepped up their game in terms of data and calling offers for their customers. MTN is not dulling in this game as they have introduced another data plan that aims at solving the internet needs of her customers. MTN has done a little improvement on the N500 2days plan as they have increased the data volume to 2.5GB. This is one of the wonderful data plans from the network following their introduction of the 1GB for N200 data plan alternative for those ineligible for the Welcome back data bundle.
Without further ado, let me go straight to how to subscribe to the data plan that gives you 2.5GB for just N500.

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  • An Android Phone
  • MTN sim card with N500 recharge card on it
  • The MyMTN Application
Thats all the requirements you need to subscribe to this wonderful data plan as it has nothing to do with eligibility, every customer on the MTN network is eligible for the data bundle. But before you subscribe to this plan you must have the MyMTN application on your smartphone as the data bundle is only available on the App and not on the USSD code. I guess this is a data bundle designed for those with the MyMTN Application.
So to enjoy the data plan you need to first of all download MyMTN Application which can be downloaded from Google Play store or from HERE
and then you go straight to sign up if you haven't used it before though i doubt the possibility of you not knowing about the MyMTN App.
If you have the MyMTN Application however you just have to login and tap on Hot Data Deals

When you tap on Hot Data Deals you will be shown a list of data plans simply tap on daily" and then scroll to the end to see the 2.5GB for N500 2day plan and then activate it through your MyMTN Application dashboard. 

Now this data plan has a number of advantage and disadvantages keep reading this post to see more details about this data bundle.

  •  The Data plan is affordable and has a wonderful data volume.
  • The Data plan has no eligibility criteria which means that every subscriber can enjoy it.
  • It doesn't zap fast like other data bundles. This is from my experience though.
  • The data plan is designed for those with heavy internt activity and as such not for long term data subscribers.
  • The data plan is only valid for 2days considering the data volume its quite on the unfair side.
  • You can only subscribe to the plan if you are using the MyMTN Application. 
  • Be the first to drop your number in the comment box and get free recharge card immediately.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

How To Subscribe to MTN 2GB for N200 - Youtube Streaming Plan

The leading Telecom operator in Nigeria MTN has launched another Streaming plan to the list of already existing Youtube streaming plan. This new plan gives the subscriber a whopping 2GB for just N200 subscription. With this new streaming plan you can stay updated and enjoy Google products like, Google Playstore, Youtube and Google mail. Keep reading to learn more about the requirements and how to subscribe to this new MTN Youtube streaming plan.

  • An MTN Sim card with a minimum of N200
  • An Android device
  • A fully charged battery
First to Drop Number in the comment box on the site, gets free recharge card
Data they say is life and this turns out to be unarguably true as latst smartphones cant do without data. Users of sophisticated devices need data to stream mobile TV apps, download games from App stores and also do online social activities. That's why on this page we strive as much as possible to provide you with loopholes on various networks. Without further ado, lets go straight to the information you want to get in this article which is how to subscribe to the MTN 200 for 2GB streaming bundle.

How To Subscribe to The MTN N200 for 2GB Streaming Plan

 Dial *131*8*1# and the below option will display on your device screen

Select 4 to subscribe to the 2GB Data bundle for just N200 valid for 7 days.

The data bundle is only usable in the night from 11pm - 6am in the morning and in those nights its valid for 7days. Enjoy!!!

Sunday, December 1, 2019

MTN Cheapest Data Plans You Must Try This Season

Due to the absence or scarcity of free browsing cheats, Gistrealz is forced to provide you with cheap and affordable data bundles to enjoy pending when a loophole will be discovered on any of the four major Nigerian Telecom Operators.

Though this is not an official goodbye to free browsing cheats, sincerity and transparency is our watch word and nothing will make us go back on that. The information you are about to get from this article was carefully compiled and it is on the Cheapest MTN Data Plans for the year 2019 so far.  and due to the festivity that comes with this period I thought it wise to update us on the cheapest data plans, though all of them was posted on this Blog upon introduction but this is mainly for those that might have missed or didnt have mb to check then...

I have compiled a list of MTN Data bundles that are very affordable, though some of them have eligibility criteria they are still worth the trial;

List of MTN Cheapest Data Bundles and Their Subscription Codes;

MTN N200 for 1GB; This is one of the data plans in the MTN welcome back plans and it is considered one of the best MTN data bundles in terms of affordability. This data bundle is specifically designed for inactive MTN sims or sims that have not been used for atleast 20days.

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How to Subscribe to MTN N200 for 1GB

1. Dial *131*65*2# and you will be prompted to confirm the subscription, just follow the prompt to confirm your subscription.

2. The MTN 1GB welcome back data plan is valid for 7days.

MTN N1000 for 4GB; this is another data bundle under the umbrella of MTN welcome back plans and it is considered the best as it has a validity of 30days, which mans the data bundle lasts for a month and the data cap is just nothing short of amazing.

How to Subscribe to MTN 1000 for 4GB

Make sure you have up-to N1000 in your account balance, then you dial *131*65*3# of which you will be prompted to confirm the purchase. after which you will be credited with 4GB for just N1000. The Data plan is valid for 30days.

MTN N100 for 1GB:  This mind blowing data bundle was introduced  by the Telecom giant sometime last month and its already making wave as the data cap is incredibly outrageous. another mind blowing thing is that the bundle is valid for a month.

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How to Subscribe to MTN N100 for 1GB

Dial *131*100# and you follow the confirmation prompt to receive your 1GB for just N100. The data bundle is valid for a month.

MTN N20 for 75mb: The MTN N20 for 75mb data bundle is another cheap data bundle from MTN and the good thing is that it can be accumulated. The data bundle is valid for 7days.

How to Subscribe to MTN N20 for 75MB  

Dial *131*10# to subscribe to the MTN 75MB for just N20. Read how to accumulate this data bundle to 1.5GB for just N400 and 750mb for N200 etc.    

⟹ MTN Night Plan ( N50 for 500MB and N25 for 250MB)

though this is only usable at midnight from 12am - 5am its still regarded as one of the cheapest data offers on MTN. the new subscription codes are;

1. MTN N25 for 250MB: To subscribe to this data bundle all you have to do is to dial *406# to migrate to MTN iPulse tariff plan after which you sms NT1 to 131 to subscribe to the data bundle. Make sure you do it when its almost midnight to avoid forgetting it.

2. MTN N50 for 500MB; to subscribe to this cheap data bundle from MTN simply sms NT2 to 131 after which you will get an SMS confirming your subscription. Also note that the Night plan is only active on MTN iPulse tariff plan.


Friday, November 29, 2019

MTN XtraValue Plans - Get 500MB Plus N1000 Airtime For N500 and Much More

Here comes a wonderful MTN offer similar to Airtel Talkmore offer that rewards customers with data and airtime for little recharge. This MTN offer is tagged MTN XtraValue and its not a newly introduced package on the network but i just stumbled upon it today while doing my necessary research and discoveries and thought it wise to publish it for my readers.
As we all know Gistrealz has been resilient in delivering to you new offers and tweaks from the various networks in the country.

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How Does MTN Xtravalue Plan work?

The MTN XtraValue comes in three variants with all looking to satisfy all classes of individuals:

⟺The first one gives the MTN customer subscribing with 500MB plus an additional N1000 Talktime for just N500 Recharge that is valid for 7 days.

⟺The second comes with 1GB plus N2000 talktime for just N1000 recharge valid for 30days.

⟺The third comes with 3GB plus N4000 talktime for just N2000 valid for the same 30days.

The MTN Xtravalue Offer stands out because it rewards the customer with both data and airtime to make calls to all local networks and its a cheap offer from MTN.

How To Activate the MTN Xtravalue Offer 

if you care to subscribe to any of the MTN Xtravlue offers you just have to dial *131*1*7# and you will be shown a specific page for you to choose the Xtravalue plan you want.

⟺To subscribe for the N500 Xtravalue Plan, simply dial *131*1*7*1# and then confirm the subscription.

⟺To subscribe for that of N1000 which gives 1GB plus N2000 talktime dial *131*1*7*2# and then confirm the subscription too.

⟺To subscribe for that of N2000 which is the highest and third on the list dial *131*1*7*3# and you are done.

Pros of The MTN Xtravalue Plan

⟺ There is no such thing as Eligibility Criteria; which means every customer can enjoy the plan.

⟺ It rewards Customers with bot airtime and data unlike normal data subscriptions.

⟺ It doesnt Zap like the normal data bundle; which means it lasts but dont forget that all depends on your usage.

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Cons of the MTN Xtravalue Plan

⟺ When you buy any of the MTN Xtravalue Plan you automatically get migrated out of your old tarif plan which means if you were on MTN ipulse before subscribing you wont be on it again but on MTN Xtravalue tariff plan.

⟺ As a tariff plan you stand to gain nothing, as it doesnt have any other bonuses and offers like MTN ipulse and other tariff plans.

⟺ It has no advantage when compared to MTN iPulse because of the revised and refned iPulse Data bundles, and as such subscribing to the Xtravalue bundles is just a waste of time for customers on the MTN iPulse tariff plan.

Thursday, November 28, 2019

How To Send Text Messages For Free on MTN Using MyMTN Application

MTN and her numerous offers, some discovered while some yet to be uncovered. As I was navigating the latest update of the MyMTN Application I discovered that one can actually send text messages to other MTN numbers for free using the application. This I discovered after test running the invite and get 2GB data offer on the MyMTN Application. Keep reading this post to see how to send text messages to other MTN numbers using the MyMTN App for free upto 10 text messages.

How to Send Free Text Messages to Other MTN Numbers Using MyMTN Application๐Ÿ‘‡

๐Ÿ‘‰ First of all you need to login to your account  if you're already using the MyMTN Application.

๐Ÿ‘‰ When you're in the application, simply tap on the more button, you'll be shown two options; Offers and Promotions and help & support.

๐Ÿ‘‰ For the free SMS offer, tap on the offers and promotions option and then you'll be shown the below

Just select send free SMS and then you'll then be shown the last step which is to enter the MTN number you want to send messages to and also the content of the message
That's all, just enter the message you want to send plus the MTN number of the receiver.
You have as much as 10 free text messages.

Note: Gistrealz and her content should not be reproduced nor copied in any way as it's protected by DMCA and as such reproduction might lead to Google AdSense restriction on such page if the page is monetised by AdSense. 

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Activate MTN 1GB for N200 Using this Welcome Back Data Alternative

MTN has yet again put smile on the faces of those not eligible for the welcome back data bundles, by introducing something similar the welcome back data offer for some eligible customers. On this new data offer you still get 1GB for N200 and according to my research and observation it's for those ineligible for the welcome back data bundle as I've tried it on my ineligible sim and it worked but before that though I got an sms from MTN confirming this data offer.

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So if you're an MTN subscriber and you're ineligible for the MTN welcome back data bundle then you need to give this a try as it's based on eligibility and luck.

How to Activate 1GB for N200 on MTN ๐Ÿ‘‡

๐Ÿ‘‰ You have to recharge your line with N200 and try the code below.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Dial *568*140# and you'll be promoted to confirm your subscription, just follow the prompt to get your 1GB for just N200 on MTN. This is an alternative to MTN welcome back data plans.

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Cons of This Data Plan๐Ÿ‘‡

๐Ÿ‘‰ You get to enjoy it for just a month or two after becoming eligible.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Just like the MTN welcome back data bundle it has to do with the eligibility of your sim. But there is high chances of you being eligible if you are not eligible for the MTN welcome back data plan.

How to Check Your Sim Eligibility๐Ÿ‘‡

๐Ÿ‘‰ Simply dial the code *567*140# the message you see next determines your eligibility, if you are asked to confirm the subscription then you're eligible but if you're shown that you can enjoy 3 times your recharge on beta talk tariff plan you're not eligible.