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Countries Where WhatsApp is Banned Totally

Do you know that there are certain countries in the world that WhatsApp is not allowed to run? Yes and these countries are also powerful cou...

Download FreeFlix Mod Application and Watch 2500+ DSTV Channels

Hello Guys! Today I bring good tidings, something Gistrealz Blog is not known for! For sometime now, due to the BBNaija show trendin...

How to Save The Status Updates of Your Friends on Social Media With Xender

Xender the popular file sharing application has introduced a new feature that solves the problem of those having issues with saving the ...

4 Best Android Hacks and Tricks You Need to Know in 2020

Android is the most popular and veratile operating system or Smartphones as of now and it acccounts for 85% share of sales in the smartp...

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