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Monday, October 5, 2020

9Mobile Mega Millions Promo: Win A Smartphone Every hour and N1 Million When You Recharge

9mobile is one of the leading networks in Nigeria with numerous users and subscribers all over Nigeria. The interesting aspect is that 9mobile never stops dishing promotional offers; both airtime and data offers to keep their subscribers happy and comfortable. 

As always, they have come up with a new offer or rather promotion called Mega Millions Promo aimed at rewarding their loyal subscribers with smartphones every hour coupled with a chance to win N1 Million everyday. 

How to Participate in the Ongoing Mega Millions Promotion for 2020/2021

What You Stand to Gain and How to Win the 9mobile Mega Millions Promotion 2020/2021

9mobile Mega Millions Promo 2020/2021

 You stand to win a smartphone every hour for just recharging N200 and also if you are lucky, bag N1 Million Everyday. 

If you want to increase your chances of winning, just ensure you recharge upto 10,000 Airtime every month during the 90days of the promotion. The promotion is available for new and old 9mobile subscribers so you have absolutely nothing to fear. 

Recharge a minimum of N200 everyday to increase your chances the more as thousands of subscribers are going home with new smartphones everyday. 

Don't Miss this 9mobile Mega Millions Promotion - 2020/2021 for any reason! 

Thursday, October 1, 2020

Airtel Data Plans: Activate 75mb for N20, 250mb for N50, 1.5gb for N300 and Much More

As the saying goes, new month comes with new surprises and offers. Airtel Nigeria has just introduced new mind-blowing data offers that will go a long way in ensuring everyone enjoys this period and also stay connected all day. 

The new data bundles introduced by Airtel Nigeria is similar to MTN 4Me Data offers as eligible subscribers would be able to activate 75mb for N20, 1.5gb for N300 and 5gb for just N1000. Without wasting further time, let's go straight to steps.

How to Activate 75mb for N20, 250mb for N50, 1.5gb for N300 and Much More

It is very easy, all you need to do is insert your Airtel Sim card into your device and then dial *141*242# to see the available promotional data plans. 

Immediately the menu loads, you will be shown available data plans, just select the one you can afford and start rocking your internet connection. 

Note: If you are not eligible for the service you will be informed right away but if you're eligible, the data will be credited immediately. To check your eligibility status, just dial the code with a 0.0k balance and see the response. 


Monday, September 21, 2020

3 Ways of Earning Money On Palmpay Application


There are many ways of earning online ; both in terms of airtime, data and also cash rewards. Palmpay happens to be one of the apps that can fetch you some money online if used wisely. 

In this blog post, I am going to show you  the 3 Interesting ways of earning on Palmpay application. If you have not been utilising the numerous features provided by Palmpay, then this article will really go a long way in enlightening you. 

What is Palmpay?

Palmpay is a money app that was launched sometime in July 2019. The application rewards her users with bonuses for doing some transactions on the application. Transactions ranging from purchasing airtime, data and bill payments and also some cash transactions like money transfer, airtime loans etc. 

Infact, Palmpay app is one stop application for any user that wants to be digital in running all online transactions. But, like I said, Palmpay app rewards users and we are going to have a look at the 3 ways of earning on Palmpay.

1. Invite and Earn: 

Palmpay is a very innovative and generous app that doesn't neglect the importance of new users. When you refer new users to Palmpay app, you get free N300 airtime and the person you invited also gets rewarded with N100 airtime the moment he or she transacts on the app. Download the Palmpay App from HERE

2. Awoof Moni

Awoof Moni is one unique way of earning money on Palmpay app. Like the name sounds, it is a giveaway from Palmpay and every user on the platform is giving N30,000 of which he or she can make use of it by sharing the link to new users and anybody that claims the bonus, you also get rewarded from the N30,000 giveaway.

3. Daily Check In: 

As a Palmpay user, whenever you tap the check in option on your dashboard and maintain your streak, you get rewarded with Palmpoints, airtime coupons and much more. This is another way of making money on Palmpay.

As you can see, Palmpay is one of the best money applications if not the best currently in Nigeria. There are numerous other ways of making money and lots of other things on the app but these are the most significant ways. Enjoy!

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Download Premium PicsArt Photo Editor APK File Free
PicsArt Premium Version

Hello Guys, it's been a while since I dropped interesting stuff on Gistrealz. Today I bring to you the Modified version of a photo editor known as PicsArt. 

With the information on this page, you will be able to download PicsArt Photo Editor Pro version free of charge. But before that, let's first have a look at a brief information about PicsArt. 

What is PicsArt? 

Like I stated earlier, PicsArt is a photo editing application that helps smartphone users edit their photos, add alot of interesting filters, collage among others. Picsart is even the choice of most photographers because of its nice features. 

Officially, PicsArt comes in two variants, the free version which is open to all on playstore and the paid version otherwise called the premium version that unlocks new features for the user. 

Advantages of the Premium PicsArt Photo Editor APK;

  1. Access to thousands of clipart.
  2. It is totally ads-free
  3. Alot of filters available
  4. Crop, merge, overlay and lots more
  5. Clean photo background with just a touch.
How to Download PicsArt Premium Version for Free
The paid version is available on Gistrealz for free, all you have to do is click HERE to download the modified version free of charge. 

When you are done with the download, install the Picsart Premium application and start your photo editing smooth experience for free absolutely!

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Thursday, September 17, 2020

How to Activate 10GB Data On MTN For Free

MTN Free 10GB Data

MTN has topped up their game in the bid to ensure that all their users upgrade their Sims to the leading network connectivity 4G. They have topped their game in the sense that, they have improved the data gift any user that upgrades his or her sim will receive. 

When you upgrade your sim now on MTN you will get a whopping 10GB data but it's not automatic after upgrading your sim as you have to perform some short tasks online to receive the data. Let's first have a look at how you can upgrade your MTN Sim to 4G.

Requirements For MTN Sim 4G Upgrade;

  • Your sim pack (containing your phone number, serial number, puk code etc.)
  • A valid means of identification
That's all you need to get going. Just walk into any MTN service center close to your location and do the sim upgrade. It doesn't take much time and it's free. 

How to Activate the Free 10GB Data On Your MTN 4G Sim;
Immediately you are done with the 4G upgrade, just input the new sim into your device and sms 4G to 131. Wait for some minutes and you will get a message confirming the receipt of 10GB data straight to your line!

Just switch on the data connection, switch to 4G LTE and start surfing the web endlessly. Note that this information is for people that have not upgraded their Sims to 4G, if you have then there is nothing for you.

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Thursday, September 10, 2020

MORE App Review - Earn as Much as N20,000 Socializing on MORE Tribe
More Rising Star

There is nothing more interesting than earning some cents doing what you love. If you are a social media freak or writer then MORE News Application is the perfect platform for you.

With More News App you get a chance to earn by doing what you do normally on social media applications like Facebook and the rest. The same way you post interesting contents for engagement on Facebook is the same way you are supposed to post interesting contents on More App but the difference is that you earn when people engage.

The first question that hit my mind when I heard about More News App is, do they have enough users? So, I will answer that by directing you to download the application on playstore.  More News App has over 1Million downloads on Playstore ;if you are able to post interesting contents, you will be going home every month with Upto 20,000 Naira or more. 

How to Get Started On More News Application;

  • First of all, you need to download More News Application from playstore or from HERE.
  • After downloading the app and signing up, just click the link below and select your area of interest,(entertainment, politics etc.). You will be asked a couple of questions based on your area of specialization and immediately you pass the test you will be shown a link to join one of the official WhatsApp groups. Link -
  • It's as easy as that, immediately you join the group, send your username i.e. the name you used while signing up on the More app, and your full name and occupation to the group. The administrator will add you to the list of members. 
  • Once you are added, go back to the More News App and select Tribe (Image below)
More News Homepage
Join all tribes that pick your interest. Note that Tribes are like Facebook groups and that's the center of everything you are doing on More. Join as many tribes as possible and start posting contents, images, videos or write-ups related to the the tribe you joined. 
For example: if you join BBN Tribe you are expected to only post gist or pictures of BBNaija housemates and also write something catchy on top so that you can get some engagements because engagement rules on More. 

How to Check Your Earnings on More News Application;

For now you can't check your earnings as everything is calculated by the administrators. All you have to do is keep posting interesting stuff and when pay day approaches the administrators will drop a link for you to add your acct details. They pay directly into your local account. 

Types of Contents that Perform Well on More News App;
More News Engagement

- Interesting Celebrity News and Pictures. 
- Enticing Images or images of celebrities on their best attires. 
- Pictures of very beautiful ladies with good caption and for each post, ask them to follow your handle.

The more likes and comments = The more money and MulašŸ¤£... It all boils down to your creativity as the platform has quite a huge user base. Enjoy! That's all you need to know about Earning as a Rising Star on More News Application

Monday, September 7, 2020

Lodpress Review: Earn as Much as $10 Every Week Sharing Your Stories and Experiences

If you are the type of person that enjoy sharing your experiences and latest happenings with people then Lodpress is for you!

What is Lodpress?

Lodpress is a platform that promises to reward writers on their platform with cash rewards for sharing their masterpiece. It is very similar to Opera news Hub but the only difference is that they appear more lucrative because the number of hits your articles will get before you get paid is not that much. All you have to do as a writer or potential writer is to gently read this article.

How Lodpress Works and How to Register as a Writer? 

Like i stated earlier, Lodpress is a platform that rewards content creators with cash for submitting original and interesting articles on their website. You get paid based on how many hits your articles get, 1000 Hits will fetch $5 in Nigeria. 
To Register on the Lodpress Website, simply click HERE  Sign up with your original details like your name, email address and simple password that you cant easily forget. (Check image guide below)

There are no verifications whatsoever, so all you need to do is login to your newly created account and start publishing articles. To submit new articles, just tap the add articles button and add your title, summary of your article and then the body and submit for review.

Article Approval Criteria:

Like every other platform, the administrators of Lodpress frown at plagiarism and any creator found to constantly plagiarize will be deactivated and excluded from the platform. According to the FAQs area of the site, you need to write original and interesting articles to earn reasonable amount on the platform.
If you enjoy your stay on the platform and wish to also bring in new people into the program, just tap on the referrals button on your dashboard and copy your referral link. When you are done copying it, send it to whoever you wish to refer and whatever amount the person earns you get as much as 20% of it!

Negative Aspects of The Platform:

  1. Lordpress does not have much users, so it will be almost impossible for a creator to get 1k hits on an article. 
  2. It is paying now but it may not pay in the nearest future because they have no means of monetization for now. A business man cant be paying out when he is not breaking even. 
  3. You have to stress yourself so much as it involves optimizing your articles for search engine.
Thats All for Lodpress Write and Earn Platform, hope you enjoyed the article? Drop your comments and also share to your friends. Thank You!