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MTN Is Rewarding Customers With 100MB Free, Get Yours Now

Some weeks ago MTN had network issue that made their network incredibly slow, those using internet connection experienced it the most....

Sunday, January 19, 2020

MTN Is Rewarding Customers With 100MB Free, Get Yours Now

Some weeks ago MTN had network issue that made their network incredibly slow, those using internet connection experienced it the most. I even switched to GLO because of how slow internet connectivity was on MTN. 

Due to inconveniences caused by the network issues, MTN have started rewarding their customers with free 100MB data. The good news too is that you don't have to do anything special other than to insert your MTN sim if it wasn't in your device before now. Also if you've not gotten the SMS yet and your phone is on, just dial *131*4# to confirm your data balance because there's high chance it's already been credited. 
But if you don't see any 100MB just wait patiently for it. 

The 100MB giveaway from MTN is a compensation for the slow internet connectivity that their customers had to endure because of their network issues . 


Saturday, January 18, 2020

How To Verify Your Adsense Address With Bank Statement | Very Easily And Fast

You Might find it hard to believe what you are about to read but its hundred percent true. I registered for Google Adsense on August 2019 and got disapproved same month, of course like every other blogger I had to reapply and after the second application i was approved. I started making some cents from my website on a daily basis as a matter of fact, i was performing so well to the extent that my Adsense account got matched content the same month, little did I know i was about to begin a long journey of verifications. First of all Immediately I got upto $11 I was asked to verify my identity on Adsense which i did with no skin pain because i had my National ID on standby.
Things went on so well until it got to Google Adsense Address verification, this time around I was expected to receive a letter of which a PIN was located inside for my adsense account to be ready to receive payments. This is where the issue that i consider Adsense threatening started... I was given three attempts and i surprisingly exhausted all of them without getting the supposed PIN from Adsense because of poor postal service in my region of residence. I asked some popular bloggers and Adsense dealers and they gave me a shocking reply that i had lost my Adsense earnings.. everything worsened the three days ago when Adsense disabled ad serving on my site with the next threat being termination of my account.

Now, decided to check out the verify address section of my adsense account and surprisingly I saw an option to fill a form incase I didn't get the Adsense PIN after three consecutive attempts. I tapped on the form and saw that I was eligible to upload National ID, Voters Card, Bank Statement, Nepa Bill etc. but in my own case i made use of my Bank Statement because that was the only document I had with my home address on it.

Now in this post I am going to go straight to the point, you can verify your Google Adsense address with Bank statement comfortably without issues if you scan and upload the bank statement to Adsense using the Form provided by Adsense. 

Now lets see what you need to verify your Google Adsense Address (PIN)
  1. You need either a Bank Statement or Voters Card
  2. You need to copy your Publisher ID well without mistakes, to see your Publisher ID just tap on Account Information on your dashboard and copy it... It looks like this Pub-67533231177 
How to Verify Your Google Adsense Address With Bank Statement?

Now After requesting for the PIN three times, you wont be given an option to request again because you have exhausted the allowed number of times per account.

Don't Panic at all, just log into your Adsense dashboard as you always do and tap on Account Information, there you will see Verify Address" as an option, tap on it and if it has gotten to 30days or more since you requested for the last PIN you will see  a paragraph beneath the page where you generate your last AdSense pin which reads – If you don’t receive your PIN after 4 weeks of this date, please complete this formIf you can see this paragraph then there is hope for you.

If the link is not working even when it has passed one month after the request of your third pin just click on this link instead https://support.google.com/adsense/contact/id_verification it will still take you to the form. 

Tap on the link and you will be shown a form to fill, below is a screenshot of how the form will look like

Once the form loads then consider the address verification done and dusted, just fill in the details you are asked to fill in ranging from your name and also carefully paste your publisher ID in the provided box and proceed to submitting the form. But be careful if you fail at the first attempt your Google Adsense account and earnings are gone. 
Make sure that the address you entered in your Adsense account tallies 100% with the address on your Bank statement because any discrepancy makes the whole process null and void. Be careful.

In my case i submitted the form and after some minutes I got another response confirming the successful verification of my Adsense address. See the email I got immediately I submitted the form
Now thats how to verify your Google Adsense PIN Verification with your Bank Statement. You don't even have to stress yourself looking or changing your address to another address other than your original address for your verification to be successful. When it comes to Google Adsense address verification you need patience, dont go trying wrong Pins because that means your adsense account will be terminated without any delay once you guess codes and use up the three attempts left for your account, no jupiter can save your account plus the little earnings you might have in it... Be careful and always be patient, Goodluck!

Friday, January 17, 2020

How To Bypass The "Application Not Available for Your Country Error" on Google Playstore

Hello Guys, Some days ago I shared a post on Zap Surveys app and alot of people experienced some challenges downloading the Zap Surveys App from Google playstore even after connecting to USA servers with Tweaknews VPN. So I thought it wise to share the steps you need to follow the bypass/ trick your way into downloading Applications not available for your country easily with or without a VPN. 

Google Play store is the largest and Official Android App store and Game store housing millions of games and Android Applications. Some developers do restrict users from specific countries from downloading their Applications either because the country has a high number of cyber criminals or the app has nothing to do with the country in question.

This has caused some disturbances especially for users in Nigeria that almost all survey apps restrict from partaking in their surveys. SO this little trick will help you to easily download Android apps and games not officially meant for your own country. Just keep reading this post because this information is top notch.

How to Download Android Applications Not Available For Download in Your Country

To Bypass this Google Play store Country restriction simply follow strictly all the instructions on this page;

1. First of all, you need to switch off your location/ GPS.

2. Now go to App drawer and long press Google Playstore, then tap on storage details.

3. Navigate to Storage or Data (depending on your Android Version) and tap on clear data or storage.

4. Now if you have a VPN you can connect it to USA or any other country that doesn't share the restriction your own country is under. If you don't have a strong VPN, kindly Download UFO VPN and connect to USA servers.

5. When you are done with this, just go back to playstore and search for the app that wasn't available for your country, you will find out that it will now display the Install Button...

Just install the App and start rocking.. This is how to easily Bypass the Country restriction for App Download on Google Playstore.. Enjoy!!

How to Earn Upto $100 Free On Gigs4five Freelance Website

Hello Guys! its time to make more money or Mula as Nigerians call it. 

With the guide on this page you will learn How to earn upto $10 and accumulate to $100 if you wish to on the Gigs4five Platform for free and also withdraw to your paypal or payoneer account straight immediately your bonuses are approved. 

Earning online as been made easy with the constant companies and application owners setting up surveys, online refer and earn sites, read news get paid programs etc. Gigs4five is basically a platform where you earn for referring new users to their website, no restrictions or stringent rules to abide by just keep reading this post to learn more about Gigs4five earning platform.

First of, Gigs4five is a freelance website that creates avenue for users to either sell or buy services on the website without paying a dime. On the brighter side you can stake what you do on the website starting from $5 and whoever needs such services will reach out for you contact details.

How to Earn $10 to $100 on Gigs4five Freelance Website

Follow all the instructions on this page strictly to avoid missing out or making a mistake at any point. 

⟹ First of all you need to change your location to USA otherwise the website wont be accessible to you, this is because Nigerians aren't allowed on the platform.

⟹ To do this you need a VPN (Virtual Private Network) just download UFO VPN because it does not involve any login details. All you have to do is install the UFO VPN and connect to USA.

⟹ Download UFO VPN from HERE

After downloading UFO VPN, install and connect to USA server to gain access to the Gigs4five website. Failure to do this means you will be greeted with a "403 Error" each time you access the webpage.

When you are connected to USA servers, click HERE to register/join the Gigs4five earning platform to partake in the ongoing promotion.

Also Read: Zap Surveys Review: Earn as Much as $50 Answering Simple Surveys with Your Phone

Sign up with a valid email address, phone number and then a verification link will be forwarded to your email, simply login to your email account and tap on the confirmation link to be fully recognized as a user.

Now click on your profile logo, then on Referral, the user referral and your referral link will be loaded and displayed on your screen. Just copy the referral link and share to friends too and per user that joins the platform via your link you will be rewarded with $2 of which will be in your referral balance as pending till it is reviewed and accepted to be genuine by the Gigs4five Administrators.

How to Withdraw Your Earnings on Gigs4five Earning Platform 

There are two major withdrawal methods on Gigs4five platform, one is Paypal and the other is Payoneer, and you can withdraw your earnings as soon as they get to $10. Just update your withdrawal settings with either your Paypal email address or your local bank account details and withdraw your money when it has gotten to the required amount.

To withdraw your earnings incase it gets to the minimum withdrawal amount just tap onyour profile icon again and select selling and on Revenues and finally choose your withdrawal method, Paypal or Payoneer...

Happy Earning!!

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Zap Surveys Review: Earn as Much as $50 Answering Simple Surveys With Your Phone

Most people believe making money online is impossible but only informed individuals know it is very much feasible.
If you find yourself in our midst then count yourself as informed" because you won't miss out on any online money making opportunity unless you choose to miss out either because of fear or you're simply one of those mediocres that ignorantly believe that the only way to make money online is by involving or engaging in online scam or what we as Nigerians call Yahoo. 

Though I'm not here today to talk about those ignorant or uninformed people but to show you again how to make money online by answering surveys and giving honest opinions/suggestions concerning products and services. 

Making money through surveys is most active in advanced countries of the world of which unfortunately Nigerians aren't accepted. Thats why we make use of VPN to access those survey sites and Apps that placed a restriction on Nigerians. This restriction was placed because Nigeria is the centre of Cyber crimes and online scams.

To cut the long story short, I've discovered a new way to make money online by answering surveys and referring new people to the platform. The survey site I'm going to talk about is known as Zap Surveys".

What is Zap Surveys?

Zap surveys program like everyother survey program out there is aimed at getting our honest opinions, suggestions, reviews concerning products and services offered/provided by numerous companies and industries. Zap surveys is meant for U.S. citizens but Nigerians too can enjoy it with the help of VPN that support or connect to U.S. servers. The required or recommended VPN to make use of are; 

1. Windscribe VPN

2. Tweaknews VPN

What a VPN does is to hide or tweak your IP addresses to that of the choosen country, so with the two aforementioned VPN you can easily pretend to be a U.S citizen and access the survey App. 


Download Tweaknews VPN from Google play store or Apkpure which ever one you prefer and then use this login to access Tweaknews VPN;

Tweaknews VPN login

๐Ÿ‘ค Username : tw2663324
๐Ÿ‘ค Username : tw2663408
๐Ÿ‘ค Username : tw2663438
๐Ÿ‘ค Username : tw2663486
๐Ÿ‘ค Username : tw2663552
๐Ÿ‘ค Username : tw2663588

๐Ÿ” *Password* :  VPN_City1234

Make sure you connect the Tweaknews VPN before clicking on the link to download Zap Surveys App.

To start answering surveys and making money on Zap Surveys App you need to first of all download the Zap Surveys App from HERE.

After which you fill the registration form and then sign into your account. You must do all these with a VPN connected to U.S server.

How to Make Money From Zap Surveys App?

The only way to make money from Zap Surveys is by answering Surveys, and when you register you'll be welcomed with an initial survey that you have to fill up to get rewarded with $6+ as welcome bonus.

To continue making money from Zap Survey, just tap on the inbrain surveys option 

Surveys are ever available and you just have to be careful while answering to avoid been screened out. Just answer well and carefully to avoid contradicting yourself...

How to Earn More on Zap Surveys Application?

You can earn more by doing other simple activities, like referring new users tinthe program and login in on a daily basis..

Referring gives you $0.45 and the person you referred gets $7+ as welcome bonus.

How to Withdraw From Zap Surveys App?

Tap on the three lines by the top left side and locate the cash out button, then select PayPal if you wish to receive your cash there.

Note that minimum withdrawal is $25 through any means you wish to.

That's all, Keep earning on Zap Surveys.

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Mulabux Review; Earn as Much as 20,000 Naira Monthly Doing Simple Tasks

Making money has never been easier than it has been made to be by the Mulabux Administrators. From now you can make money online with your data and Facebook account by just registering on the Mulabux platform. On mulabux you can earn as much as 19,000 Naira every week by just doing simple tasks online with your Facebook account.

What is Mulabux?

Mulabux is a money making program that was founded on the 18th of December 2019 and officially kickstarted activities on the 19th of December 2019.

Basically, it's a share ad and earn platform and every user is expected to share the said Merchant links and adverts on Thur Facebook timeline daily at most once to avoid spamming and earn a fixed amount of money per activity depending on the subscription package chosen by the user. 

How to Get started on Mulabux Income Program? 

Mulabux program is perfect for those active on Facebook as you can earn on a daily basis from the comfort of your home by sharing merchant link on Facebook.  
To get started on Mulabux you need to first of all select a package from the available packages on the site; below is a rundown on the packages Mulabux has to offer;

1. Starter Package; this is a Subscription package that you opt in with just 2,150 Naira though it's in USD as $6. Of which you'll earn per ad you share on Facebook to the tune of $0.50 which amounts to $15 in 30days which is the subscription expiry period. Once it's Upto 30dayd you are 100% free to cash out your earnings and get paid within 24hours. 

2. Value Package; this is a Subscription package that you opt into with just $15 and earn $1 per ad shared on Facebook. Which means you earn $30 after 30days of constantly sharing ads on Facebook.

3. Deluxe Package; this is currently the highest package in mulabux as you register with $25 and earn after 30days of sharing merchant links and ads on Facebook to the tune of $52 This is the best plan in terms of earnings on Mulabux program.

How to Increase Your Earnings on Mulabux Notwithstanding the Package Selected;

From the above I know a typical Nigerian would say it's not so profitable, and rightly so it isn't considering the fact that you'll have to wait for 30  days before cashing out your earnings. But you can increase your earnings on Mulabux by simply referring other users to the platform. They have a wonderful referral system that rewards high referrers with 15% of whatever package their downlines chooses to subscribe to.

How to Register and Start Making Cool Money on Mulabux?

First of all you need to access the registration page by clicking HERE.

After which you fill the registration form and proceed to login to your newly created Mulabux account.

Then you proceed to selecting your desired package, just select and pay via any channel you want... Its best if you pay using paystack or paying directly to the Company account and you start sharing ads on Facebook and earning real cash online.

How to Copy your Referral link on Mulabux?

Just login to your Mulabux account and click on Marketing on your account menu and wait some seconds for your invitation link to load..
See image below๐Ÿ‘‡

Once you see your referral link, copy and share to others and per user that registers and subscribes to any package with your link you receive 15% of what the person subscribes to..

Note that referral bonus is not compulsory on Mulabux as once the end date of your Subscription reaches you are automatically eligible to cash out your earnings whether or not you referred any new user. Just that referring gives you quicker money, because on Mulabux referral bonuses can be withdrawn instantly upon receipt.

Is Mulabux Legit or Not?

Mulabux portrays sign of genuineness as the identity of the owner isn't hidden, reports from scamadviser.com shows that Isaac Tunde a Nigerian from the Western Region is the overall admin of Mulabux platform.

Mulabux program is 100% legit and paying for now and with their policies it will still pay for a long time. But nevertheless, it's better to join now that it's still fresh and young to avoid being the scapegoat. To register on Mulabux click HERE

Can I create Multiple Accounts on Mulabux?

It's not advisable, as doing this will lead to banning of the duplicate accounts, register one account only and link it to your Facebook profile and share ads.

That's all you need to know about Mulabux Money making program, I hope you enjoyed this review and if you have any question, kindly drop in the comment box provided below... Please don't drop.spammy comments to avoid the comment failing the approval test. Enjoy!

Thursday, January 9, 2020

How to Activate 7GB For 1500 Naira on GLO

GLO is still proving that tht are they are here for serious business by adding new data bundles for their loyal customers.
As a GLO customer you can now activate a whopping 7gb data for just N1500 and rock and roll. This new data plan was added after the loophole that made many Glo Subscribers browse Unlimitedly was corrected.
Since you came to the full details on how to activate the 7gb for N1500 on GLO, let's fully divert to that before you get tired of reading the long text.

How to Activate 7GB for 1500 Naira on GLO

First of all you need to recharge with 1500 Naira and then dial *777# and reply with 1 > 1 > 5 > 1. The plan is available under GLO Special Data Plans
The 7GB data plan is designed for huge internet users and downloaders as it's validity period is relatively short. [7days] . Enjoy!