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Friday, January 17, 2020

How to Earn Upto $100 Free On Gigs4five Freelance Website

Hello Guys! its time to make more money or Mula as Nigerians call it. 

With the guide on this page you will learn How to earn upto $10 and accumulate to $100 if you wish to on the Gigs4five Platform for free and also withdraw to your paypal or payoneer account straight immediately your bonuses are approved. 

Earning online as been made easy with the constant companies and application owners setting up surveys, online refer and earn sites, read news get paid programs etc. Gigs4five is basically a platform where you earn for referring new users to their website, no restrictions or stringent rules to abide by just keep reading this post to learn more about Gigs4five earning platform.

First of, Gigs4five is a freelance website that creates avenue for users to either sell or buy services on the website without paying a dime. On the brighter side you can stake what you do on the website starting from $5 and whoever needs such services will reach out for you contact details.

How to Earn $10 to $100 on Gigs4five Freelance Website

Follow all the instructions on this page strictly to avoid missing out or making a mistake at any point. 

⟹ First of all you need to change your location to USA otherwise the website wont be accessible to you, this is because Nigerians aren't allowed on the platform.

⟹ To do this you need a VPN (Virtual Private Network) just download UFO VPN because it does not involve any login details. All you have to do is install the UFO VPN and connect to USA.

⟹ Download UFO VPN from HERE

After downloading UFO VPN, install and connect to USA server to gain access to the Gigs4five website. Failure to do this means you will be greeted with a "403 Error" each time you access the webpage.

When you are connected to USA servers, click HERE to register/join the Gigs4five earning platform to partake in the ongoing promotion.

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Sign up with a valid email address, phone number and then a verification link will be forwarded to your email, simply login to your email account and tap on the confirmation link to be fully recognized as a user.

Now click on your profile logo, then on Referral, the user referral and your referral link will be loaded and displayed on your screen. Just copy the referral link and share to friends too and per user that joins the platform via your link you will be rewarded with $2 of which will be in your referral balance as pending till it is reviewed and accepted to be genuine by the Gigs4five Administrators.

How to Withdraw Your Earnings on Gigs4five Earning Platform 

There are two major withdrawal methods on Gigs4five platform, one is Paypal and the other is Payoneer, and you can withdraw your earnings as soon as they get to $10. Just update your withdrawal settings with either your Paypal email address or your local bank account details and withdraw your money when it has gotten to the required amount.

To withdraw your earnings incase it gets to the minimum withdrawal amount just tap onyour profile icon again and select selling and on Revenues and finally choose your withdrawal method, Paypal or Payoneer...

Happy Earning!!

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Zap Surveys Review: Earn as Much as $50 Answering Simple Surveys With Your Phone

Most people believe making money online is impossible but only informed individuals know it is very much feasible.
If you find yourself in our midst then count yourself as informed" because you won't miss out on any online money making opportunity unless you choose to miss out either because of fear or you're simply one of those mediocres that ignorantly believe that the only way to make money online is by involving or engaging in online scam or what we as Nigerians call Yahoo. 

Though I'm not here today to talk about those ignorant or uninformed people but to show you again how to make money online by answering surveys and giving honest opinions/suggestions concerning products and services. 

Making money through surveys is most active in advanced countries of the world of which unfortunately Nigerians aren't accepted. Thats why we make use of VPN to access those survey sites and Apps that placed a restriction on Nigerians. This restriction was placed because Nigeria is the centre of Cyber crimes and online scams.

To cut the long story short, I've discovered a new way to make money online by answering surveys and referring new people to the platform. The survey site I'm going to talk about is known as Zap Surveys".

What is Zap Surveys?

Zap surveys program like everyother survey program out there is aimed at getting our honest opinions, suggestions, reviews concerning products and services offered/provided by numerous companies and industries. Zap surveys is meant for U.S. citizens but Nigerians too can enjoy it with the help of VPN that support or connect to U.S. servers. The required or recommended VPN to make use of are; 

1. Windscribe VPN

2. Tweaknews VPN

What a VPN does is to hide or tweak your IP addresses to that of the choosen country, so with the two aforementioned VPN you can easily pretend to be a U.S citizen and access the survey App. 


Download Tweaknews VPN from Google play store or Apkpure which ever one you prefer and then use this login to access Tweaknews VPN;

Tweaknews VPN login

πŸ‘€ Username : tw2663324
πŸ‘€ Username : tw2663408
πŸ‘€ Username : tw2663438
πŸ‘€ Username : tw2663486
πŸ‘€ Username : tw2663552
πŸ‘€ Username : tw2663588

πŸ” *Password* :  VPN_City1234

Make sure you connect the Tweaknews VPN before clicking on the link to download Zap Surveys App.

To start answering surveys and making money on Zap Surveys App you need to first of all download the Zap Surveys App from HERE.

After which you fill the registration form and then sign into your account. You must do all these with a VPN connected to U.S server.

How to Make Money From Zap Surveys App?

The only way to make money from Zap Surveys is by answering Surveys, and when you register you'll be welcomed with an initial survey that you have to fill up to get rewarded with $6+ as welcome bonus.

To continue making money from Zap Survey, just tap on the inbrain surveys option 

Surveys are ever available and you just have to be careful while answering to avoid been screened out. Just answer well and carefully to avoid contradicting yourself...

How to Earn More on Zap Surveys Application?

You can earn more by doing other simple activities, like referring new users tinthe program and login in on a daily basis..

Referring gives you $0.45 and the person you referred gets $7+ as welcome bonus.

How to Withdraw From Zap Surveys App?

Tap on the three lines by the top left side and locate the cash out button, then select PayPal if you wish to receive your cash there.

Note that minimum withdrawal is $25 through any means you wish to.

That's all, Keep earning on Zap Surveys.

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Mulabux Review; Earn as Much as 20,000 Naira Monthly Doing Simple Tasks

Making money has never been easier than it has been made to be by the Mulabux Administrators. From now you can make money online with your data and Facebook account by just registering on the Mulabux platform. On mulabux you can earn as much as 19,000 Naira every week by just doing simple tasks online with your Facebook account.

What is Mulabux?

Mulabux is a money making program that was founded on the 18th of December 2019 and officially kickstarted activities on the 19th of December 2019.

Basically, it's a share ad and earn platform and every user is expected to share the said Merchant links and adverts on Thur Facebook timeline daily at most once to avoid spamming and earn a fixed amount of money per activity depending on the subscription package chosen by the user. 

How to Get started on Mulabux Income Program? 

Mulabux program is perfect for those active on Facebook as you can earn on a daily basis from the comfort of your home by sharing merchant link on Facebook.  
To get started on Mulabux you need to first of all select a package from the available packages on the site; below is a rundown on the packages Mulabux has to offer;

1. Starter Package; this is a Subscription package that you opt in with just 2,150 Naira though it's in USD as $6. Of which you'll earn per ad you share on Facebook to the tune of $0.50 which amounts to $15 in 30days which is the subscription expiry period. Once it's Upto 30dayd you are 100% free to cash out your earnings and get paid within 24hours. 

2. Value Package; this is a Subscription package that you opt into with just $15 and earn $1 per ad shared on Facebook. Which means you earn $30 after 30days of constantly sharing ads on Facebook.

3. Deluxe Package; this is currently the highest package in mulabux as you register with $25 and earn after 30days of sharing merchant links and ads on Facebook to the tune of $52 This is the best plan in terms of earnings on Mulabux program.

How to Increase Your Earnings on Mulabux Notwithstanding the Package Selected;

From the above I know a typical Nigerian would say it's not so profitable, and rightly so it isn't considering the fact that you'll have to wait for 30  days before cashing out your earnings. But you can increase your earnings on Mulabux by simply referring other users to the platform. They have a wonderful referral system that rewards high referrers with 15% of whatever package their downlines chooses to subscribe to.

How to Register and Start Making Cool Money on Mulabux?

First of all you need to access the registration page by clicking HERE.

After which you fill the registration form and proceed to login to your newly created Mulabux account.

Then you proceed to selecting your desired package, just select and pay via any channel you want... Its best if you pay using paystack or paying directly to the Company account and you start sharing ads on Facebook and earning real cash online.

How to Copy your Referral link on Mulabux?

Just login to your Mulabux account and click on Marketing on your account menu and wait some seconds for your invitation link to load..
See image belowπŸ‘‡

Once you see your referral link, copy and share to others and per user that registers and subscribes to any package with your link you receive 15% of what the person subscribes to..

Note that referral bonus is not compulsory on Mulabux as once the end date of your Subscription reaches you are automatically eligible to cash out your earnings whether or not you referred any new user. Just that referring gives you quicker money, because on Mulabux referral bonuses can be withdrawn instantly upon receipt.

Is Mulabux Legit or Not?

Mulabux portrays sign of genuineness as the identity of the owner isn't hidden, reports from scamadviser.com shows that Isaac Tunde a Nigerian from the Western Region is the overall admin of Mulabux platform.

Mulabux program is 100% legit and paying for now and with their policies it will still pay for a long time. But nevertheless, it's better to join now that it's still fresh and young to avoid being the scapegoat. To register on Mulabux click HERE

Can I create Multiple Accounts on Mulabux?

It's not advisable, as doing this will lead to banning of the duplicate accounts, register one account only and link it to your Facebook profile and share ads.

That's all you need to know about Mulabux Money making program, I hope you enjoyed this review and if you have any question, kindly drop in the comment box provided below... Please don't drop.spammy comments to avoid the comment failing the approval test. Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Solve Slow Referral Bonus Approval Issues on Metowork And Cash Out Your Earnings Now

Some Months Ago I posted a refer and earn website known as Metowork that pays a user N200 per referral that registers through his or her referral link.

This post is not trying to dispute this because Metowork is really paying and legit but the only problem referrers face in the long run is Referral Bonus Approval". Metowork is very slow when it comes to referral bonus approval and i believe they do this to curb fraudulent activities on their platform whilst keeping to their own end of the bargain. This slow approval of referral bonus has made many people think the program is scam but today I have discovered what I will call a solution to this slow approval of bonuses you might be facing on Metowork.

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How to Fasten The Approval of Your Referral Bonuses on Metowork

I must say that it is a wonderfully frustrating feeling when  after stressing yourself to refer people into a program with the hope that you will be paid a certain amount of money or airtime as the case maybe and you end end up not getting the incentive you were initially promised. That's why i decided to do some investigations on the Metowork program and I am happy to have finalized the little research and if it doesn't work for you then you have to visit your village shrine for forgiveness.

Though this is a solution I have researched and worked on for some time it doesn't guarantee that once done all your bonuses will turn green and you start cashing out endlessly like its a bank", this simple fix will enable you get considered for approval by the "Metowork Administrators". Without wasting much of your time, let me just go straight to the reason you are perusing this particular article.

The Fix Can Be Applied in Three ways:

⟹Now to fasten the approval of your bonuses on Metowork be it self referrals or real referrals go to the page you advertised the Metowork referral program and encourage them to login to their Metowork accounts on a daily basis or at least more frequently to enable you get their bonuses approved faster. I observed that the Admin. of Metowork is working with this particular algorithm and as such if your referrals registered, verified their email address same day and since then abandoned the system... the bonus you received for such a person will most likely be ignored.

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⟹This particular fix works best if most of your referrals are still your accounts, you just have to pen down the details of your self referrals and login to them using a different browser to fasten the approval of your bonuses.

⟹Another way is if your referrals also know how the system works and start referring new people, your bonuses will just be approved swiftly without issues or delay.

Does Metowork Actually Pay?

This particular question has been asked severally but with the slow approval of bonuses on Metowork most people have concluded that Metowork is just one online scam that doesn't fulfill its promises to users. Permit me to inform you however that Metowork pays big time, unlike read news get paid program once your bonuses turn approved and you cash out; your money is certainly going to arrive within 24hours.

From my experience too, Metowork is 100% real.

You can register on Metowork by clicking HERE, don't watch others cash out while you sleep.

Happy Christmas Lovelies!!

Friday, December 20, 2019

How to Make More Than N5000 on Survey On The Go Program

Answering surveys have always been a way of making passive income at the comfort of your home and today after some researches and evaluation I've come up with a new Survey Program that pays users for honest review and suggestions on Entertainment, shopping, lifestyle experiences and much more. Making money has never been easier with this program.

This website has always been a key informant as regards making money with survey, referral and read news get paid programs, so it can't be a strange thing to you if you're a vlco syant visitor of this website.

Back to the topic of the day, today I bring to you a SURVEY Program that rewards users for their reviews, suggestions, ideas regarding companies, shopping, lifestyle, entertainment experiences and events. The Survey program that we bring to your doorstep today is known as/called Survey On The Go Program [SOTG] and it offers the above stated services to users of the Application.

What is Surveys To Go Program?

Surveys On The Go is a SURVEY Program that rewards users like I've already stated for their shopping experience, entertainment choices etc. which are either used by companies for the improvement of their products and services to people. Surveys On The Go is specifically for US. Citizens and as such prospective users in other states can only participate in the program with a VPN.
The VPN changes your IP address to that of USA and automatically qualifies you to use this survey application. sequel to the above statement you can only participate in this survey program by making use of a VPN that have USA servers, VPN like [IP Varnish, Tweaknews, Nord VPN, Windscribe VPN and anyother one that have US servers].

If you downloaded Tweaknews VPN just use the below details to loginπŸ‘‡πŸ»πŸ‘‡πŸ»

 *Username* : tw2096677 and 
 *Password* : @Vpnarena1

How to Participate in Survey On The Go Program?

1. First of all you need to download the survey on the Go Application for Android or iOS by clicking HERE.

2. After downloading the mobile application you just have to either sign up or use your Facebook account to sign in to the application, don't worry your account is safe. .

3. Be guided that before you set up or sign in to the program, you have to set up/connect your VPN to USA servers to avoid exposing yourself.

4. When you're done with the registration, you'll be shown two surveys, of which you'll be asked about yourself make sure you answer carefully and then you'll be rewarded with $1 total for the immediate welcome surveys.

That's all you need to get going, just check for surveys every day with your VPN connected and your GPS on i.e. location and notifications on so that you don't miss out on any survey.

Facts About Survey On Go Program

1. Survey on the Go Program doesn't give surveys all the time and they easily screen out people from surveys, that's why it's advisable never to rush surveys. Take it slow, answer carefully.

2. They don't send surveys always like I said but their surveys are high paying surveys i.e. minimum of $1.50 most times.

3. Do research before answering surveys to avoid been screened out.

Guides to Successful Survey Participation in Survey on the Go Program

– Enter Age 35+ and household income 150k$ – 200k$
-Total annual income $250k
– Always select full time worker
-Your profession: IT, banking/financial, healthcare, Engineering, Energy/Utility
– Your position in job should be C level, VP, director, senior manager or manager
– Always choose married + kids (two kids at best)
– Your organization annual revenue $500m to $1b.

– Ethnicity : White, Caucasian
– Finish Your First survey quickly so that you become eligible for subsequent daily surveys.

Withdrawal can be done through alot of ways one of which is PayPal so make sure you open either a Lesotho paypal acct or UAE PayPal acct... [$10 minimum withdrawal]

Don't miss this Survey On The Go Program, as it's one of the best things so far. Happy New year in advance lovelies.

Sunday, December 15, 2019

How To Earn More Than N10,000 Playing Games On Chopbarh Application

Do you believe you can earn money online by doing things that you normally do for free offline? If you don't believe, then you better start believing because it's 100% possible with an application known as Chopbarh"

With the mention of the name Chopbarh I'm sure you are wondering what the name implies and what it's for... Worry no more just keep reading this post and you'll be satisfied.

What is Chopbarh?
Chopbarh in Nigeria means Eat Money" the Chop means Eat while the Barh means money.
Chopbarh is a gambling application that rewards users with cash for playing games online; Ludo, Whot etc. with other users of the application and if you win you get cash reward. Since it's gambling, you stake any amount you want to play with and the people you are playing with also stake their own money of which the winner of the game Chops the whole cash i.e. assuming 6players play Whot and stake N100 each and if you win you get credited with all their cash which means you'll go home with N600 including your own initial stake.

Chopbarh is a good way of earning money online doing things you love doing and you would have done for free. And if you are an expert in the aforementioned games then you are good to go as you can make as much as N10,000 on the Chopbarh application and withdrawal is forwarded to your local bank account straight without delays. 
Where to Download Chopbarh App from?
You can download Chopbarh App from Google playstore or from HERE [straight from their website]

After downloading Chopbarh app, simply register by filling the sign up form and create your personal identification number [PIN] and boom you are done with the registration and you officially have a Chopbarh account. 

How to Fund your Chopbarh Account
When you login to your Chopbarh account select Manage funds" and then tap on deposit button to fund with your 🏧 ATM card or with a recharge card. That's all then you start playing games with people and make real cash online.

Chopbarh is a Nigerian application that you can enjoy instead of constantly wasting your money on bet shops. Though the Chopbarh application is a gambling app but it's an advanced version of gambling and you get instant cash once you win.

Enjoy and if you have any question kindly drop in the comment box below! Enjoy!

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Oforum Review; Earn as Much as N10,000 Daily Reading News and other Simple Activities

Here comes a wonderful money making opportunity that works like all the available read news get paid programs available. I'm sure you must have heard about Oforum and you probably thought it was like every other scam out thereπŸ˜… but I am putting it to you that you are wrong as Oforum has been confirmed to be legit by us and other various sites and participants.

What's Oforum About? 

Oforum is a news update website that works like Opera News that brings news from top websites in Nigeria and other popular news blogs. The main advantage of Oforum is that you get rewarded for reading the said news on the website. The earning part is our interest as you can earn per news read on the website plus other simple activities for a little token/sacrifice which you can easily get back if you work resiliently on Oforum. 

How to Earn on Oforum?

Like I've already stated, Oforum rewards users with cash for reading news on their website and it can be a good source of passive income for any individual. To earn on Oforum you need to register on the site by clicking HERE make sure you register using the link to qualify you for the discount.

You can't complete registration on the site without a coupon code...

Earning Algorithm on oforum.ng

This is how you earn on Oforum;

πŸ‘‰ Reading news on Oforum gives you N5 i.e. per news. 

πŸ‘‰ Secondly, sharing on social media i.e. Facebook gives you N20... [Oshare] you get N20 by just sharing on Facebook. 

πŸ‘‰If you refer new people to the program you get rewarded with N1000.

Oforum a very geuine program and if you want to make some money this xmas period you can't miss this. The normal price of Oforum registration is N1400 but registering through me will fetch you a discount...[limited]

Full Review of Oforum

Paying: 100% 

Site Reliability: 90% 

Referrals Before Withdrawal: Not Compulsory

Recommended by Gistrealz

As a bonus, if you register theough my link and through me I'll give you tips on making maximum from Oforum Program as e dey hot... πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

If you know you are ready to join Oforum and start making real money this season kindly click HERE to contact me on WhatsApp

Sunday, December 1, 2019

BuzzBreak Review: Earn as much as $10 Reading News and Other Simple Activities


Its a bright new day and each day that passes we work towards achieving the goal we had in mind before launching this website. Though our free browsing cheats have been cut short in a severe way, our target is still to make our visitors happy. One of our categories is Online Schemes" here we work towards letting you know about the latest money making schemes that one can do with his or her phone online with no qualification other than to have data and a smartphone. That aside though, today is a bright new day and after series of investigations and researches I have discovered a new online money making Application called BuzzBreak" for my old visitors I am sure it sounds familiar because i have once posted it here before but it got deleted due to the subsequent updates and refreshes done on the website, whats more? BuzzBreak is not the same old program we use to know as it has been worked on greatly. You can now comfortably earn some cents on a daily basis if you have a Paypal account.

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Whats BuzzBreak?

BuzzBreak is an Online earning Application that displays news and entertainment gists to users from top websites around the world and in turn reward users for reading these news and gists. Its an application similar to Opera News but unlike Opera news it rewards users with some points which can in turn be redeemed as cash.

Though the earnings on Buzzbreak is relatively poor, its still a wonderful way of earning during your leisure time as you can gently and slowly accumulate some cents that can be withdrawn straight to your paypal account (Lesotho paypal).

How to Earn on BuzzBreak?

There are certain steps to be followed before you can start earning on Buzzbreak, which are;

First of all you need to dwnload the BuzzBreak News Application From HERE 

When you are done downloading, simply fill in the sign up form, please dont use your social accounts as that would prevent you from getting the 15,000 Points welcome bonus.

You will then be shown options to earn out of which you will see Enter a Referral code to get 1000 points; just enter B04417821 as the referral code and get extra 1000 points.

Like i stated earlier, if you want to earn maximum from BuzzBreak there are certain guidelines you need to follow which are:

. You can refer others, i.e. tell them to use your referral code and per person you get rewarded with as much as 15,000 points depending on your level...  below is a breakdown of all the levels;

Level 1 : 9000 points per referral 

Level 2: 10000 points per referral

Level 3: 11000 points per referral

Level 4: 12000 points per referral

Level 5: 15000 points per referral

Increasing in level depends on your level of activity i.e. your referring activity.

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There are other ways of earning on BuzzBreak:

Logging in every day = 600 Points per day

Watching video ad every hour = 1000 points per day

Referring others = 9000-15000 points depending on your level

Reading News = 100 points per news read

Promotional ways of earning on BuzzBreak  
Share BuzzBreak in a group that has more than 50 particpants and get 10000 points

Follow BuzzBreak on Facebook and get 3000 points

Follow BuzzBreak on Messenger and get 3000 points

That's all about how to earn more points on BuzzBreak

How to Go About Withdrawal and the minimum withdrawal amount on BuzzBreak

Before you are allowed to withdraw you must have gotten upto 20,000 points which i s not so difficult to attain as you can even get upto the minimum withdrawal same day you downloaded the BuzzBreak Application if you follow and do all I have instructed you to do.

20,000 points is equivalent to 0.02 dollars, i.e. when you withdraw you get 0.02 sent to your Paypal account. But don't worry, even if the cash equivalent is very poor you can get upto that amount in a day.

That all you have to know about BuzzBreak Earning Application, Enjoy!

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Olist Application; Earn as Much as N500 Airtime Right Now

Happy New Month officially from Gistrealz, which other way would be perfect to celebrate the new month other than to enjoy a freebie. The watch word of Gistrealz is freebie, free data and free moneyπŸ˜… so a new application known as Olist" has just sufficed to give us free airtime reward for calls this month as a form of giveaway to those that download their application and register using a referral code.

How Does Olist Application Giveaway work?

When you download the Olist Application you register using a referral link and code and then proceed to check out your prize as you'll be shown a Promotion banner on your dashboard. When you tap on this promotion banner you'll be redirected to a page that'll show you your welcome bonus of N70 which you can easily build or increase by just sharing your referral link and code and for each person that downloads and registers with your link and code you get N10.

It's not much I know but it's a free stuff so do well to try it out as it won't cost you much MB to download the Olist Application.

How to Get started with Olist

First of all download the Olist Application by clicking HERE [make sure you download using this link to enable you get the download bonus of N50.

Secondly you have to fill in the details as specified i.e. your name, phone number etc. Including the referral code which will enable you get N20 welcome bonus as failure to use a referral code you'll be denied the N20 welcome bonus.

Use this code 421646 as your referral code while filling the form. Make sure you use.a referral code to avoid getting only 50Naira which is download bonus.

When you're done with the registration follow the already stated steps to see your welcome bonus of N70 of which you need to share your invite link to others and for any referral sign up using your code you get N10 which withdrawal is pegged at N150. So  you can only cash out your earnings once it's upto N150.

Note; this is a promotional offer and as such won't last forever, so endeavor to enjoy it now that it's till rocking... 

Monday, November 25, 2019

How to Get N200 Per Referral on Metowork Freelance Service


Hey Guys! I am sure you guys are still  building referrals on the last money making program I posted?  After a series of testing and research I discovered a new one known as Metowork" and the interesting thing about it is that there is a referral program that is mind blowing.

What's Metowork?πŸ‘‡

Metowork is a freelance online service that creates an avenue for employers to hire talent (freelancers). 

What's The Interesting Offer?πŸ‘‡

Metowork has a referral program that rewards customers that refer new people to the program with a whopping N200 as referral bonus plus the normal N200 a customer recieves upon registering with a referral link. 
Compared to Voices Africa Survey program, this is a wonderful offer that is mind-blowing.

This is not an offer that you can miss out on.

How Register on Metowork?πŸ‘‡

If you want to register on Metowork and start your journey to making alot of money using the website, just click HERE and sign up with your real details including your correct email address and full name. When you're done with the registration you'll receive N200 as welcome bonus after verifying your email address. 

How to Get Your Referral Link?πŸ‘‡

If you want to get your referral link just tap on My Referrals and select "User Referrals"

And the copy the link that is shown to you as your referral link. Now to earn on the website, make sure you share it to other people and per referral you earn N200.

When to Withdraw Your earnings on Metowork?πŸ‘‡

πŸ‘‰ Once your earnings reach N2000 you'll be shown an option to cash out your earnings. That means you need 10 referrals to earn N2000, it is not that bad right? I guess it's not. 

Note; Metowork is a freelance service and as such is not just for referring and earning but I just posted the part that concerns us the most, which is making money. So make sure you participate in this program as registration takes less than 3mins.

Payment ProofsπŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

That's all for Metowork Referral program, enjoy!

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Earn as Much as N5,000 From Voices Africa Survey Program

There are many survey websites and Applications that pay people for giving their honest opinions, ideas and personal suggestions concerning issues and affairs. One of which is Premise Application that has been rocking for many years now and still rocking. But today I want to talk about a survey program that is called Voices Africa this survey program rewards you for your personal suggestions and recommendations and also honest opinions concerning issues infact it's just like any other survey program because they ask you very simple questions.

How Does Voices Africa WorkπŸ‘‡

πŸ‘‰ Voices Africa survey program rewards you with 1000 points which is equivalent to $1 N361 for referring, answering surveys and doing other minor activities.

πŸ‘‰ There are two main ways of earning on Voices Africa Application which are; referral bonuses and attending to surveys i.e. simple surveys.

πŸ‘‰ Per Referral you earn 50 points which means you need 20 referrals to earn 1000 points though you get an automatic 500 points as welcome bonus if you register via a referral link, so endeavour to register with the link I've attached in this post.

πŸ‘‰ Earnings on surveys varies as you can receive as huge as 1000 points for a survey and 100 points in another its just dependent on the task ahead.

Where to Download Voices Africa App from?πŸ‘‡

πŸ‘‰ Download Voices Africa Application by clicking HERE don't forget that registering/downloading the app using a referral link fetches you an instant 500 points welcome bonus.

How to Withdraw your Earnings On Voices AfricaπŸ‘‡

πŸ‘‰ Simply tap on Redeem my points now button and fill in the necessary details i.e. your email and phone number and proceed to cashing out your funds directly ti your local bank account or as Airtime [your choice]

Now since referring is a key way of earning on the voices Africa Application you just have to note down how to get your referral linkπŸ‘‡

How to Copy Your Voices Africa Referral Link

πŸ‘‰ First of all you need to tap on the three dots, then you select invite friend" now here is the confusing part... Since you have to enter the email of your potential referral, just register a second email of you can and use it in this referral email box. After you enter your email and click invite, your email link would be forwarded to your email... Just go to the email and copy the link. 

Now share the link everywhere to make more money on Voices Africa.

Enjoy, this is all you need to know about Voices Africa Survey Program.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

How To Make Money Online Using Premise Application [ Work Online]

I officially want to apologise to you guys for sharing Kuda Referral Application without fully doing an investigation or getting good testimonies from people that have used the app before. I guess this new money rewarding application will be a replacement and a token of apology from meπŸ˜πŸ˜€.

I know you came here for a purpose so let me just go straight to that;

Premise is an application that rewards users for Images, surveys and reports submitted to them and the rewards are based on your local currency which means if you are a Nigerian automatically it works with Naira and if you are in US it works with $ dollar.
Premise application is not like other survey applications that reward you in dollars and ask you to withdraw it via PayPal, so you have nothing to fear or lose. Your earnings on the app can be cashed out in two ways;

1. Mobile Top Up [withdrawal from N15]

2. PAGA account [ From PAGA you now withdraw to your local bank account] you will be guided on how to register a PAGA account on your dashboard by clicking Payment"

These are the two ways of cashing out your earnings on the premise application. But now let's move over to how to earn money using Premise Application;

How to Earn Free Money Via The Premise Application

> First of all you need to download the Premise Application From HERE [you will be redirected to Google Playstore.

> Then you register using either your Facebook account or your google account.

> Once you are done, you will be shown a survey to complete of which you'll be asked to tell them how the weather is in your area, answer the survey genuinely and truthfully and use your camera to snap the weather according to what you filled [cloudy, Sunny, Rainy etc.] and send to them. 

Note: Answering or filling wrongly would result to your survey been disapproved because each survey you answer is sent to the review panel to ensure it was genuinely answered. [Make sure the image you snap is Clear and not blurry]

> Per survey you see, you'll be shown the price tag i.e. the amount you'll earn after answering the survey truthfully. 

> There are other surveys you'll see after registering just follow the prompt to answer them and make sure you answer accurately because like I said all surveys answered are sent to the review panel before you get credited with the money.

Locating More Tasks: you just have to tap on market" in your account dashboard and you'll see three options:

1. Surveys

2. Locate 

3. Explore

Surveys are usually easy and quick to answer but they come with little earnings i.e. you earn as little as N28 per survey answered.

Locate: these are medium tasks that take longer time to complete but comes with higher earnings N50 minimum.

Explore: these are hard tasks that take time to complete, not usually available though but they come with the highest earnings.

Things to Note:

1. Don't violate their policies if not your account will be deleted notwithstanding your earnings... The highest violation is creating multiple accounts.

2. Earnings accumulated gets reviewed within 24-48hours so don't expect an immediate accruing of your Earnings.
3. Some completed tasks get declined if your image is blurry or poor in quality.

Enjoy the Premise application guys and always play according to the rules and regulations of the Application. To get more info login to your account and tap on settings> select FAQ and learn more about their policies and how to keep your account in good standing always. Goodluck!

Sunday, November 17, 2019

How to Earn More Than N30,000 From Your WhatsApp Business Account

WhatsApp is one of the biggest social networks in the world due to the millions of people that interact with their friends and family with the WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is owned and controlled by Facebook and the wonderful thing about WhatsApp is that the platform has provided an avenue for users to create mini online businesses that can fetch huge sum of money with the development of WhatsApp Business" an application owned by WhatsApp too but designed for people that do business or intend to create a business platform online with their contacts.

In a nutshell you can make as much as 30,000 Naira every month from your WhatsApp business account or simply your WhatsApp account because you can use your personal account for the business.
This is a trending online business that most youths of Nigeria and beyond are rocking or using to make ends meet.

They achieve this by creating WhatsApp Channels or TVs.

Advantages of Creating A WhatsApp Tv or Channel

> It's free of charge i.e. in terms of cost for maintaining it as the platform is given to you by WhatsApp and you are not required to pay any monthly or yearly fee for using the WhatsApp business to run your TV or Channel.

> You get to meet new people, you can easily advertise what you do or the business you do if you have a large fanbase or people following your WhatsApp TV or Channel.

> You earn with what others do as pleasure.

After all this long story you are wondering how to earn with your WhatsApp channel or TV, wonder no more as it is 100% possible and profitable. There are three ways of earning via your WhatsApp TV;

1. By running paid advertisement on your TV; this is for people with huge fanbase.

They simply collect money from the advertiser and display the adverts to your viewers and before you do that you must have collected a specified amount from the advertiser.

2. Advertising your own products; it's.not restricted to advertisers as you can earn by displaying your own adverts. So if you have products too you can advertise it and earn some cents for purchases.

3. It connects you to many people and you never know who is going to be your destiny helper.

How to Set up A WhatsApp Tv or Channel

> First of you need to download WhatsApp Business application from Google Playstore or Apkpure. Reason been that WhatsApp business gives you and opportunity to create shortlinks which are very useful in fans acquisition.

> WhatsApp Business has auto responders and saves you the stress of constantly replying all messages from your fans as you can easily set up Away message, Greeting message, and Also short codes which go a long way in aiding your WhatsApp business.

> When you are done with WhatsApp business installation, login to your WhatsApp account by using your normal WhatsApp phone number[mind you that you can't use WhatsApp messenger amd WhatsApp business simultaneously, and you can always chat and do everything you used to do with your WhatsApp messenger]  navigate to settings and then business settings select short links and set up a short link. Just use the the text you want people to send to you when they click on your short link.

That's how it will look to the person that taps on your short link. The short link wherever it is clicked  automatically directs the potential subscriber to your WhatsApp contact and according to the text you set it will request you to add him or her to your contact... It's very easy as the whole step is automated.

Now once you are done with this, select a niche i.e. the area you want to cover.. you know some TVs are for fun, like sending memes, short comedy videos, funny texts, funny images etc. So before creating a WhatsApp TV you need to know the niche you are best in or love doing; make sure it's gonna be interesting to subscribers.

Getting subscribers

To get more subscribers you need to either use the legit way i.e. promoting your short link and what you offer on various social media or use the illegal way of spamming big WhatsApp groups with your short links and whoever clicks on it automatically comes to your dm requesting you add he or she to your contacts and also you in turn ask the person to save your number as Oz TV or whatever name you choose.

You can also get more subscribers by running interesting giveaways on your TV... This has been proven to be the best method to growing your WhatsApp TV subscribers.

That's it for WhatsApp TV and Channels and easy way of earning from your WhatsApp TV... I'm sure I've been able to convey to you the information you sought for in this article... If you follow these guidelines strictly you could be fetching comfortable N30,000 + on your WhatsApp channel or TV. Enjoy!