Thursday, February 6, 2020

How To Check Your Bank Account Balance With Your Phone [All Banks]

This is the era of technology, the era of automation rather than manual and technology has made alot of things easy for us. In all spheres of life, things have been made easy with technology. The reason for making this post is to show you how to check your bank account balance with your mobile or Smartphone. Without wasting time let's go straight to business.

How to Check Your Bank Account Balance With Phone;👇

Like I said it's not for a specific bank as i've compiled the code to check bank account balance for more than 50% of the banks in Nigeria or let me say the banks that majority of Nigerians use;

👉 It must be the number you used to open the account with the bank, using another number won't work;

👉 For First Bank, Dial *894*00# and send or alternatively dial *894# and then follow the prompt i.e. if you're good at such things.

👉 For GT Bank, dial *737*6*1# and send, just follow the easy screen prompt to complete the process and see your account balance.

👉 For Union Bank, dial *826# and send also follow the screen prompt to complete.

👉 For Zenith Bank, dial *966*00# and send or dial *966# and follow the next option till you re done with what you intend to do.

👉 For UBA, dial *191*00# and send or dial *389*033# and send then follow the screen prompt.

👉 For Sterling Bank, dial *822# and send, also follow the prompt to check your Sterling bank account balance.

👉 For Fidelity Bank, dial *770*0# and send or you dial *770# if you're good at following long processes and get your account balance.

👉 For Ecobank, simply dial *326# amd follow the next onscreen prompt or dial *326*0# for straight account balance check.

👉 For FCMB, dial *389*214# and send, follow the screen prompt to finalise.

That's all, though I didn't exhaust the banks in the country but I've covered like I earlier stated more than 50% of the banks Nigerians use.  This is part 3 of the Quick Tips I prepared for you guys so enjoy!

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Thursday, December 5, 2019

How to Identify Original and Fake Phone | Easiest Method

The world has gone global, we all use phones to do several activities. There are numerous companies that produce phones i.e. smart phones and mobile phones but the fake China companies have also infiltrated the market producing devices that look like the original but it's fake and cheaper. The problem now is that most times the phone users find it difficult to distinguish between the fake and the original version of their device. In this post however, we get to solve the problem with the code I've put down in this post including the steps to be followed.

How to Identify Original and Fake Phone

👉 First of all you need to dial *#06# you will be shown the IMEI number of your device, usually this number starts 35344....

👉 To identify original phones and fake China phones the IMEI will start with 35 and the total number that displays must be upto 15 digits.

👉 So once you dial the code and your IMEI appears, just write it down somewhere and recount it to ensure it's upto 15, and if it's complete be rest assured its original. You can also follow other steps provided by the company that provides your device to confirm the originality of your device. For instance, Tecno provided an online means of verifying the originality of phones produced by them.

If you're not satisfied by the code you dialed, simply google the verification methods for your device producers.

With the information above, hope you've been able to identify original phone and fake phone? If you like the information simply comment on this post. Enjoy. 

Saturday, November 30, 2019

Quick Tips: Open a Standard GTbank Account With Your Phone In 5 Minutes
Technology has made activities related to the internet easier and affordable. This we have all experienced and seen in our everyday life, this technological advancement has also played out in a big way in the banking sector. Technological advancement has made it that credit and debit facilities can be done anywhere. Thats the topic of another day, I am here today to show you something you perhaps know or have heard severally from other sources... This post is here therefore to serve as a reminder, you can now check your Bank Verification Number (BVN) easily with your mobile or android phone as you dont need anyother thing apart from the USSD Code that will be given in this article.

This is part four of the quick tips I will be posting on a daily basis on this blog for you to remain informed because it is said that if one is not informed he or she is deformed.

How to Check Your BVN With a USSD Code

  First of all ensure you have up-to N20 in your account balance notwithstanding the network provider as it works on all networks.

⇉ Dial *565*0# to check your BVN easily as it will be displayed on your Phone Screen.

⇉  You can also view your BVN alternatively by dialing *565# but ensure you have up-to N20 in your account.

How To Open A GTBank Account With Your Phone 
With this code you dont need to go to the bank or pick a form if you want to open a GTbank account as it can be done easily at home.

To create a GTBank account with your phone just dial *737*0# and select open account with BVN details as shown in the image below. but before embarking on this write down your BVN on a sheet of paper as you will be required to enter the BVN. But if you dont know your BVN just dial the code stated above and get your BVN then you proceed with the registration/opening of the account.
Once you enter your BVN, you can now proceed with other information. With this procedure you don;t have to stress yourself in the name of opening an account.

Friday, November 29, 2019

How To View Any Hidden/Private Number With Your Phone

It's usually annoying to receive a call from a private number or hidden number because you are in the long run unable to call back the person and as such it feels as if you're speaking with a ghost. I'm sure all of us using mobile or Android phones have once received such a call and the funny thing is that we've also called someone using a private number.

But today I'm going to burn the cable of all those hiding number to call other people as I'll be showing you how to know the hidden number or the person calling you. Just cross your fingers and keep reading this article as it's gonna get interesting along the line.

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There are two methods of doing this and the two methods are very effective;👇

1. Long process

2. Short process

Long process; this is a more difficult price but it's the most effective as you get to catch the person red handed without excuse, and it's very quick as you can catch the person immediately the person calls.

Short process; this requires the use of a short code and the fortunate thing is that it's the shortest method but it's doesn't produce instant result sometimes.

How to View a Hidden or Private Number Using the Long Process;👇

👉 First of all you need to make sure your phone battery is charged because it's going to be a funny experience.

👉 Secondly, you need to go to the contacts you think maybe doing this to you i.e. hiding numbers to call you and assign them with pictures and special ring tones.

👉 I am sure you know how to assign ringtones to contacts individually.

👉 Now when you're done assigning pictures and sounds to the contact you suspect could be hiding number to call you, just wait for the unknown number call again.

If the person hiding number to call you is that person you assigned image and ringtone to, the next time he or she calls you even with a hidden number the call will arrive with the assigned image and ringtone. That means the person has been discovered.

How to View Hidden/Private Number Using the Short Process;👇

👉 To view a private number, just wait for atleast 20minutes after receipt of such call. Then you press *#30# and send, then number will show on your phone screen afterwards.

In some cases it can take up to 24hours before it will show the number.
This is the easiest and shortest method to viewing a hidden number or Private Number. Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

How To Track/Monitor Someone's Phone Calls With Your Phone

Do you know you can easily track the communication activities of somebody close to you or a person you're investigating by easily dialing a simple code? Yes you can!

You can easily track the calls made to your friend's line by simply dialing a code on his phone and adding your phone number. This particular feature is very important and helpful to our everyday activities as it aids investigation, confirmation of a suspicion or gives evidence for a case yet to be proven.

This is just one of the ICT hacks I will update you guys with on a regular basis under the category Quick Tips" so this is the third episode of the Quick Tips, enjoy it now as it is knowledge packed.

How to Monitor/Track the Calls of Another Person;👇

👉 First of all make sure your own device is on and fully charged as calls meant for the said target would be forwarded to you.

👉 Pick up the person's phone whether your partner, brother or friend and make sure too that the person's battery is fully or averagely charged.

👉 Notwithstanding the network the person is using or kind of phone he's using all you have to do is dial the following code;

👉 Dial **67*174*add your number and # then you send. You can also alternatively dial **61*your phone number # and send as both of them processes and activates this trick.

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👉 When you are done, simply pick up another phone entirely ie. and call the line of the person you are tracking his call activities and once the call arrives it would also land in your own phone. Take note too that you are not to pick up the call first, simply wait for the target to pick up his or her phone before you do and then you start listening to their conversation as the third party.

👉 Please before doing this, get the approval of the person as this has a bad history.

However if you want to cancel or stop monitoring the person's call simply dial ##61# or ##67# and send.

Words used; Target[ the person you're tracking]

You; The person planning to track the target]

Note; this post is not meant to be violated or used wrongly by people, it's only for academic and awareness purposes and shouldn't be used to either perpetrate harm or trick another individual as it can result to violence and issues that may be out of control. Gistrealz has the full right to her content and doesn't have anything to do with how the contents are used by the readers. Be safe. 

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

How To Receive Calls in Another Phone When Your Phone is Off

Do you know that there are little hacks that you can use to enjoy the full potentials of the ICT world which you probably didn't know. We all know that there are inevitable situations that can occur and as such result our smartphones or mobile phones going off. And the worst thing that can happen is when you're expecting an urgent call from someone and your phone starts displaying the annoying Battery Low" you're either left stranded or you start looking for ways of transferring your sim cards to new phones.

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So today I'm going to show you one of these hacks which is how to receive your calls from another person's phone if your battery is down or your phone is about to go off; with this little knowledge I believe you will be able to save yourself of the troubles if you have any friend or family close to you at this time.

This should be done before your phone totally goes off and you should quickly dial **21*(the person's phone number#) and send; from then if somebody calls your line it will ring on the person's phone i.e. the person you dialed the above code on his or her phone.

With this, you won't miss out on any call when your phone is off as all calls would be forwarded to the person's device or your second device.

That's all you need to know about this little technology tip... Enjoy!