Sunday, July 5, 2020

How to Earn Upto N4000 on Baxi Mobile Application

Baxi Mobile is a sort of payment application that works exactly like Chipper cash and Palmpay as you can do a lot of activities on it. You can pay for certain services like Cable TV, Nepa Bills, recharge your phone etc.

The Baxi Mobile Application aside from being a payment application and savings app it also has an interesting aspect that I believe will be of interest to you guys. Baxi has a referral program that rewards referrers with free N400 per person you refer to the platform that registers with his or her BVN. 

Don't worry, your BVN is safe on Baxi and secondly you can't be scammed or debited with your BVN alone. Keep reading this to grab the full details and how to get started on Baxi Mobile. 

How to Get Free N400 Per Referral on Baxi Mobile:

1. It will be impossible to do all that without having the Baxi Application so click HERE to download the Baxi Mobile app for Android.

2. When you are done downloading and installing, just sign up with BVN and fill in the details accurately with your BVN and enter this 00005126 as referral code since you are learning about the application from me. 

When you are done with the registration you will be shown a homepage like the one below;

What you have to do from here is to fund your account with as little as N1000 and to do that, just copy your account number as shown in the app and transfer N1000 to it via bank transfer. 

Immediately, your Baxi account will be credited with N1000, now tap the settings button and scroll down to where you will see "Manage Referrals" as shown below
Now tap on that button and copy your referral code or simply share your referral link to either your Facebook account or WhatsApp and per person that registers with his or her BVN you get rewarded with a whopping N400 which you can either cash out as Airtime or transfer to your bank account. If you are able to refer 10 people you go home with your N4000.

Make sure you try this out as fast as possible, it's a promo and can end at anytime💕💕

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Saturday, June 13, 2020

Opera News Hub Review: Earn as Much as 50,000 Every Month Writing Articles

Are you a writer or do you have writing skills but don't have an audience to showcase it? Or are you the type that wishes to own a blog and start earning but cant afford to? Then Opera News Hub is for you!

Now you may ask, what is Opera News Hub? 
I am sure you have heard about Opera and Opera Mini before, or atleast the word rings a bell in your ear, Opera is the company that owns and controls Opera Mini browser and also other various platforms in Nigeria ranging from Opera News to Opay, Olist etc. With each platform possessing its own unique features and satisfaction to users. 

Opera News Hub is a micro blogging platform set up for publishers or people that have the writing talent to earn from doing what they love to do. You can easily become a part of the Opera News Hub publishers Centre by registering on their official website - Click HERE.

After which you feel your original details as shown in the images below;
Fill the necessary details with the display name you want for your publisher account to the category of articles you want to be publishing to the users of Opera News, and of course write a short description.

After which you will be asked to fill the more personal and legal information about you; check image below👇

After filling the necessary information, just tap on next to finalise your registration and wait for the approval which is usually within 7days.

How to Earn on Opera News Hub?

Like I previously stated, the Opera News Hub is like a blog, a platform created for you to publish your passion and if users of Opera News find it interesting and read, share and comment on it you earn comfortable cash from your comfort zone.

Opera has created a good opportunity for bloggers and writers out there to earn on their platform free of charge by just publishing quality articles with catchy titles.

Why is It so Interesting?

This opportunity created by Opera is more interesting that having a blog because when you launch your own blog you have to gradually monitor it, upgrade it, Monetise it and also work hard enough for people to visit, but it's not the case for publishers on Opera News Hub because there are over 350million people using Opera News of which you are allowed to attract all of them depending on how good your article is. So if you're the type that write wonderful articles on a daily or weekly basis for free on your Facebook timeline or social media handles then this is an opportunity you can't afford to miss.

How Much Can I Earn On Opera News Hub?

Since Opera News has over 350 million users on the platform, it will be easy for you to earn over N50,000 per month on the platform with an original article. 
Now Here's calculation and how much you stand to gain from this Platform; 
Opera records it on pay per click basis, which means a pay per click on your post is N0.036 which means you will get N36 for 1,000 clicks.

Definitely, 5,000 clicks will give you N180 while 10,000 clicks is N360. Now clicks is just the number of people that tap on your post title to read your post and remember 350 million people get to see your post, so if you work your mathematics and play your game well you should be hitting upto 100,000 click on your post.
Though there are other means of earning on Opera News Hub from your content...
 You will be paid N1,800 for 100 engagement which means, if people comment or share your post, you get paid too. So, if your post gets more comments and shares you get more Cash and as you can see the pay for engagement is higher than that of clicks, so the bottomline is write good content and also use catchy titles and not misleading titles so that your post won't be turned down by the Opera News Administrators
How to Withdraw From Opera News Hub? 

Now if I keep talking about earning and how to earn on Opera News Hub an average Nigerian will be dieing to ask one question and I know that if I mistakenly forget to include it I'll be flooded with questions later on. So I have decided to also state how to withdraw your earnings on Opera News Hub platform...
To withdraw your money from Opera News Hub you need to first of all download Opay Application, I'm sure you have heard about the Opay App but if you haven't just click HERE to download Opay Application for Android Users.

When you're done downloading the Opay App.just sign up/create an account with the same phone number you filled while registering for the Opera News Hub because it will.serbe as your account number when withdrawal period comes. As the saying goes, after hardwork, reward follows"

Though Opera News Hub pays big time it is also worthy to note that there are practices termed; illegal and intolerable on the platform, below are those practices:

1. Plagiarism: don't go to Google and pick up a catchy post from another blog online and publish on Opera News because it will be rejected as it's been reviewed by the Opera News Admin.

2. Don't use Wow", Interesting" Wonderful" or any other exclamatory word in your title as that is considered spammy and would result to outright rejection of your article.

3. Your articles must be quality, lengthy and Catchy articles.. publishing an article with less than 150 words would mean outright rejection.

4. Withdrawals are done on the 15th of every month, you can't withdraw earlier nor later than this particular day of every month.

Enjoy, this is all you need to know about becoming a publisher on Opera News Hub and making alot of money from it. 

Sunday, April 19, 2020

How to Earn Upto N20,000 Weekly From Kuda Bank

Hi guys it's been a while an I must confess that I've missed you guys so much.

Are you good at referring people to what you do? If you are good at that, just get ready to make money because Kuda Bank Application is giving away free N200 per person you refer to their Bank and to ensure transparency and legitimate dealings the person you refer must enter his or her BVN and also fund his or her wallet with Atleast N100. 

What is Kuda Bank?
Kuda is a Micro Finance bank that is officially registered in Nigeria and approved by the central bank of Nigeria. It virtually operates like an online wallet but it isn't like that as it's much more powerful and beneficial.

With Kuda Bank you virtually carry your bank digitally on your Android device and can always withdraw money from your Kuda Bank with your Kuda ATM card.

Kuda Referral Program;
I am certain you understood the above write-up, and know what Kuda is all about Atleast to a good extent, let's now divert to the referral program and how you can earn N200 per person you refer to Kuda Bank. 

To ensure no fraudulent activity is attempted before you earn the N200 referral bonus your downline (the person you referred) must register, add his or her BVN and fund the account with Atleast N100.

How to Get Started on Kuda Bank;
1. First of all you need to download Kuda Bank Application from HERE

2. Then you register by filling the sign up form, I'm sure you know how such things operate and then while filling the form you will be asked to enter a referral code, simply input WKKVSI2N in the referral code box while registering.

3. When you are done with the registration, fund your wallet with your ATM card with just N100 and then tap on the profile section, copy your referral code and then start referring others to the platform to earn N200 per person.

Withdrawal Method;
Kuda Bank will send you whatever amount you earn from referring new users to the platform on Mondays. 

Sunday, April 12, 2020

How To Make Money Online Using Premise Application [ Work Online]

Updated on: April 12th, 2020

I know you came here for a purpose so let me just go straight to that;

Premise is an application that rewards users for Images, surveys and reports submitted to them and the rewards are based on your local currency which means if you are a Nigerian automatically it works with Naira and if you are in US it works with $ dollar.
Premise application is not like other survey applications that reward you in dollars and ask you to withdraw it via PayPal, so you have nothing to fear or lose. Your earnings on the app can be cashed out in two ways;

1. Mobile Top Up [withdrawal from N15]

2. PAGA account [ From PAGA you now withdraw to your local bank account] you will be guided on how to register a PAGA account on your dashboard by clicking Payment"

These are the two ways of cashing out your earnings on the premise application. But now let's move over to how to earn money using Premise Application;

How to Earn Free Money Via The Premise Application

> First of all you need to download the Premise Application From HERE [you will be redirected to Google Playstore.

> Then you register using either your Facebook account or your google account.

> Once you are done, you will be shown a survey to complete of which you'll be asked to tell them how the weather is in your area, answer the survey genuinely and truthfully and use your camera to snap the weather according to what you filled [cloudy, Sunny, Rainy etc.] and send to them. 

Note: Answering or filling wrongly would result to your survey been disapproved because each survey you answer is sent to the review panel to ensure it was genuinely answered. [Make sure the image you snap is Clear and not blurry]

> Per survey you see, you'll be shown the price tag i.e. the amount you'll earn after answering the survey truthfully. 

> There are other surveys you'll see after registering just follow the prompt to answer them and make sure you answer accurately because like I said all surveys answered are sent to the review panel before you get credited with the money.

Locating More Tasks: you just have to tap on market" in your account dashboard and you'll see three options:

1. Surveys

2. Locate 

3. Explore

Surveys are usually easy and quick to answer but they come with little earnings i.e. you earn as little as N28 per survey answered.

Locate: these are medium tasks that take longer time to complete but comes with higher earnings N35 minimum.

Explore: these are hard tasks that take time to complete, not usually available though but they come with the highest earnings.

Things to Note:

1. Don't violate their policies if not your account will be deleted notwithstanding your earnings... The highest violation is creating multiple accounts.

2. Earnings accumulated gets reviewed within 24-48hours so don't expect an immediate accruing of your Earnings.
3. Some completed tasks get declined if your image is blurry or poor in quality.

Enjoy the Premise application guys and always play according to the rules and regulations of the Application. To get more info login to your account and tap on settings> select FAQ and learn more about their policies and how to keep your account in good standing always. Goodluck!

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Swirge: Earn as Much as N50,000 Socializing with Friends

Most believe that making money through genuine means online is impossible but as enlightened people we all have seen that it's very much possible.

Sequel to the above statement I believe anybody reading this article is fully aware that making money online is very possible so that when I start breaking down the steps to follow to earn online with the website I am going to introduce in this article you won't doubt it's reality.

Now back to business, I am aware that the whole country is on a lockdown so most people are unable to make money as people are relying and feeding on the money acquired before this unfortunate period but with the Swirge social media website you can actually make passive income while at home this period without having to violate the lockdown directive.  Making money with the Swirge website is as easy as just doing the communication activities you do everyday on WhatsApp and Facebook without making a dime; and you know most people are spending alot on social media in the name of chatting and having fun but with Swirge you actually chat, have fun, and share your ideas and still earn while doing what you call fun.
Before we start talking about Swirge let's first get little information about the platform and what its about.

What is Swirge?
Swirge is a social messaging website like Facebook and Twitter that allows you chat and share your ideas to your friends online but the only difference between Swirge and other social media websites is that you earn while still doing what you love.

Activities on Swirge that pays/ Rewards ?

Liking: like other social networks the like or reaction feature is enabled on the Swirge website and unlike others you get some money for liking posts on Swirge social medium.

Commenting: as a user you earn some cents for commenting on posts, when I say commenting I don't mean intentionally dropping meaningless comments on every post you see as that will lead to point deduction even after you get credited because they work with a wonderful Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Posting: this can be preparing a blog post for the platform to dropping normal social media posts like we all do on Facebook and the likes, doing that on Swirge fetches you some money as much as N20 for a blog post on the platform.

Referring: Rewarding active and loyal users with bonuses when they refer new users to a platform has always been the trait of a useful and promising platform and on Swirge it's not different because you earn as much as N50(5points) when you refer a new user to the platform. Imagine earning when you refer a user to Facebook? It's wonderful isn't it? Yes it is.

How to Get started on Swirge? 

First of all you need to register by clicking HERE.. it takes only few seconds to register if you are used to registering on platforms as this is nothing different from what you know.

No verification whatsoever, just fill the sign up form and proceed to follow friends and start making money as you do.

To make a blog post you just have to tap on the menu bar and then select my articles (check image below for guidance)

When you tap on the + plus sign you will be shown a new page to create your blog post.
Per blog post you create you will be credited with N10 points(that's actually the fastest way to earn on Swirge)

Minimum Withdrawal;

If I tell you long story from begining to end without mentioning minimum withdrawal and how to withdraw earnings it will look absurd.

Minimum Withdrawal on Swirge is N500 and if you want to withdrawal you just have to tap on the menu bar and tap on your wallet balance then you will be shown your balance and option to withdraw your earnings.

Now you know everything, follow the instructions carefully to earn passive income from Swirge social network while at home.

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Thursday, March 12, 2020

Zealnut Review: Earn as Much as $500 Socializing Every Day

It's time to make money once again, so get ready!
If you continue reading this article then you must have gotten acquainted to some certain beliefs and ideologies which are;

1. Do you believe that you can make money online?

2. Do you believe that the data you waste on unprofitable chats and discussions can be converted to money online too?

If you believe the above or can say yes to the above questions, then I confidently ask you to continue reading this article because you are going to gain alot and perhaps satisfy your conscience that your belief is really a fact and not just myth..
Don't mind the way the article started, it was just get you high or on the level you are supposed to be on before talking about the platform that has provided Nigerians the opportunity to earn for doing simple activities online like chatting and liking pictures on social media.

You can make passive income from the comfort of your home or as a student make passive income that you can use to support yourself because I know that money is at the centre in any institution and every student wishes to earn money to support.

Now, let's divert to introducing this social messaging application and website known as Zealnut" they reward users with points for simply doing social activities on the website or application nothing else; as a user you just have to register, activate your email and login then start making friends on the platform and earn as you do.

Zealnut pays for the below activities;

  • Comments
  • Likes
  • Getting friends
  • Login daily
  • I think that's all.
The above tasks are what you do on Facebook without making a dime but on Zealnut you earn for doing those aforementioned activities. 

That's basically how Zealnut works and to know that the platform is still fresh it was launched on March 2, 2020, so if you want to make cool and easy cash making friends and socializing then this platform is for you. 

-- Having done the introduction, I believe the question running through your mind right now is how do I get started on Zealnut, how do I start making money on Zealnut, how to register on Zealnut etc. just relax because you will register today and probably make your first $5 today, just allow me do my own work which is to explain everything for you😂.

How to Get Started on Zealnut Messaging Application?

First of all you need to either download the application from Google play store or simply register on the website, though I prefer you download the app from Playstore to help you operate easily on the platform.

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To access the website simply click HERE
Then you fill the registration form that will be shown to you, actually that's the first thing you will see when you click on the link above. 
When you're done filling the sign up form you will be prompted to verify your email by clicking on the link that was forwarded to your email i.e. the email you used to register on the Zealnut website or app.

After verifying your account simply login with your email and password and tick the remember me button to avoid entering the same email and password Everytime you access the site.  

After you login, you will be given free bonus points, all you have to do to increase it is to drop a post on your timeline and also like all the posts you see on your news feed and also get credited for that, the maximum times you can get credited for liking posts on your acct is 10times per day.

How to Withdraw from Zealnut Social Messaging Application

When you have from 125 points up, you can just tap on the coin icon at the top of your account dashboard, then you select the coin to cash icon as shown below👇

There is no minimum withdrawal amount as you can withdraw even if you have just 80points but it's better you wait till it's upto 125 points as that is an equivalent of $5.

You can withdraw directly to you Bitcoin wallet by entering your wallet address in the box when prompted to do so while withdrawing your points.
It's optional though as you can just request directly and wait for 2-48hours for a reply to your mail asking you to input your account details

That's all, your earnings will then be sent to your local bank account♥️

That's the payment proof from one of the admins @Gistrealz [Craig Adebanji] and this whole article is credited to him as well♥️