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Monday, January 6, 2020

MTN Newest Data Plan: Activate 200MB for N50 and 2GB for N500

MTN Nigeria has introduced another wonderfully cheap data bundle to help us celebrate and enjoy the new year.
On MTN you can now get as much as 200mb data for just N50 airtime..

This plan is designed for those not eligible for the MTN welcome back data bundle, so if you're not eligible for the MTN welcome back data plan and wish to enjoy cheap browsing keep reading this post.

Eligibility Criteria

Unfortunately for us this very cheap data bundle has an eligibility criteria; which means that your sim has to be eligible before you can subscribe. It's not for everybody, but just try your own luck.

How to Activate the 200MB Data Bundle for just N50 

First if all you need to have your MTN sim card and your mobile or Android phone switched on.

Make sure before you try activating this bundle you must have upto N50 airtime in your account balance.

Finally to activate the 200mb data bundle for just N50 on MTN dial *131*25# and your N50 will be deducted and your line credited with 200mb data. 

This wonderful data bundle can be accumulated, which means that you can still get upto 2GB data for just N500 using the accumulation method. If you subscribe to the plan 10 times you get 2GB, which means 2GB for N500.

Advantages of the Data Bundle Offer

1. It has a good validity period of 14days [2 weeks]

2. It is good for heavy downloaders as well as small internet users.

3. It is cheap and very close to the MTN welcome back data plans. .

4. Most sims on MTN are eligible for the bundle.

Disadvantages of the Data Bundle Offer

1. It has an eligibility criteria; which means not everyone can subscribe.

2. The data is slightly similar to the welcome back data plan, which is nothing new for those already making use of the welcome back data plan from MTN.

That's all! If you're eligible for the plan kindly subscribe and enjoy your self and also do well to rate this post... God Bless!

Saturday, January 4, 2020

UBA Sacks Over 1000 Staff For Undisclosed Reasons

United Bank for Africa (UBA) Plc, a leading pan-African financial services group headquartered in Nigeria yesterday night laid off over 1000 staff for reasons unknown to the media but suspected to be the increasing staff strength.

UBA was rumoured to have signed the Popular Nigeria Pop star Wizkid on an endorsement deal worth $3 million [1Billion Naira] but on January 3rd sacked over 1000 staff after a brief meeting for undisclosed reasons.

The staff were made to stay in the banking hall till 10:30 pm all in a bid to know their fate. 

This is the first time UBA is sacking her workers and it came as a shocker to those affected.

Honestly, this is a terrible way to start the new year for those affected... It's just a pity.

Friday, January 3, 2020

How to Bypass Opera Free 50MB Daily Data and Browse Unlimitedly

MTN and Airtel Recently partnered with Opera to offer free 50MB worth of browsing daily to their subscribers. Most people think its not worth it as 50Mb daily is too small considering how miniaturized and uncomfortable Opera Mini Browser makes browsing for some users.
Today however I have discovered a cheat for the opera mini daily free browsing for MTN users particularly. With this little hack and setting you will be able to enjoy unlimited browsing on MTN and possibly Airtel with the Opera Mini or Opera Browser.
I urge you to read te information on this page carefully and also take down and follow the instructions carefully to avoid the little hack not working for you.

  • A smartphone
  • Opera Mini or Opera Browser (you can also use the Opera News App with same mb)
  • An MTN Sim card
  • Following the Instructions on this page

How To Bypass The Daily Opera Free 50MB on MTN 

Bypassing the free daily 50MB means that you can use as much as you want to without being restricted. All you need to bypass this cheat is ability to follow instructions..
To bypass the daily Opera Free 50MB, you have to switch on your data connection and launch the Opera Browser. After launching the browser you will be prompted to accept that you have been granted free 50MB data on MTN, just tap on I'm in" and start browsing.
make sure you browse until the normal 50MB gets exhausted.
Once you have exhausted the normal 50MB data and your browsing stops.

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Go to settings and select Applications, look for Opera Mini Browser and tap on clear cache and clear storage or data ( dependent on your android version).

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When you are done clearing the data and cache.

Switch off your data connection for some minutes and switch it back on again, then navigate to the Opera mini browser and immediately it starts reinstalling all the installation fils you will get another message informing you that you have free 50MB data to enjoy for the day. Once installation finishes, enter any web address you wish to access and start browsing again till it finishes.

To continue enjoying the 50MB, just repeat the above process, till you are tired of browsing.

There is another way of bypassing the daily Opera 50Mb free browsing on MTN and possibly Airtel, just check it out before you rush out of here;

Second Method: How to Bypass the Opera 50MB Free Data Daily

This is a more tactical and complex method as it requires you navigate to your Phone's Developer Options I believe all Android users know what I mean.

When you go to developer Options,Simply scroll down till you see "Dont Keep Activities" Option, for all Android devices its off. To rock the cheat using this method you just have to enable it by ticking the on button.

Switching on the "Dont Keep Activities" means that once you exit any application, it gets crashed or all activities on the app gets wiped off.

⟹Whereas its application when it comes to Bypassing the Daily 50MB on Opera Mini is that each time you exhaust your daily 50MB just close the app and with the Dont Keep Activities enabled, all activities on the Opera Browser gets discontinued and when you go back to the App to continue your browsing you are regarded as a new user. The Free 50Mb data gets refreshed and you continue browsing nonstop until you get tired of browsing.

All you have to do if you are using the second method is to close the app and reopen when you have exhausted the daily 50MB. But I advise anyone reading this post to use the first method as its less technical and won't affect other Applications like the second one would.

Enjoy your unlimited browsing with Opera Mini and Happy New Year to You!!

Thursday, January 2, 2020

GLO Data Sharing: Easiest Way to Share and Unshare Data Plans

Some months ago I shared a post on how to share data on MTN and I believe it has helped those in need of data to easily ask for data from their friends and family. Today I am going to share how to share, unshare and check the numbers sharing data subscription with you on the GLO Network, just sit tight and grab the information because its for your own good.

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How To Share Your Data Subscription on GLO

Since we have been blessed with unlimited free browsing cheat on GLO this season, we are sometimes asked by our friends or family members to share the love with them to; so to share data or link your GLO data subscription with a friend or family member you just have to dial a simple USSD Code.
  • Dial *127*01*Phonenumber# and automatically your data subscription will be shared to the persons line which means that as long as you are online with your data the person too will be enjoying the same love. 
Immediately you dial the above code with the person's Glo number included, you have automatically shared your data subscription with him or her.

How to Unshare Your Data Subscription on GLO

Sometimes we share data and forget to unshare the person we shared the data to. This is most common on the GLO network because they dont prompt you or disconnect the person when you have eventually exhausted your data bundle. In the case where the person doesn't inform you or you don't remember just dial the below code to unshare the number.
  •  Dial *127*02*phonenumber# to unshare the person and automatically the person loses further right or ability to use your data subscription.
  • Alternatively you can use the SMS procedure, just go to your messages and enter 127 as the recepient, then you send "Remove Phonenumber" and send. Example; Remove 08050000000 to 127 and then wait for the next sms from 127 confirming the data unsharing.  
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 How To View The Numbers Sharing/Linked to Your Data Bundle on GLO

If you believe your data is reducing more than expected, it could mean that somebody is using your data without you knowing. sometimes since no pin is required or no confirmation, somebody might just pick up your phone and link your data subscription to his or her line and you end up working while Baboon will be chopping" to view the numbers sharing data subscription with you just;
  • Dial *127*00# and all the GLO numbers you are sharing your data with will be displayed on your screen, just scrutinize and remove the illegal one or the one you didn't add yourself.

Monday, December 30, 2019

How to Activate Free 150MB Data on MTN By Registering on GidiMo

Hey Guys I bring good tidings as usual.. You can now get free 150MB on your MTN line by Just downloading and registering on Gidimo App this giveaway period. It's working and if you're able to act as soon as possible you could be among the people to get this wonderful offer from GidiMo.

What is GidiMo About?

GidiMo is an app where you learn & achieve your personal advancement goals in a fun & competitive community.

Gidimo is the developing world’s pioneer personal advancement platform, here to help you #SeizeYourFuture!

How to Activate Free 150MB Data from GidiMo Application

First of all download GidiMo App from Google Playstore or from apkpure.com.

Install the GidiMo App and then launch it, you'll be shown a sign up button just click on that and fill the registration form that will be shown to you after clicking on the sign up button.

When you're done signing up with your MTN number that is on, GidiMo will send you an otp that will enable you complete your registration.  Enter the code and then allow the app some minutes to complete your registration and boom the next pop up will be asking you to confirm the number you want to get the Free 150MB.

Enter the number you used in registering and get you instant 150MB data.

The 150MB data from GidiMo is valid for 7days and to check the balance simply dial *460*260#.

Enjoy and please do well to rate this post as it lets us know of your feelings and how you see our posts. Thanks. 

Sunday, December 29, 2019

MTN Partners With Opera To Offer Free 50MB Data Daily To Subscribers

MTN Nigeria has partnered with Opera to offer free 50MB worth of data daily to her subscribers and users of Opera mini and Opera Browser. This is not in anyway a cheat as it's an official partnership between MTN and Opera.

Sequel to the above affirmation that it is not a cheat, utilising the free browsing worth of 50MB data daily with the Opera Browser is as easy as inserting your MTN sim and then opening the Opera Mini browser to browse any website you like until you exhaust the free 50mb allocated to your sim for that very day. You don't need VPN or any other code to start rocking this free 50mb data daily as it was done to aid MTN subscribers who are unable to browse not because they don't own a good device but due to lack of funds to purchase data bundles.

Requirements and how to set it up:

Just insert your MTN sim card if it's not in your phone currently and switch on your phone.

Secondly, launch/open the Opera mini or Opera Browser, before doing this make sure your data connection is switched to MTN. If you don't have the Opera Mini Browser click HERE to download the app from Playstore

Once you open the Opera Mini browser you'll be shown a notification confirming your eligibility to browse for free to the tune of 50MB.

Just close the notification and start browsing as you like with the free 50MB from opera.

So if you were a fan of Facebook Free Mode you can escape it by accessing your Facebook account through the opera browser with your MTN sim card.

How to Accumulate Up-to 22GB On Any Network Using Flaim Social Messaging Application

Hello Guys I'm here again with amazing deals as always. This time its on how to Accumulate as much as 22GB data using the Flaim social messaging application. 

This won't take long as it's going to be very brief and concise, all you have to do to get upto 22GB of data on any network [MTN, GLO, Airtel and 9mobile].

Below are the requirements and the steps on how to activate and accumulate this outrageous data.


1. A smartphone

2. Flaim Social Messaging Application [ downloadable from Google Playstore or apkpure.com]

3. Little data and quickness or sharpness as the case maybe😅🙈.

How to Accumulate Up-to 22GB Data From Flaim Social Messaging Application

1. First of all the Flaim App rewards new users with Free 100Naira data plan if the user registers with an MTN number. If you're using Airtel you get 50Naira worth of data. But the good news is that you can accumulate this as much as you want or have strength to.

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2. Now once you've downloaded the Flaim App, just sign up using yiur Phone number after which you'll be asked to enter your verification code.

3. Now this is the where you start the accumulation, once you have the code.. enter it and immediately switch off your data connection once it starts processing.

After some seconds you'll receive free Data, and due to the fact that you switched off your data connection it will show you an error message... Re enter the code and once it starts processing switch off your data connection... Do this repeatedly and anytime you do it you'll get free data... Keep doing this to accumulate Up-to 22GB or more, it's fully dependent on how fast and quick you are to switch off your data connection.

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Now that's all the information you need as concerning how you can activate data subscription on Flaim including how to accumulate the free data to as much data as you want/can. Enjoy!!