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How To Activate GLO Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat | December 2019

For the first time in a long time there is a Glo free browsing cheat that is unlimited and rocking which means you are to browse and download everything you want without allocation or restriction. Let me not beat around the bush or waste your time, just keep reading this post to know how to activate this new Glo Unlimited Browsing cheat. 


πŸ‘‰ You need two GLO SIM cards

πŸ‘‰ Recharge card of N200

πŸ‘‰ One of the sims must be on Glo yakata tariff plan which you can migrate to by dialing *230# 

πŸ‘‰ A mobile or Android device

How to Activate GLO Unlimited Browsing Cheat

πŸ‘‰ Bring your two GLO SIM cards and dial #100# on the one you intend to recharge N200 on to check whether it's on Yakata tariff plan.. it must be on GLO yakata.

πŸ‘‰ Recharge N200 on the sim and buy the N200 data plan that gives 210mb under mini plans. Dial *777# to buy data on Glo.

πŸ‘‰ Then you wait for two hours or more, but must be a minimum of 2hours.

πŸ‘‰ After which you dial *127*01*[second number]#) OR Dial *777# >1 > 4. This is to share the data plan with your second sim, remember that you must have two sim cards for this cheat to get activated. So make sure you share the data to the second sim you didn't do anything on. 

πŸ‘‰ Now you'll use the second sim to browse not the one you bought mb with, that is after you must have waited 2hrs+. While browsing your 242mb won't be touched as you browse, that means you've activated the Glo Unlimited Browsing Cheat. 


1. You must wait for 2hours as this is the minimum eligibility criteria.

2. The sim you recharged and activated the N200 data plan on won't be used to browse, just share the data plan using the above code to the second sim and start surfing unlimitedly. 

3. Browse only with the second sim to avoid stories that touch the soul.

4. The cheat will last for only 4days as that is the validity period of the N200 data plan.

5. The first sim i.e. the sim you used for the recharge must be on Glo yakata plan. 

If you follow the above instructions, then you're good to go. Connect and start surfing unlimitedly. Enjoy!!

Sunday, December 15, 2019

How To Browse For Free on MTN Using Stark VPN Reloaded Version

Here comes a new free browsing tweak from MTN that is powered by stark VPN Reloaded version. The 24clan green vpn tweak and GAN VPN tweak has been blocked and as such the only way to browse for free on MTN is by using this current blazing stark VPN Reloaded. Below is the laid down instructions on how to get connected to the internet with MTN 0.0kobo using Stark VPN updated version which is Stark VPN Reloaded. Keep reading this article for more information on how to activate it.

How to Enjoy Daily 50mb Free Browsing on Stark VPN Reloaded version

> First of all you have to download the normal Stark VPN from Google Playstore or Apkpure.

> After downloading Stark VPN from playstore simply launch the application. Upon opening it you'll be prompted to download the Stark VPN Reloaded version follow the prompt to download the Stark VPN Reloaded version.

> When you are done with the download, just open the app and select MTN 50MB Daily.

> That's all you need, it's not like the usual Stark VPN configuration you just have to tap on connect and boom! Wait for some seconds for it to get connected. 

Enjoy the latest MTN Free Browsing  Cheat using the reloaded Stark VPN. 
10 Do's And Dont's in Blogging | Every Intending Blogger Must Read

As with other professions there are certain rules and regulations otherwise called do's and dont's in the blogosphere. Since blogging is a game of content creation and creativity most bloggers end up violating these rules; therefore putting themselves in a tough situation.
Like I've already stated blogging is a game of content creation so many bloggers commit attrocities that get them into a mess with Google and other search engines and as a whole their blogging career. In this post I've listed and explained what is regarded as good practices in blogging and what is regarded as bad practices.

The Big Do's and Dont's in Blogging
1. Avoid Copying another blogs content; this is a public warning that has been sounded as an alarm over and over again by Google and other premium blogging tips blogs but yet most bloggers either out of laziness or ignorance still fall victim of this particular warning; so if you aspiring to be a blogger or already a blogger make sure you stay away from copy paste because it's very dangerous and can damage your blogs future both In ranking on search engines and monetisation.
2. Write Long, Quality Contents: this is a common problem most bloggers face; some bloggers find it difficult to compose what we call quality content i.e. an article that has 600-2000 words. But it's a necessity if you want visitors to enjoy your blog and if you want your blog to be SEO friendly. If you doubt this however, type in a keyword on Google and check the websites that rank first position or second position you'll see that the articles are usually lengthy... Yes that is what Google regards as quality content.
3. Publish Content Regularly: Research has shown that blogs that do well on search engine or that Google prefers are blogs that are frequently updated with fresh intriguing content. The best thing is also that visitors also love blogs that are frequently updated, so to make a good brand, publish regularly on your blog and when I mean regularly, I'm not saying go to Google and pick up another blogs content and upload to yours just to keep updating regularly instead make out time for your blog and write a lengthy, quality and neat post devoid of spelling errors, grammatical blunders etc. While doing this however, don't forget that quality surpasses quantity.
4. Don't focus on your blog design: yes, I must confess that this is where I fall short seriously, I care much about my blog design and that I have observed has made me waste alot of time on irrelevant things.. I think since I started blogging I've changed my theme close to 60times; I'm not exaggerating it's the truth and it's terrible I must say... That is why I'm advising any body who wants to blog to forget blog design and focus on writing good, quality and lengthy content that will be of use to visitors.
5. Don't Blog for passion alone, Blog for πŸ’° Money: yes in most blogs they keep saying you've to blog for passion, but I disagree with that though not fully because the reason why I joined blogging was because I loved the feeling of been called a website owner and been able to get viewers and been the bossπŸ˜… but as I kept progressing I decided to venture into blogging for money and I'm happy and moving well towards that direction. So I'll advice any intending blogger reading this post not to blog because of the sake of blogging alone but don't have money at the back of your mind when starting a blog because blogging is not a rich quick scheme, money comes gradually but I believe what motivates people to be better is the reward behind the act... So while blogging also think of money because money believe it or not is the fuel that keeps every activity going in this world we are in.
6. Don't focus on search engine traffic alone: most bloggers will tell you to do keyword research, do search engine that, d search engine this but deep down they know that's not all blogging is about. I'm not saying it's not good to do SEO but do it secondarily, if you have money boost your social media presence because moreover some top blogs only focus on social traffic and they are making it big more than those focusing on search engine traffic ... Check for example Yabaleftonline ; the blog focuses on social traffic and it's a top blog in Nigeria when it comes to entertainment, so while blogging make sure you strengthen your social traffic whilst optimising your blog for search engines.. so that you won't lose out.
7. Choose a Good Niche: many bloggers make mistakes of niche selection when creating blogs and in the long run that makes them feel blogging is an impossible game... So if you are an intending blogger make sure you select niches that are fit for your country, don't select a niche that people don't search regularly or people aren't interested in... That's the life of a blog, if you select a bad niche you might never be able to stand until you quit ... In Nigeria for example the trending niche is entertainment, if you want to blog it is advisable that you go for what visitors want to read or are interested in, don't go for a niche people aren't interested in because it's not people from another country tht will visit your blog it's most likely your country people.
8. Don't scam your Visitors: this is another area bloggers fail woefully; most bloggers scam their visitors thinking they'll hit and run not knowing the aftermath of such act... Even if your blog was accepted by opera news and you keep posting fake things to draw visitors in the long run you'll post something that is genuine and no body will care to visit.. your blog reputation will be destroyed and you end up quiting, so to avoid these make sure what you post on your blog has been tested and confirmed to be working or true if a news blog. Blog with passion, take your visitors as yourself and check how you'll feel if it were you.
9. Don't backlink with a low quality website or Blog: backlinks should be quality and not quantity I've discovered that, so if you want to build backlinks do that with a high profile website by guest posting or creating profile backlinks of forums like Nairaland. Don't go to every website and drop comments with the aim of getting backlinks... Some are spammy and will do little or nothing to your site.
10. Blog for money but not because of money; yes! This is confusing but it's true, don't blog because of the money you'll get instead blog for the money you are looking forward to getting. There is a difference and it's clear...

Stick to the above and be a successful blogger, though I'm not yet successful but I'm on the road to being very successful in blogging and I think you should too.

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How To Earn More Than N10,000 Playing Games On Chopbarh Application

Do you believe you can earn money online by doing things that you normally do for free offline? If you don't believe, then you better start believing because it's 100% possible with an application known as Chopbarh"

With the mention of the name Chopbarh I'm sure you are wondering what the name implies and what it's for... Worry no more just keep reading this post and you'll be satisfied.

What is Chopbarh?
Chopbarh in Nigeria means Eat Money" the Chop means Eat while the Barh means money.
Chopbarh is a gambling application that rewards users with cash for playing games online; Ludo, Whot etc. with other users of the application and if you win you get cash reward. Since it's gambling, you stake any amount you want to play with and the people you are playing with also stake their own money of which the winner of the game Chops the whole cash i.e. assuming 6players play Whot and stake N100 each and if you win you get credited with all their cash which means you'll go home with N600 including your own initial stake.

Chopbarh is a good way of earning money online doing things you love doing and you would have done for free. And if you are an expert in the aforementioned games then you are good to go as you can make as much as N10,000 on the Chopbarh application and withdrawal is forwarded to your local bank account straight without delays. 
Where to Download Chopbarh App from?
You can download Chopbarh App from Google playstore or from HERE [straight from their website]

After downloading Chopbarh app, simply register by filling the sign up form and create your personal identification number [PIN] and boom you are done with the registration and you officially have a Chopbarh account. 

How to Fund your Chopbarh Account
When you login to your Chopbarh account select Manage funds" and then tap on deposit button to fund with your 🏧 ATM card or with a recharge card. That's all then you start playing games with people and make real cash online.

Chopbarh is a Nigerian application that you can enjoy instead of constantly wasting your money on bet shops. Though the Chopbarh application is a gambling app but it's an advanced version of gambling and you get instant cash once you win.

Enjoy and if you have any question kindly drop in the comment box below! Enjoy!

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Can Your Bank Account Be Hacked With Your BVN Number? Find Out The Answer

There is this issue or let me say confusion trending on social media as to whether your bank account can be hacked through your BVN". I want to address this confusion with my little research on the matter and also give a categorical warning to those giving out their BVN to untrusted sites and applications. Because in a country like this where everyone is looking for a way to survive we might end up falling for scam because of greed for money or ignorance.

But before we start deliberating on that I would love everyone to know the meaning of BVN i.e. what BVN is. 

What is BVN?πŸ‘‡

The abbreviation BVN stands for Bank Verification Number. It is used as a number to control all your accounts and prevent fraud. 

Can One's Account Be Hacked With BVN ?πŸ‘‡

The answer is “Yes“. You can be hacked with your BVN. In fact, once hackers know your BVN they have the chance to withdraw your funds without you consenting to it. That is why banks warn against displaying or giving out BVN to untrusted people or phishing websites.
Giving out your BVN means you've given out access to your bank details and as such the organization or hacker can easily view your banking information. I've also listed below the information hackers or organizations get when they get hold of your bank verification number. 

Below are the Information hackers get with your BVN:
πŸ‘‰Account number

πŸ‘‰Phone number

πŸ‘‰Date Of Birth

πŸ‘‰Security Question and Answer

πŸ‘‰ Your Bank Account email address

With the information above they can easily change your account pin and withdraw all your money. So always be guided while pasting your BVN anywhere to avoid having regrets later. Though there are certain basic knowledge you should have of a website before dropping your BVN. The most essential knowledge is whether the site you're about to drop something as sensitive as BVN has SSL security on it, this is to ensure that your information isn't been monitored or compromised by a third party. 
Also ensure that the website requesting for your BVN is reputable in the country or is a registered company in the country. Like few days ago I shared something concerning StanChart Application giveaway of N2000 and some people were sceptical because it requires BVN... Don't get me wrong it's good to be sceptical with things as sensitive as BVN but it is also worthy to note that StanChart is a registered bank in Nigeria and it's full name is Standard Chartered Bank, you can research about them on Google. 

That's all you need to know about BVN safety and whether your bank account balance can be jeopardized with the exposure of your BVN to hackers or scammers. Be safe!

Also feel free to drop a comment as to your ideas about this and questions πŸ˜‰

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Latest Orange Unlimited Free Internet via Slow DNS VPN

Orange users should utilize the settings on this page to surf the web unlimitedly. With the settings on this page you can browse the internet for free without data or airtime purchases, just adhere to the settings on this page strictly to start browsing for free.
This Orange free internet for Senegal is powered by Slow DNS VPN and its not too fast but can be used to download and surf the web without issues.

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Some Features of Slow DNS VPN
  • A good tunneling app
  • A host of several servers
  • A simple UI
  • Slow in connection with the basic plan
Requirements for Latest Orange Unlimited Free Internet via Slow DNS VPN
  • An Orange senegal Sim card with zero airtime and data.
  • An Android device, iOS or PC
  • Your Slow DNS VPN which can be downloaded from HERE
  • The configuration settings below
Slow DNS VPN Settings For Orange Senegal Unlimited Free Internet Trick

  • Install and Open the Slow DNS VPN
  • Use the below settings to configure your slow dns vpn for free browsing cheat
  • Username and Password : Leave this part
  • Server: Select any free server of your choice
  • DNS Server:
  • Choose TXT: Response not encoded
  • Lport: 1050, Rport: 20
  • Keep changing connection port: Tick
  • Binary Query: Tick
  • Click on connect
  • Wait a little for the connection to go through, if it doesnt go, simply reconnect again until it gets connected so that you can start browsing free with this Orange Senegal Unlimited Free Internet Trick. Enjoy
Glo New Data Offer: Activate 1GB for N100 Valid For 5days

Glo being one of the best networks when it comes to data allocation on their various data plans have decided to introduce a mouth watering data plan that looks similar to their 1GB for N200 that once reigned. Glo has added a new data plan in their list of Night dt aplans that gives a subscriber a whopping 1GB data to browse for a subscription that costs just N100. This is by far one of the best data plans ever introduced by Glo Nigeria.


A Mobile or Android Device

πŸ‘‰ A Glo Sim with minimum balance of N100

πŸ‘‰ The USSD Code to subscribe for this Night plan.

How to Activate 1GB for N100 On your Glo Sim

πŸ‘‰ Dial *777# press 1>1>7 

πŸ‘‰ Once you dial the code you'll get subscribed to this amazing data bundle and your N100 will be deducted in exchange for 1GB data which you can use to browse from 12am-5am every night for 5days.

Also Read: How to Activate 2GB for N200 on MTN


This data bundle is wonderful and simply has no disadvantage when it comes to both validity period and data allocation as it covers both area.

Glo 1GB for N100 covers all the flaws of other networks when it comes to Night plan and would obviously take over when it comes to Night plan.

The data bundle is valid for 5days, which means you can enjoy the night plan for 5night from 12am-5am so you don't have to bother if you fail to finish it in one night as you can start your browsing from 12am of the next night.

It's best for those that are over occupied during the day and only chanced at night as they can just subscribe to the plan and everynight they aren't busy they surf the web and do whatever they like.

If you have a huge file to download you can just Subscribe to this Glo 1GB for N100 and use it to download whatever you want or need.


Being called a night plan one should be able to decipher that this particular data plan works only at midnights which means if you subscribe and can't stay up late you won't be able to use it.

Considering Glo's slowness in some areas one can be tempted not to accept or subscribe to this plan before you stay up late and at the end find it close to impossible surfing the web or using the data.

That's all you need to know about the New Glo 1GB for N100 Data plan. Enjoy!