Saturday, March 28, 2020

Palmpay Lucky Money: Earn as Much as N500 Free By Participating

It's been a while since we last enjoyed freebies be it free airtime or data but as promised we will keep delivering when it comes to bringing latest freebies to your doorstep.

The application that is offering a little freebie this period is an application that you guys must be familiar with..  let's first of all give a brief description of the Application.

Palmpay is an application that lets you do some online transactions like buying of Airtime, money transfers, payment of cable TV bills and PHCN bills etc. and also get rewarded for doing so, they are doing a little giveaway for their users for the month of March... 

Palmpay is giving away free N100 cash for those that are using their service and even if you are not using the Palmpay App you can download and sign up on the app then enroll your Palmpay number on the lucky money website to receive free N100 which you can either withdraw as airtime or money straight to your bank account.

Requirements for the Free N100 Lucky Money from Palmpay App;

1. A standard Android phone.

2. The Palmpay application which can be downloaded from Google play store or from HERE.

3. A Palmpay account..

4. Ability to read and understand...

Now you may be wondering, all these stress beau's of a meagre N100, you think it's not worth it right? Don't jump into conclusion yet, just keep reading!

Now if you have the above requirements, just click HERE after you must have downloaded the app and signed up on the application as well, plus all other necessary settings... 

When you click on the link above, you will be asked to input your Palmpay number as shown in the screenshot below;
Enter the number you used while registering for Palmpay and then fill the captcha correctly.

When you are done with that, go back to your Palmpay application and you will see a notification asking you to accept your lucky money, just accept your lucky money and the lucky money N100 will be credited to your account balance.

From there you can now but airtime with your N100 or you simply transfer it to your bank account straight...

How to Bypass the N100 Free Lucky Money from Palmpay and withdraw as much as you have strength to;

I wanted this to be on a separate article but since the free giveaway is ending on the 31st of March there isn't much time left for us to enjoy this giveaway...

Now if you want to get more than N100 from the lucky money you need to play smart, go to Google Playstore and download app cloning softwares like parallel space" and much more..

Then clone the Palmpay App with the application cloning software and register a new account with your second phone number, also if you have other numbers, just download other app cloning softwares and clone Palmpay with them too and repeat the same process above to also get credited with the free Lucky money...

That's all you need to know about the Palmpay Lucky Money reward and how to bypass the free N100 on Palmpay.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Tubi TV: Watch Thousands of Series and Movies For Free

Are you tired of the constant subscriptions you do on Netflix and the likes to stay updated with the movies you love? If you are then get ready to enjoy seamless and uninterrupted streaming and watching of movies for free 100% no sign ups required, no credit card, no yearly subscription nothing.
Data Sharing on MTN is Back | Easily Transfer Your Data To Friends

Data Sharing has been re-enabled on MTN which means that as an MTN subscriber you can now send data from your data balance to your friends and family. Before now this particular feature was deactivated by MTN for unknown and undisclosed reasons but they've reintroduced the wonderful feature which means if your friend has data he or she can easily share to you by just doing simple things or following simple instructions;

How to Easily Transfer Data from Your Data Balance on your MTN line

>> First of all you need to have a data bundle on your phone or your friend needs to be subscribed to a data bundle before embarking on the data gifting/sharing mission.

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>> Simply dial *123*3#, then reply with 7.

>> You'll get a list of options to choose from. You can transfer data from your data balance, buy for a friend, or even request data from a friend.

>> Kindly choose the option you want to go for and proceed which the desired code and proceed to choosing the amount of MB you wanna send

>> Enter the friend's number if you are trying to send while you enter your number if you are the receiver and must be on the senders device.

Then you finalise the transfer, the wonderful thing about this new data sharing is that it doesn't require you set up a pin(in a way is good in another way it's really terrible) and you can't transfer more than 2times which is a security measure to prevent Unauthorized transfer of data.  That's all you need to rock and share your unlimited or huge data plan with your friend. With these steps you can easily transfer data to your friends and family.

As a Warning though, if you have a friend that you don't trust so much please avoid giving him or her your phone easily to avoid losing all your data. I believe it was because of data theft that made MTN deactivate this feature in first place, be warned!
Electroneum: Accumulate and Withdraw Airtime as Much as N3000 Free

With the way cheats and offers are surfacing this period I think it can only be right to call this a freebie period because we've enjoyed numerous offers and cheats from the dawn of 2020 till date. We first enjoyed GLO Unlimited Browsing Cheat from December 2019 till early January, then a new GLO Unlimited Browsing cheat came up again which is still blazing plus the Ntel Unlimited Browsing cheat.

But today's update isn't going to be about a cheat but about a free airtime Application known as Electroneum. It's not necessarily an airtime application but it's a crypto currency mining Application that mines a crypto currency known as ETN; by mining I mean increases it on an hourly basis.

The ETN gotten from this application can be used for airtime and data top ups from the top ups section of the Electroneum application. 

Yes, I believe you're lost, so I will do my best to find you and keep you where you're supposed to be;

How to Accumulate and Withdraw Upto 700Naira Airtime from Electroneum Application?

First of all, you need to have the Electroneum Application; which can be downloaded from HERE after which you sign up, don't login with Facebook to avoid losing some newbie bonuses. 
When you're done with creating your personal account, just login to your newly created account and you will be greeted with a new interface, which will just display your ETN balance and how to generate more ETN rewards... 

Just follow the prompt, till you're asked to do some tasks which will enable you earn more ETN and also activate your wallet, see below a screenshot of the tasks you will be asked to do
Now the tasks you will be asked to do will help you to activate your wallet for future increment through mining and also to get more ETN;

1. Set Up A Pin: This is the first task you asked to complete when you click on the wallets option on the Electroneum application, just tap on it and set up any five digit number that you can easily remember so that next time when you're signing into the app you can enter it. This is for account security but you will be rewarded with 5etn for completing it. 

2. Confirm Email address: while registering you are asked to fill in your email address so all you have to do is to go to your email address inbox and copy the code that was sent to you after registration and paste into the box provided for the verification to be done. You will be rewarded with 5etn. 
3. Basic Info: here you are required to fill in basic information about yourself. This is to avoid creation of multiple accounts. You will be rewarded with 5etn. 

4. Account security notice: this is to ensure you accept all account policies and prove to them that you are in support of all their policies. You will be rewarded with 5etn after completion. 

5. Prove You're not a Robot: you will be asked to select some items to ensure you are not a robot planning to attack their system. You will also be rewarded with 5etn after doing this. 

When you're done with the above, then your ETN wallet will be confirmed and ready to receive earnings. 

How to Activate Your Account;

When you've done all these, just tap on the More option on your application dashboard and select generate more ETN, after which you tap on the referral program and scroll down to where you will be asked to enter a referral codedly; in the box, just copy B69A6F  and paste in the box to finally activate your account. 

Now that's all you have to do as regards the activation of your wallet and account on the Electroneum Application. 

How to Withdraw/Top Up your Airtime With ETN Acquired From Electroneum Application

Now it will be pointless talking about how to activate your account and wallet on Electroneum without talking about how to withdraw the said ETN as airtime, I know that and that's the reason I'm still going to break but down for you;

Note: You become eligible to withdraw your etn after it has gotten to 100
When you have upto 100ETN, just tap on Top Ups in your account dashboard and proceed with the number you want to withdraw your ETN to;

Then select the network operator you are using;

If you want to withdraw airtime as much as 700Naira from Electroneum it's better you leave your ETN to grow to 500+ ...

Note: You need to login to your ETN daily or weekly to keep extending your ETN rewards. But if you don't have data to login everyday make sure you login once every 7 days.

That's all you need to know about this new free airtime rewarding app. | Electroneum

Saturday, December 21, 2019

How To Get Free 50Naira Airtime Recharge From Flom Messaging Application

Some days ago I shared a post on how to get free N500 Airtime by just downloading and registering on the Flom Application. This promo was very brief though because it was targeted at rewarding new users who download the app when it's still in it's beta stage. The promo ended and they introduced a miniaturized version of it, of which people that download the Flom Application, register and give a feedback will be rewarded with an instant N50 airtime.


1. A smartphone

2. The Flom Messaging and Utility Application

3. Data that will enable you register on the application.

How to Activate the Free N50 Airtime on Any Network for free from Flom Application

1. Download the Flom App from Playstore.

2. You now sign up by entering your phone number with the exclusion of 0 because the +234 already replaces the 0.

3. After sign up you'll get a message displaying your verification code, this they implemented to make sure only genuine users register on their platform

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4. Tap on the more options button and select send feedback", now all you have to do is give them a feedback regarding the application you donwloaded, what you want/expect from it and what you like about the app and then submit to get the free N50 airtime recharge.

How to Accumulate the Free N50 Airtime

You can actually accumulate this airtime if you have many sims, to do this you just have to donwload Parallel Space App" from playstore or from HERE

After downloading the parallel space app, add Flom and then sign up with your second number, follow the above process to get the free N50 Airtime on your second sim you don't have to uninstall the app after this.

If you still want to continue, open the parallel space and long press on the Flom App until remove option shows up, then you drag it to the delete option to delete it from parallel space see screenshot below

When you're done with the removal from parallel space, just tap on add app again and still select Flom, repeat the process and get another N50 airtime but in different sims. This particular accumulation works well if you have many sims...

This how to get free N50 airtime recharge from Flom Application Enjoy!

Sunday, November 10, 2019

How To Activate Moreblaze 650mb for N200 on 9mobile

9mobile is back again with a wonderful data bundle that gives a subscriber 650mb for N200. The good thing is that every customer can enjoy this new data bundle i.e. both old and new customers. This is the second plan from 9mobile after tht introduced the 1gb plus 3hours streaming bundle for N200 and this is worth been tried out.

How To Activate 650mb Moreblaze Data Bundle for N200

>> First of all slot your 9mobile sim card into your device.

>> Secondly, you load/recharge your 9mobile sim with N200.

>> Then you dial *229*3*2# to subscribe to the data bundle.

>> To check your day balance, dial *228#

>> Also note that the data bundle is valid for 24 hours.

This is a wonderful data bundle for those with heavy internet activity. Enjoy!